It’s the last game of April, and the Reds need a win to (a) avoid a sweep; and (b) finish the month with a winning record. They need to fight, scratch, claw, do whatever they need to win. Reminds me of a quote from my favorite movie (bonus points to the first person to identify correctly the film):

I’m not talking about dance lessons. I’m talking about putting a brick through the other guy’s windshield. I’m talking about taking it out and chopping it up!

Let’s put a brick through Houston’s windshield tonight. Discuss it here….

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  1. mike

    easy one “The Royal Tenenbaums”
    no IMDB needed

    I kept reading about the Reds losing 11 straight games at home against Houston and honestly I had no idea if that streak was good, bad, ugly, unprecedented, done all the time, anything so I decided to look it up

    The only home losing streak to go for as long as 10 games since 1954 is the Reds 10 game home losing streak vs the Mets from 5/85-7/86

    so the Houston streak is the longest home losing streak against 1 team since 1954.

    when you think about it it’s hard to lose 10 home games in a row no less 10 in a row vs 1 team over many months.

    The longest Reds home losing streak against any team since 1954 is 11. The Reds lost 11 home games in a row in 1986 against PHI, HOU, SDP, MON, NYM, and ATL

    The Reds longest home WIN streak vs one team since 1954?
    a 12 game home win streak vs Philadelphia from 1968-1970

  2. jason

    Lets see, B.P starts to break out of this lengthy slump last night so lets bench him because we have a day off tomorrow. Ridiculous line of thinking Dusty. And we put Votto and Bruce back to back tonight as well, its about time. Votto can hit lefties just fine, should of been done sooner.

  3. Chad Dotson

    There’s Kepp in the visitors locker room. I wish him a ton of success, starting tomorrow.

  4. Chad Dotson

    I agree, jason. Dusty is actually hitting two lefties back to back???? Why can’t he do that every day?

  5. mike

    Dusty was quoted as saying he already had decided to give BP the day off and oh well, he had a good game, so, he already had it planned.
    I find it funny he can’t just change his mind. The idea he said is that BP could get 2 days off.

    I DO LOVE seeing Votto and Bruce hit back to back. Until the Reds get a RH slugger they should always hit back to back. For example, can you think of a single game this year that came down to the 8th or 9th inning that the Reds won because the team couldn’t bring in their lefty specialist??

  6. Chad Dotson

    Tonight’s lineup. Glad to see Rosales and Nix:

    Taveras CF
    Hairston 2B
    Votto 1B
    Bruce RF
    Hernandez C
    Nix LF
    Rosales 3B
    Gonzalez SS
    Volquez P

  7. Matt B.

    I understand the need for change, but Phillips had a HR and a double yesterday. Is he being punished for something, is Dusty stupid, or is Phillips just getting a day off?

  8. Matt B.

    Ah, I should have read the comments above mine first. I just saw the starting lineup and came here immediately to complain. That’s typical.

  9. jason

    Lost in all this losing of late is that Hernandez is starting to hit of late, which is nice.

  10. renbutler

    Yes, that could have been caught. Not that it was easy, but it wasn’t particularly well played by Bruce.

  11. blazers

    I wouldnt complain if Hernandez hit cleanup. hes a better option than phillips imo.

  12. renbutler

    Hey everyone: the Cubs got pounded today, 10-0.

    Thought that might cheer everyone up.

    Cubs suck. :p

  13. Chad Dotson

    2 balls hit very hard that inning. We can’t withstand another poor effort by Edinson.

  14. Jimmy James

    No Berkman tonight. That’s always a good thing.

  15. Jimmy James

    No Grande tonight. Again. Hard to play the drinking game without him.

  16. KY Chip

    Willie is sure creating HAVOC on the basepaths tonight!

  17. Jimmy James

    Anyone find out why FSN Ohio wasn’t in HD last night?

  18. Matt B.

    They just pick random games to put in HD. There’s a schedule online of which games will be in HD.

    Did anyone else here what Brantley said?

    “With Harang, Volquez, Arroyo, Owings, and Cueto, you’re giving yourself a chance to win every fifth day.”

    So which one of the five does he have confidence in? Chad – if you’re keeping a quote board with Brantley-isms, this one definitely ranks up there.

  19. Jason

    Apparently FSN needed it for the Cavs game that wasnt on, lame and weak.

  20. Jimmy James

    Yeah, yesterdays game was on the schedule to be shown in HD, but it wasn’t.

  21. Matt B.

    Oh, really? That’s weird. When they listed the games on MLB.TV yesterday, they didn’t say it was going to be in HD.

  22. Jimmy James

    Great Brantley quote. He is the gift that just keeps giving.

  23. Jason

    Ok, this may sound a bit silly, but ive tried for awhile now to figure out how to get a pic on my comment profiles with no avail. Anyone want to point this guy in the right direction? Please and Thanks.

  24. Matt B.

    I know the runner didn’t advance, but can Hernandez, for once, at least move his body over to block a pitch instead of attempting to backhand it?

  25. Jimmy James

    Rosales put a charge into that one.

  26. Chad Dotson

    Thanks, Matt. I was just getting ready to post the same link.

    Be sure to use the same email address over there that you use here when you comment. If you have any other questions, email me.

  27. Matt B.

    Rosales looks really goofy, but in a good way, and he sure put a charge into that one.

  28. Chad Dotson

    Did you see Rosales sprint off the field after that fly out?

    He’s about to become the next Chris Sabo/Ryan Freel fan favorite. He may be in Cincinnati to stay.

    Of course, there are only a couple of dozen Reds fans in the park to see him tonight.

  29. Matt B.

    This may sound somewhat weird, but does Rosales remind anyone else of Hunter Pence, in a way?

  30. Chad Dotson

    Fast Willie isn’t wearing the high cuff on his uniform pants tonight, with the red showing.

  31. Matt B.

    Yeah, Rosales could give a lesson to Phillips about hustling. Though, I hope fans don’t lose their mind over him until he produces on a consistent basis (ahem, Freel).

  32. brublejr

    how does he not score on that? ❓

  33. Jimmy James

    This team can’t score on anything. What an anemic offense.

  34. Matt B.

    I don’t understand why Taveras didn’t run the instant he got on base in that situation. If the runs aren’t going to be knocked in themselves, then at least try to make something happen on the basepath.

  35. Jimmy James

    Wonder what Grande and Welsh have been doing with their time off?

  36. Jimmy James

    Yeah, Matt, this is looking like a good night to manufacture runs. Of course, if the Astros score 6 or something again, it won’t matter.

  37. Matt B.

    Being positive about everything and being crafty, respectively.

  38. Mark in CC

    Don’t you think Rosales has the same goofy look as Chris Collinsworth only with a much larger nose?

  39. Jimmy James

    Need a leadoff grand slam from Votto here.

  40. brublejr

    Can someone tell Bourne he is not that good ❗

  41. Mark in CC

    Suppose a Hererra Bobblehead will be one of the mini sized.

  42. Jimmy James

    Great comparison to Collingsworth.

  43. Matt B.

    I’m really starting to hate Michael Bourn.

  44. Matt B.

    Brantley in a Speedo just brought the most disturbing image ever into my head.

  45. Chad Dotson

    Five great innings by Volquez. Struck out five, walked none, only 65 pitches.

    By far his best start of the year. Of course, he’s getting no run support, but we can’t have everything.

  46. Chris

    Brantley is actually trying to provide analysis tonight. Of course, his analysis always boils down to: Good performance = good attitude; bad performance = bad person.

    And, of course, he’s not mentioned (to my ears) the fact that these are two of the worst offenses in baseball. To him, it’s just two pitchers with the right mindset. (Or, a Reds pitcher with the right attitude, and 8 Reds hitters with bad approaches).

  47. Jason

    Wasting these performances really is starting to get my goat something fierce.

  48. Mark in CC

    Dickerson could be this years Wally Pipp.

  49. EKyRedsFan

    Jason, your avatar is quite offensive. I was enjoying a George Grande-free evening. 🙂

  50. Jimmy James

    Rosales with the RBI. He is about to become a legend.

  51. Chris

    See Chad – Rosales got a hit b/c he has a proper mental attitude.

    And bring passion.

  52. Chris

    Brantley really needs to stop talking about the mental game. It’s like Muggsy Bogues talking about post play.

  53. Jason

    Chris, I recieved your email, but there was no zip file attached.

  54. Chris

    Mark – I was thinking Icabod Crane, but Collinsworth is probably better.

  55. Mark in CC

    I think we can add a response from Jason to the GG drinking game. We will need it if we have to continually look at that smile.

  56. Chad Dotson

    You guys know Edwin is my favorite Red, but I think Rosales has already contributed more to this team than EE has.

  57. Y-City Jim

    I’m jealous of your avatar, Jason


  58. Chris

    must be too big. sorry.
    email me your address & i’ll mail you my copy

  59. Y-City Jim

    Couldn’t agree more, Chad. EE had the opportunity. Now it is Rosales’ turn. His energy is refreshing if nothing else.

  60. Jimmy James

    I hope Rosales plays so well that they have to send Janish to AAA when Edwin returns.

  61. Y-City Jim

    Speaking of Brantley, Keith Jackson needs to threaten to sue him for using the “Whoa, Nelly” expression.

  62. Jimmy James

    Brantley still talking about hunger. Someone get that man a coney!

  63. Jason

    I was going to go with a Chuck avatar, but that smile…..that eternal smile.

  64. Y-City Jim

    Send Ronald McDonald down. Janish has done more than earn his keep.

  65. Chris

    Brantley on the Blackberry reminds me of when Homer Simpson puts on his reading glasses.

  66. Y-City Jim

    If Rosales pulled his pant legs up any more they be stuck in the crack of his ass.

  67. EKyRedsFan

    I think JB started twittering to avoid having lunch with Jim Day that Thom set up for them on the air.

  68. Y-City Jim

    Only George is worthy of avatar status.

  69. Mark in CC

    Jim, maybe thats why he has so much energy. He is trying to pull the pants legs down.

  70. Y-City Jim

    A Rosales avatar would be cool. Even cooler once he takes advantage of MLB’s dental plan.

  71. Mark in CC

    The Reds outfielders are wearing Astros uniforms.

  72. Y-City Jim

    Phillips would have only had a single out of that.

  73. Jimmy James

    Carlos Lee is the only person who has been able to slow down Bourne tonight.

  74. Y-City Jim

    How many Reds fans are there in Eastern Kentucky?

    What other options do they have?

  75. mhopp

    Okay just logged on and see that Phillips has been sat down. So he starts to hit finally and he sits? I guess Dusty was thinking that Hairston would hit decent?

  76. Jason

    Nicely done, Y-City Jim. Those chompers are going to be a good source of yuk yuk material for us here.

  77. Jimmy James

    I can’t help but think of how sweet a Gomes/Nix platoon would look right now. No, not the best two players in the world, but at least it gives us another decent bay in the lineup every day.

  78. EKyRedsFan

    I’d say the majority of people in Eastern Ky who consider themselves fans of baseball are Reds fans…with the Braves at a distant 2nd.

  79. Mark in CC

    Dusty said Votto doesn’t get a day off because the Big Guys like Pujols and Votto don’t take days off. What does that say for Phillips, your clean-up hitter.

  80. Mark in CC

    I am not sure 27 and 28 are young guys.

  81. Chad Dotson

    We used to be in Reds country, too. Pete Rose and company used to come speak at high school baseball banquets in the area.

    Things have changed.

  82. EKyRedsFan

    Yeah, the Braves seem to be the “flagship” team for the south. I went to college in Lynchburg and they were all either Braves or Nationals fans.

  83. Chad Dotson

    I like me some Laynce Nix.

    Except for the goofy way he spells his name. “N-I-X”. Bizarre.

  84. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, TBS screwed us here. We can get WLW clearly, but once the Braves started playing crappy baseball on television every night, the die was cast.

  85. mhopp

    I love ROSALES…I have a man crush on someone who runs to first after getting a walk!

  86. Jimmy James

    Nix on first, then they give us the obligatory shot of Dickerson in the dugout.

    I think he just got another concussion.

  87. Chris

    It wasn’t John Candy until I cleared my cache. It was an elderly lady.

  88. EKyRedsFan

    That’s unfortunate. At least you don’t have to put up with too many Cubs fans (I hope).

  89. Chad Dotson

    Thanks for that map, Jim. That’s bad. There used to be several affiliates in Virginia, but now there’s one.

    Marty and Joe on one of those local stations were the background noise to my childhood.

  90. Y-City Jim

    Yeah, it’s John Candy from the movie, “Stripes.”

    “How ya doin’, Eisenhower?”

  91. Chad Dotson

    No, EKy, the Cubs never caught on here for whatever reason. Maybe because they’re evil.

  92. Mark in CC

    I would really like to see Janish get a chance too.

  93. Matt WI

    Just logged on, have to log off. Nice to see Volquez having a night. Great to see Rosales in the line-up. Looking forward to reading a winning edition of “Titanic Recap.” That’d be nice.

  94. Jimmy James

    The difference between Rosales and Janish is that Janish has never hit at any level, and Rosales has hit everywhere he has been. Rosales is at least average with the glove, too (of course, Janish is reputed to have a great glove).

  95. Y-City Jim

    It was Nobel Prize winner Rita Levi Montalcini, who recently turned 100 years old.

  96. Chad Dotson

    EKy, my grandfather was from EKy, and he and my dad were always Reds fans dating back to when this area was Reds country. I didn’t have a choice.

    I have three younger brothers: 2 Reds fans, and a Braves fan.

  97. Chad Dotson

    Chris —

    No, but Gate City is in my judicial district. I sit there once or twice a month.

  98. Chris

    Effing TV was just turned to Idol at my house. Possibly better than David Weathers, though.

  99. Chris

    I went to law school with a guy from Bristol who was a Reds fan. That was definitely Reds (or Cards) country before the Braves moved down there.

  100. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, Bristol’s pretty close. I have sat in that court twice, as well. Never before race weekend, though.

  101. Jason

    Oh, Bea Arthur. You look so young in that picture. Seriously, she always looked 68.

  102. Chad Dotson

    It was worth clearing my cache to see the beautiful Bea Arthur gracing the pages of Redleg Nation.

  103. Chris

    My buddy dropped out after a year to resume his career as a pharmacist.

  104. Mark in CC

    Does Edinson come out for the eighth?

  105. Jason

    Looks like Volkkie has learned that you dont have to strike everybody out. I love seeing Volkkie pitch like this w/ the scoreboard smiling. 🙂

  106. Chad Dotson

    I don’t think so, Mark. He’s retired 15 in a row, and he’s only thrown 89 pitches.

  107. Mark in CC

    Motorcycle commercial, take a drink!

  108. Y-City Jim

    Rosales is certainly a better hitter than Janish but Janish is certainly serviceable.

  109. Chris

    You guys are missing performances by “the Idol Top 5,” Natalie Cole, Taylor Hicks, and Jamie Foxx. It’s a real journey through musical history.

  110. Mark in CC

    I didn’t mean Janish over Rosales. I meant one at short and one at third.

  111. Jason

    Ugh, network TV…sans Chuck of course.


  112. GregD

    I don’t think Volquez pitched a single game last year without giving up a walk…

  113. Chad Dotson

    I’ve been inspired to change my avatar as well, but I don’t know how long I will be able to stand it.

  114. Jason

    For all interested, NBC will announce Monday May 4, 2009 the fate of Chuck.

  115. Y-City Jim

    Hicks seem to be the most unique of the Idol winners. He actually had style. But then they produced an album for him that was about the equivalent of having Joe Cocker sing Britney Spears greatest hits.

  116. Jason

    LOL, that picture of the Cowboy is priceless. That goofy awkward “Cowboy” smile. Nice.

  117. Jimmy James

    When can we stop buying subs for Chuck? I bought 3 more today.

  118. Y-City Jim

    We bought two subs today including a $5 foot long. Save Chuck. I can only imagine the piece of crap that NBC would replace it with.

  119. Jason

    Well, they renewed Heroes. That show jumped the shark years ago.

  120. Jimmy James

    Okay, I filled out the form at that website, Jason, and I’ve been buying subs. I’ve never seen Chuck, but if its good for the game thread, its good for me.

  121. mike

    dumb question but I glanced at the account settings and didn’t see it
    but how do I add an avatar?

    and wow….the two new starting position players for the Reds are 3 for 5 with a BB, 2 RBI and a R

  122. EKyRedsFan

    lol.. I’ve heard that about Jenkins too. Some of these places in EKy are like stepping into third world countries. On my old route to work, I’d often have to honk my horn to get goats to move out of the road.

  123. Y-City Jim

    They should bring back “The Time Tunnel” and “The Green Hornet.”

    Did they cut back on grounds crew? Why did the entire 24-man roster and coaching staff have to help pull the tarp on?

  124. Y-City Jim

    The “K” crew has one of the K’s backwards. Priceless.

  125. Jason

    Please No CoCo in the 9th. Please no CoCo in the 9th.

  126. Chris

    The good news, if Chuck is cancelled, is that there’s a chance for more Leno!

  127. Chris

    Chad, I looked and looked for a true old school “Cowboy” pic, with the real mullet.

  128. Y-City Jim

    Aren’t they supposed to have backwards K’s for a SO looking?

    Didn’t know that. Thanks.

  129. mike

    who would ever think the Reds would have 2 runs in the game, and the games not over and Votto and Bruce would be 0 for 7. I wouldn’t take that bet ever with this lineup

  130. Chad Dotson

    David Weathers and Arthur Rhodes are warming up. Both are due to blow a game. I hope it isn’t tonight.

  131. Y-City Jim

    Did the strike zone suddenly shrink?

  132. GregD

    I looked at his game log – Volquez has not had a game in a Reds uniform without walking a batter…the closest he came to not issuing a walk:
    Last game of 2008, Volquez pitched 7.1 innings of a 2-1 win over Houston.
    6 hits, 1 run on a solo HR by Matsui.
    He struck out 9 and walked only 1, it was an intentional walk issued to Laynce Berkman.

  133. brublejr

    whew!!! Berkman the Red killer always scares me to death.

  134. Y-City Jim

    Bruce says screw you, Lance Berkman!!!!!

  135. Chris Garber

    Honestly, I’m not going to be able to stomach looking at both Cowboy and Grande.

  136. Mark in CC

    “How many times does the guy who makes a great play lead off the next inning?” Were is GG when we need him?

  137. Y-City Jim

    That was interesting defensive play.

  138. Y-City Jim

    The think Volquez comes out to begin the 9th.

  139. mike

    Can anyone even remember the last 1 hit shut out by a Reds pitcher?
    I had to look it up.

    Or the last time we had a 2 base runner or less shutout?

    I was surprised how long ago it was.

  140. Jimmy James

    Who will be the first to add a Steve Stewart avatar?

    Maybe it’ll have to be me.

  141. Jason

    Good call, Mark in CC. Def one we can add to the soon to be released George Grande Drinking Game.

  142. Jimmy James

    Wanna contribute, Ramon? Here’s a good chance.

  143. Jimmy James

    Ball 4. I’ll take it.

    Here comes Nix.

  144. Y-City Jim

    3-run shot would be a thing of beauty.

  145. GregD

    Do you send Volquez out there for the 9th or do you give it to Coco?

  146. Jimmy James

    Oh wow, great opportunity for Rosales here.

  147. mike

    The last 1 hit shutout was..
    Arroyo vs the Nationals on April 26, 2006. He pitched 8, allowing 1 H and 3 base runners
    Mercker and Weathers pitched the 9th also not allowing a hit but walking 2

    The last 2 base runner or less shutout was..
    Smiley vs the Cardinals September 22, 1996 (almost 13 years ago!)
    He pitched 9 allowing 1 hit and striking out 8

  148. Y-City Jim

    Any kind of hit here would be outstanding.

  149. Chris Garber

    Jamie Foxx is using the auto-tune like T-Pain and everyone else does. I really don’t understand what that’s supposed to prove about one’s ability to sing.

  150. GregD

    I’m glad Baker didn’t bunt ix-Nay there.

  151. Y-City Jim

    I think I saw that Arroyo one-hitter. Wasn’t it in D.C.?

  152. Chris Garber

    I love it, Jason. Like GG is sitting at his house in a dirty undershirt, drinking Pabst, watching Spike TV, and EmmEffing this, and SeeEssing that.

  153. Jimmy James

    Another rib eye steak for Rosales.

  154. Chris Garber

    Brantley again losing all credibility while praising Rosales for swinging at ball 4.

  155. Chris Garber

    Brantley again talking hitting. Welsh doesn’t do that, you’ll notice.

  156. GregD

    Baker doesn’t change his mind or Phillips would have started tonight.

  157. Jared

    Wow, so I guess Volton can do no wrong tonight. Pitching and HAVOC

  158. Jason

    The Return of Volquez…and hopefully a Smiling Scoreboard.

  159. Y-City Jim

    Nice job, Volquez!!!!!

    Don’t screw up, Phillips.

  160. KP

    Let Volquez hit. It shows so much confidence in a guy when you let a pitcher bat in the bottom of the 8th. Hes a had a great game, Dusty needs to give him a chance to finish it.

  161. Jason

    Co Co just makes me nervous and at the time Volkkie was doing anything but that.

  162. mike

    yea Arroyo’s 1 hitter was in Washington

    I’m glad the Volquez of last year returned. I was starting to get worried.
    Not only did he pitch a great game but I’m happy his main problem didn’t show up. He threw more strikes and only BB 1 batter. He had walked 20 batters in his previous 20 1/3 IP before tonight.

    Volquez pitching anywhere near last year could be a MASSIVE boost for this team.

  163. Mark in CC

    Wht not leave the gold glover in for defense.

  164. Jason

    I really like the progress i see out of Johnny B. Good of late as well.

  165. brublejr

    Awesome…I love winning! :love: ❗

  166. Jason

    A winning month, ill take it!

    Bring on The Bucco’s!!!

  167. Y-City Jim

    Fitting end to the game. Bullet throw by Rosales.

  168. Mark in CC

    Over .500 again. Where are those nay-sayers from last night.

  169. Chris Garber

    Tonight’s game is cool, but it also shows how thin the margin of error is for this team. They’re facing one of three offenses worse than they are – and that’s with Berkman.

    Everyone’s (including mine) excitement at being 11-10 says an awful lot about expectations, too.

  170. mhopp

    How can you not like Rosales? Great energy!

  171. brublejr

    Rosales 2 of the 3 RBI…he should have been here long ago!

  172. Chris Garber

    That was a nice throw, Jim. It made me realize that while EE gets rid of the ball quickly, he doesn’t have a cannon.

  173. GregD

    I’ll take 11-10!

    My concern is that they’ve already been winning most of the close games, so when certain individuals start hitting, they’ll score more in the blowouts, but not necessaryily win more games.

  174. Chris Garber

    I’m out, gents. Time for Lost (on Tivo).

    Have fun, stay safe, and swine-free.

  175. mike

    This is the 21st Reds game and only the 10th where the Reds have had at least 12 base runners.

    They were 8-1 when getting 12 or more base runners in a game
    of course that means they were 2-9 in the games were they got fewer than 12 base runners

  176. Jason

    I think we are all just desperate for a fun, exciting, and competitive baseball season. We all get to high with the wins, and to low with the losses. Bring on May. EE is going to have a hard time getting his job back in 2 weeks, especially if Rosie becomes a crowd favorite along with performance.

  177. GregD

    I thought Nix would be the post-game interview, but I can’t disagree with Rosales either.

  178. Glenn

    Rosales and Nix need to be in this lineup every night.

  179. Jason

    Agree, we can only hope we see this lineup in Pittsburgh w/ B.P.

  180. GregD

    I thought I read that Baker expected EE was for 3 weeks. I could easily see Nix taking Dickerson’s playing time. These two may have most of May to show what they can do.

    If EE come back healthy and hitting on his rehab assignment, does Rosales potentially displace Gonzalez?

  181. earl

    Adam Rosales is definitely going to become a fan favorite in Cincy. The dude sprints to first base, has a goofy grin on his face the whole time on the field and wears stirrups. If the guy puts on a pair of goggles the guy has a job for the next 10 years.

  182. mike

    I would think the smart thing to do would be to leave Rosales at 3B and move EE to LF. If he’s going to be out that long they can play him in LF at AAA on a rehab assignment to get him some work.

    I believe EE will out hit every Red on the roster with the exception of Votto this season. I expect Nix to crash and burn soon.

  183. Jason

    It will be very interesting to see how this Nix/Rosales situation plays itself out over May.

  184. GregD

    Volquez is doing a post-game interview now.
    If I wasn’t fixated on the offense, I should have thought that Volquez would be the first post-game interview, too.

    Not sure how TV & radio works out who talks to who, when.

  185. earl

    I figure Edwin will one of those guys that eventually figures it out playing for another club. Other than a week or so last year, Encarnacion just was really sluggish at the plate. Where the two seasons before EE seemed to swing from hot to cold, but when hot the guy would drive in runs, last year he never seemed to come through as often as needed. Other than the HR that showed up Brantley, I don’t think he hit very many more with runners on base.

    I do think they might as well get him some reps in the outfield. Defensively, think Encarnacion might be best at first, as his throwing arm might not be as much of a hindrance. EE seems to be able to get to the ball, some times in a spectacular fashion, only then to launch some crazy wild toss. Of course, that isn’t a position Edwin is probably going to get a shot to play in Cincy.

  186. nick in va

    My first comment of the night brought to you by Belterra Casino. I know that was dumb, but I think it’s funny.

    The thing I remember about Rosales from seeing him last year when the Bats played the R-Braves was that he hustled. The guy RAN off the field. There was a dad and two kids at the game (in Richmond) that knew him. As he was running to the dugout they would always yell “ADAM” trying to get his attention – that was cool. I bet they are loving it now that he’s in the bigs.

  187. nick in va

    Any pics of Rosales wearing stirrups?

  188. GregD

    The last winning April – Reds had a 17-8 April in their 80-82 2006 season.

  189. earl

    I guess he may just be wearing the socks long, but he has his pants hiked up like an old ball player.

  190. GregD

    In 2004, the Reds were 12-10 in April, followed by a 18-10 May.
    Unfortunately, they finished the season 76-86.
    It’s a long season folks, buckle in!

  191. GregD

    They’ve had other winning April during their losing season streak…
    Looking back to their last winning season, 2000, they started April with a 12-12 record.
    Their 1999, 163rd gaes vs. the Mets, they started April with a 9-12 record.

  192. brublejr

    Greg was that the year they were in first place for a little while then got swept by the marlins setting up a downhill spiral for the rest of the year?

  193. earl

    They got off to decent starts a couple of years before that when Boone was managing and faded. Thing is that the starting pitching was so slip shod, even with the pretty good bullpens of those years, it was just a matter of time. Paul Wilson and Elmer Dessens as your #1 was reeeeaaaal stretch.

    I feel pretty good about the club right now. Although I have felt that since the latter part of 2007 and through parts of last year until the wheels went off after that SD game for a month and a half.

  194. GregD

    Doesn’t look like the Marlins sunk them that year. They were in first as late as June 9th, when they lost the lead during a 7 game losing streak (including being swept by Cleveland and Oakland). They came out after the all-star break completely flat, losing 6 of 7 to St Louis and getting swept by the Cubs and Pirates.