I hate to hear this for C. Trent:

You probably heard by now that Clear Channel laid off C. Trent Rosecrans, Paul Daugherty and Alan Cutler. Homer will be down to one local show. Lance McAlister will replace Doc on nights when the Reds don’t play a night game. On night games, Lance will switch to WLW at 6 p.m. Mo Eggers will fill Lance’s slot when Lance is filling Doc’s.

Whether you listen to these guys or not, it’s bad when there are fewer voices. A few years ago you had competing sports talk stations in town.

Hiring Trent to do Homer’s website was a great idea. I thought and hoped that sports stations around the country would follow suit. I think Trent did his part. I don’t think the suits did their part by selling ads to sustain it.

Again, it’s a sad day. Press boxes are becoming the loneliest places in ballparks.

C. Trent was a unique voice in all the chatter about the Reds, both in print and online. We at Redleg Nation were really disappointed to hear the news, and we wish C. Trent the best in all his future endeavors.

For now, keep following C. Trent at his website and via Twitter.

11 Responses

  1. GregD

    I can get to C.Trent’s blog via direct link, but they’ve already removed his and Cutler’s links on their 1530 website. They aren’t on the air anymore, but why would they remove the links? Yet keep the content?

  2. Deaner

    Bad news… I especially like to listen to C. Trent’s visits to the radio booth during games.

  3. rusty

    edwin to dl .. rosales called up per fays blog

  4. brublejr

    Sucks for C Trent, he is so unlucky…and he is very good.

  5. Glenn

    First WLW gets dropped off XM now this. Will the last guy out at WLW turn off the lights?

  6. Chris

    That sucks. It ain’t a good time to be looking for a media job, but Trent is good enough, and savvy enough that I suspect he’ll land on his feet.

  7. Plowboy

    Crap. Now what am I gonna listen to on the way to work?

    “Two Times” (actually 3 or 4 times some days) Cutler could drive me absolutely nuts (“Really! Really! No! REALLY!), but hell, at least it was sports talk in the mornings where I could always count on a scoop every other day to wake my pre-coffee butt up.

    I don’t want to hear national sports talk. Just local. Well, at least I still have McAlister on the drive home. I mean, shoot, both of the aforementioned guys can be real goobers, but at least they love sports.

    CC has just lost another regular customer in the mornings – unless they’d do something smart and give the slot to C. Trent. Yeah, right.

  8. Jimmy James

    That reminds me: what happened with WLW and XM? Very disappointed in that.

  9. Mark in CC

    I would rather have GG than Cutler and I would hate GG.

    People aren’t buying ads so the media sources are dying. The way we are communicating here is adding to their problems as well.