More very interesting information about Edinson Volquez, after his brilliant performance last night:

Edinson Volquez allowed only one hit in eight innings in his 3–0 win over the Astros on Wednesday, after giving up just one hit in five innings in a loss to the Braves in his last start. The last pitcher with consecutive starts of five-plus innings and no more than one hit allowed was the Nationals’ Shawn Hill, who did it spanning a trip to the disabled list in 2007. The last Reds pitcher with consecutive starts like that was Ron Villone in 1999; the last before him was Johnny Vander Meer, who had consecutive no-hitters in 1938.

Wow. All the way back to Vander Meer.

Of course, this is overstating things a bit, because Volquez’s previous start, frankly, wasn’t a great one (he walked about thirty batters). Still, it’s interesting….

But if you don’t care about all that, you can always discuss uniforms with us here and here.