A good idea, from Daedalus:

I wanted to invite all of the DC area folks to the Inaugural Displaced Reds Fans Meeting on Wednesday, April 29 at Solly’s on U Street to watch the game. Game time is 7pm. Email me if you’re coming.

I’d like to make this a monthly thing at least. The bartender on Wednesdays at Sollys is from Ohio and a Reds fan. It would be nice to be able to watch games with other fans in the area.

Email her at paddyglover@gmail.com if you are interested.

I lived in DC from 1996-1999, and I don’t think I met a single Reds fan the entire three years. A gathering like this would have been fun.

I had a GE SuperRadio, though, and I spent many a fine evening on my apartment’s balcony, listening to Marty and Joe on WLW. That radio got me through college and law school, many hours away from Cincinnati.