Ummm…what the heck is this?

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  1. nick in va

    Monroe, OH gets a mention and it’s not even for the “Touchdown Jesus,” the Hustler store, or the flea markets. That’s impressive.

    Someone should have told Joey that the interview was supposed to be funny. Oh well, if the answer man wanted a funny Canadian he should have talked to Howie Mandel (does he count as funny? I’m not sure).

  2. John

    If the interview was supposed to be funny, why wasn’t it?

  3. Matt Steele

    I thought the interview was hilarious.

    I worked at that Tim Hortons when it first opened!!! I worked there for a long time in high school. Good times! Glad to see it get a shoutout

  4. Plowboy

    I think #1 is probably right. Seems to me the guy just caught Joey off guard.

    If he knew what to expect from Answer Man (where were you, Jay Bruce?), then he might’ve shown a bit more personality.

    At least, I hope that was the case. It’s either that or Votto really doesn’t have a sense of humor.

  5. pinson343

    He took the questions real literally. Maybe that’s what he’s used to with interviews.

  6. mike

    despite the odd interview, I have to say, I didn’t know Votto was into bowling
    He is now my favorite Red!

    maybe even ever