A couple of comments, first….

–If you don’t read the Uni Watch blog every day, you’re missing something. It’s always entertaining for those of us who are obsessed with these things.

–Jerry Seinfeld once said that, as sports fans, we’re just cheering for laundry. The players come and go, but we keep cheering for the uniforms that they wear.

Now, to the point of this post: I really like the Reds home uniforms. I think they are the best uniforms the Reds have worn in my lifetime. Simple, yet very classy. Just outstanding.

My only quibble is that I wish the players these days would go back to the stirrups. I like Willy Taveras’ high-cuff style, but the stirrups are the best. Check out Josh Outman of the A’s. I mean, really, isn’t that awesome?

I like the current road uniforms, too (although they really have to get rid of that black bill on the road cap), but the best Reds road uniform of my lifetime is the mid-late 90s version, with pinstripes. That one looked great.

Just something I’ve been thinking about lately….