Before we see what’s happening around the net, I must mention that my daughter (7 years old) had her first softball game tonight. She went 3-4 in her debut. Daddy is proud.

–The Reds check in at #24 in Yahoo’s latest power rankings:

The Reds are like that deli you used to go to, where the sandwiches were OK, but you just fell out of the habit of going. There’s a new guy at third base (Rosales) and they’re winning as often as they lose, but few in Cincy believe it.

–OMG Reds, with some numbers of interest.

–Saulton has some off-day nonsense.

–Laynce Nix is making the most of his limited chances. I’m glad. I’m pulling for the guy.

–Justin is twittering. So are we! Jeff Brantley is, as well, but he thinks the team is called the “Red’s”. No apostrophe there, Cowboy.

Are Nix and Rosales the guys?

–Mark Sheldon asks a question:

“If you had said at the beginning of the season, ‘Would you be happy if the Reds were above .500 and in second place in the division at the end of April?'”

I’d bet you would say yes. And they should be based on some stats:

Cincinnati’s team batting average is .235, which is ranked 15th out of 16 National League teams. At one point, it was a Major League low .210. Their 78 runs scored in ranked 14th in the NL. Joey Votto, hitting .346 after playing in all 21 games, has been the lone constant in the lineup. Although tremendous effort was made to shore up defensively, the Reds’ 18 errors are third most in the league and their .977 fielding percentage is 14th.

–Go Sixers.