A couple of comments, first….

–If you don’t read the Uni Watch blog every day, you’re missing something. It’s always entertaining for those of us who are obsessed with these things.

–Jerry Seinfeld once said that, as sports fans, we’re just cheering for laundry. The players come and go, but we keep cheering for the uniforms that they wear.

Now, to the point of this post: I really like the Reds home uniforms. I think they are the best uniforms the Reds have worn in my lifetime. Simple, yet very classy. Just outstanding.

My only quibble is that I wish the players these days would go back to the stirrups. I like Willy Taveras’ high-cuff style, but the stirrups are the best. Check out Josh Outman of the A’s. I mean, really, isn’t that awesome?

I like the current road uniforms, too (although they really have to get rid of that black bill on the road cap), but the best Reds road uniform of my lifetime is the mid-late 90s version, with pinstripes. That one looked great.

Just something I’ve been thinking about lately….

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  1. BenL

    I also like this year’s uniforms. I can’t find a picture, but one night I was watching the game and it struck me how threatening Harang looked in the all Red version.

    The mid-late 90s uniform was nice, but I must say I really hate the white pinstriped hats with the red brim. I don’t know why, but I just can’t stand them. They just look sort of dated to me. I guess maybe there is a very fine line between “dated” and “classic”?

  2. per14

    That was one thing I really liked about Deion Sanders: he worse stirrups.

  3. Mark in CC

    I disagree with Travis G completely of course this was the uniform of my boyhood. I like the sleeveless jerseys (red sleeves not black) but more than that I liked them in the early 60s,(when most of you weren’t born yet)that included some navy blue. I even liked the white home hats and grey road.

    I do agree about the stirrups. In the 70s there was a picture that hung in the clubhouse that showed the way the uniform was to be worn. Same amount of sock showing, same length of stirrup. They were a great team and all looked like a team. There was a uniform uniform.

  4. Jose

    I wanna see them bring back the navy blue hat every now and then

  5. Mark in CC

    Showing socks can also give an offensive player and advantage.

    I always thought that if Dunn had worn more of the knickers style pants with long socks showing he would have made the strike zone smaller because the umpires wouldn’t call their normal height above the ground but rather the height from his knee.

    I think also the higher socks makes a runner look faster.If they look faster a fielder might not try to throw them out as readily on a fielders choice or a throw from the outfield so they take can take an extra base here or there. Perception is reality.

  6. Chad Dotson

    My only quibbles with Chris’ prescriptions for uni-bliss:

    –I kinda like the red piping on the home jersey.
    –I don’t care for the drop-shadow, but it’s a small issue to me.

    AMEN to getting rid of the black-billed cap. We need to start an online movement here to get the Reds to scrap that cap. It’s awful.

    AMEN to the stirrups.

    Get rid of that cap and bring back the stirrups, and the Reds uniforms would be nearly perfect.

  7. nick in va

    Saw in the game thread that Rosales wore stirrups. Any pics?

  8. Chad Dotson

    Now, that I think about it, I agree on the piping. I like it, and it gives some more red to the uni.

    No, they won’t be giving up the black bill, but its still awful.

    And if someone wants to come up with a clever title and/or a logo for the sock push, we can pimp it here. I think the Reds would look SO good with the 6 inch red stirrups. Very classy.

    I don’t generally care about players wearing their caps at a jaunty angle (Edinson Volquez/Pokey Reese-style), but the long pants pulled over the heel look is sloppy. There needs to be more uniformity on that.

  9. Chris

    Someone said that stirrups are all one sock– no, this isn’t the case. Greg Maddux, a stirrup hater, started using a magic marker and painting a red stripe down the sides of his white socks, soon they began manufacturing ‘all in one’ stirrups, which are not stirrups at all, just socks with a stripe. Sporting goods stores will tell you they don’t make them anymore, but they’re wrong. Both Twin City Knitting and Trenway make real stirrups, the ones that go over a white sanitary (www.twincityknitting.com for some very cool stripe patterns).

    The Reds with the simple half moon stirrup looked great, even with those double-knit pullovers. They looked like a baseball team.

    Jerseys– I like the idea of the new Reds jerseys– I don’t think the last ones were wholly awful, as do some– the Reds have historically had black and blue in their uniforms, they look ok, I thought they were cool when they first started wearing them, but grew tired of them (and losing in them).

    The thing I would change about the current jerseys is to lose the script, especially the ridiculous shadow on the numbers, etc. The old CINCINNATI script (used until the new jerseys in various forms) was just so elegant and simple, it was workmanlike, but beautiful. If you find a picture of the Reds in the late 60’s, right before they went to pullovers (they were also wool, so maybe that helps), I think that was the best uniform the Reds ever had– absolutely no bells and whistles, no striped belt cozy or whatever that was, no pins, piping, stripes, no nothing, just the C-REDS on the homes with a number in simple script opposite, and simple script CINCINNATI on the road grays, all with the 4-inch plain red stirrups and simple wishbone (no shadow) C on the hat. That was a uniform– I think it stands alongside the Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers and (gasp, admit it, they’re aesthetically cool in spite of our history with them) Dodgers and Braves. Just a classic look. Here’s Bench: http://www.redlegstats.com/JohnnyBench4.jpg
    in the road uni, and again: http://members.socket.net/%7Ewkkdl/bench_johnny_4.jpg

    here he is (and I wish these were pictures of Pete,and not the 5/3rd schill, but I can’t find any in that uni right now, I know they’re on the web) in home white:


    I think that was a great and iconic uniform for the Reds– I know the Indians have a new retro jersey that mimics the appearance of wool, I’d like to see the Reds do that.

    Otherwise: Red jerseys are for batting practice and softball, not baseball. Baseball jerseys are white or gray!

  10. Chris

    Dan– exactly– if you look at the links I posted above, you can see them on the players, and they look even better in real life. What a strange accident of history– the best uniform the Reds ever had would have been the uniform of the best Reds team ever if not for the collective insanity of the pullover/polyester attempt by baseball to look ‘futuristic’! The plain button down to my mind just sort of fits the personality of the Big Red Machine more than the pullover, even though they wore the pullovers. The plain button downs just say: ‘Elegance, Simplicity and Ass Kicking,’ which was how the Big Red Machine played.

  11. Chris

    Mr. Redlegs– Those aren’t stirrups, they’re just socks. They still make the real stirrups that you wear over sanitaries, and I assure you they’re not ‘one piece.’ The painted stripe is pretty much done now as a style because players either wear a solid colored sock or a sock of unknown color under their pyjama pants. The painted on stripe became popular when teams still required their players to show stirrup (and after stirrups got so high that you could only see the stripe, no more moon), when they stopped caring, players stopped wearing them (or I assume they did, not being able to look under their pant legs on the teevee). Moyer with the Phils still wears stirrups (with the Phillies liberty bell logo), and Ankiel wears the Cardinals awesome striped stirrups (give credit where due to cool stirrups). Schilling’s famous sock was under a stirrup as well (and the Red Sox have really cool stirrup stripes (see the cover of Williams Science of Hitting for an example), though he only showed the bottom, bastard).

  12. Thomas Whelan

    What is the deal with Edison Volquez’s flat billed hat. It is the strangest hat I have seen on a baseball player. Someone must iron the bill to be flat as a pancake!!