Chris Sabo’s Goggles says it’s time for change, including this suggestion:

Can Rosales play leftfield? If not, can someone teach him? Like, by tomorrow? I understand that Chris Dickerson is doing a bang-up job out there in left, but humor me.

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  1. brublejr

    Surely Rosales can’t be any worse in the field as Dickerson has been this year, plus it would be nice to have his bat in the lineup.

  2. Jack

    Dickerson seems to have reverted to his 2007 levels. He isn’t hitting and his fielding leaves a lot to be desired. Sort of a Dunn without any power. He’s cost the Reds several runs in the last five games. Hairston isn’t hitting well either. Although he would probably field better. I suggest Darnell McDonald or Lance Nix get a shot. Let’s see what they can do.

  3. Kurt Frost

    I hate to be a positive voice here but the season is 162 gamrs. Everyone needs to calm down.

  4. Deaner

    I agree with Kurt here… calm down. I still like Dickerson. He just needs a few good games in a row at the plate to turn him around. Right now, he’s taking his ABs out into the field with him.

  5. Jimmy James

    What’s to like about Dickerson? Other than the fact that he looks good in his uniform?

    He has never done anything anywhere to suggest he can be anything more than a 4th outfielder. I’m not sure why anyone, including Jocketty, would think he is anything else. He could be okay playing 2-3 times a week, if you pick his spots, but was never an exceptional minor leaguer, so I can’t imagine he will ever be an average major leaguer. Maybe as a CF, he would be more acceptable, but not as a corner outfielder.

    He is Jon Nunnally lite. He had a good month and everyone expects him to be good. He is what he is…a guy who had maybe one minor league season that was above average. And he will be 28 years old on his next birthday.

    The point is that Dickerson COULD help this team, if he isn’t overexposed. His defense isn’t as bad as it has been (and it has been AWFUL). He is a useful spare part, but a regular major league corner outfielder he isn’t. IMO

  6. Tom Diesman

    Wes Bankston, who can play 1B/3B/LF and is RH, is hot at AAA now too .349 .404 .698 1.102. Jonny Gomes is holding his own too .271 .386 .500 .886.

  7. Y-City Jim

    Reds moved Frazier to the outfield so I can’t see why they can’t do the same with Rosales. I imagine the Bats outfield may be crowded though with Banston, Stubbs, and Gomes.

  8. Jose

    Why Move Frazier to the outfield
    we need him to play short in a couple years.
    Rosales can play SS
    drop Sea Bass

  9. mike

    Rosales has played every infield position with lots of playing time at SS, 1B, and 3B
    I don’t doubt playing a corner OF position would be easy for him
    He did play a couple games in the OF in 2007

  10. mike

    Dickerson’s minor league #s
    He was old at a lot of levels in the minors. A 25 year old playing AA should crush be well beyond the competition

    OPS PA
    .862 414 2008
    .775 2590 Career (6 Seasons)
    .756 588 AA (2 seasons)
    .694 557 A_adv (2 seasons)
    .829 830 AAA (2 seasons)
    .808 365 A (1 season)
    .778 250 Rook_adv (1 season)