More very interesting information about Edinson Volquez, after his brilliant performance last night:

Edinson Volquez allowed only one hit in eight innings in his 3–0 win over the Astros on Wednesday, after giving up just one hit in five innings in a loss to the Braves in his last start. The last pitcher with consecutive starts of five-plus innings and no more than one hit allowed was the Nationals’ Shawn Hill, who did it spanning a trip to the disabled list in 2007. The last Reds pitcher with consecutive starts like that was Ron Villone in 1999; the last before him was Johnny Vander Meer, who had consecutive no-hitters in 1938.

Wow. All the way back to Vander Meer.

Of course, this is overstating things a bit, because Volquez’s previous start, frankly, wasn’t a great one (he walked about thirty batters). Still, it’s interesting….

But if you don’t care about all that, you can always discuss uniforms with us here and here.

7 Responses

  1. per14

    After a month, the team’s ERA is 4.11 despite some really bad starts here and there and some really bad performances from Burton and Lincoln.

  2. Fighting Fascism

    What we needed to see from Voltron was command. And he displayed it. He threw strikes when he had to, when he wanted to he hit spots. His stuff has always been electric, as long as he has command he will be fine. Cueto went through a bout of wildness last year as well but seems to have it under control. They are eerily similiar.

    The guy I am worried about suddenly is Harang. He isn’t striking anyone out the last 2 starts and that is worrisome. Supposedly when he is right his sneaky fastball gets him a lot of Ks.

  3. Fighting Fascism

    Speaking of Rhodes, I am might worried he won’t survive the workload he is being given. Last year he pitched what, 47 innings? He had a lot of 1 batter appearances. Dusty is asking muchmore from him, typically an entire inning. At his age and with recent injuries (missed all of 07) will he survive? He is a key member of the bullpen right now.

  4. Glenn

    Rhoades looks fine to me. I didn’t realize he was in as good of shape as he is. I always thought he was a little on the portly side.

  5. Travis G.

    That game was a lot of fun to watch last night, but Dusty should’ve had guys warming up a little earlier. That diving catch by Bruce saved a lot of potential heartache at the end. Voltron was clearly gassed.

  6. Mark in CC

    I hope we don’t come to associate the career of Edinson with those of VanderMeer or Villone. VanderMeer had the two no hitters but was sent back to the minors a couple of years later and ended as a sub-.500 pitcher. Villone also is sub .500 and a journeyman at best. Both are known for throwing hard but not throwing strikes and also for having more potential than performance.

  7. pinson343

    I agree with Mike. Vander Meer was sub .500 career wise and overrated but definitely not a bad pitcher.
    A much, much better pitcher than Villone.