The Reds look to get back to their winning ways today, with Bronson Arroyo taking the hill against Atlanta’s Derek Lowe. Should be an intriguing matchup, and one that I won’t be able to watch, since Saturday afternoon games are blacked out, thanks to Fox’s national rights.

I can still listen to Marty, though, and hang out with you guys here in the game thread. Enjoy….

Lineup below the fold:

Dickerson LF
Hairston CF
Votto 1B
Phillips 2B
Bruce RF
Encarnacion 3B
Gonzalez SS
Hanigan C
Arroyo P

188 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    Interesting that the Hanigan/Janish duo is no mmore. Likely a conscious effort by Dusty to break it up. Why on Earth is Gonzalez batting ahead of Hanigan though?

  2. Matt Steele

    McCann is on the DL now, so good old David Ross is starting for the Braves

  3. preach

    Gonzo has hit the ball hard the last couple of days. Maybe Dusty is trying to take advantage of that. You know he will always give the benefit of the doubt to the veteran presence.

    Crappy lefthander…..drink.

  4. Joe

    Game is not blacked out on 1:10 is the latest start time not to be blacked out. Are the rules different for Extra Innings?

  5. Matt Steele

    not sure why Bruce never hits higher than 5th. Is Dusty really that tied to this idea of trying to alternate L and R’s?

  6. Chad Dotson

    I’m on the deck, listening to Marty. I may have to run inside in a moment to make sure about the blackout.

    Saturday afternoon games are pretty much always blacked out on DirecTV, I believe.

  7. preach

    Crap. Nice throw to home. Ball came out of Dickerson’s glove, but he can’t be blamed for that one. Chipper comes through again. He won’t stay empty forever. He’s hitting something like .450 against Bronson. Walks will haunt.

  8. preach

    “Another error by Gonzo?”

    Not at all, he made a nice throw actually.

  9. jr1972

    Is this going to be Arroyo’s once per 5 starts blowout game?

  10. preach

    Nice flip by Gonzo on that one. Phillips knew who was running on the return. That is a tough error Gonzo took on that one.

  11. Matt Steele

    did the dugouts get issued warnings?

  12. Matt Steele

    just noticed this on the gamecast, but BP’s home stats this year aren’t that bad. (I know, small sample but still)

  13. Chad Dotson

    Glad I can’t see the longneck.

    Can’t get it on Extra Innings here, unfortunately. Just checked. I’m stuck with Marty (good) and Cowboy (terrible).

  14. al

    phillips looks lost. he’s gotten out a couple times in the last few days on check swing grounders. it just looks like he’s confused up here.

    sometimes when a guy slumps, you can say, well, he’s hitting some balls hard. not phillips, at least not yet.

  15. Kurt Frost

    Yes…the umpire warned the benches. Votto should have come off the bag and caught the Encarnarcion throw.

  16. preach

    Do we still have Lopez playing for us? EE never should have thrown it, but Votto sure didn’t help him any on that one.

  17. preach

    I see they are giving away Brandon Phillips gloves to the kids. Good thing it’s not bats, or they couldn’t find them.

  18. Matt Steele

    Arroyo certainly is throwing a lot of pitches today

  19. preach

    Wow. Bronson’s all over the place. His breaking stuff is not going where he’s aiming it.

  20. pinson343

    Walking the opposing pitcher, our new trend. Is Arroyo hung over ?

    Team looks awfully flawed today.

  21. preach

    Bronson needs to throw some more fastballs. I hate seeing Chipper after he goes 0-4

  22. al

    wow. never had a chance in this one. bronson is throwing bp right now.

  23. al

    this might be one of those games where you sacrifice your pitcher’s era for the team and just keep running him out there.

  24. Matt Steele

    after that really good road trip, it’s pretty disappointing to see us come back and not play well at all

  25. preach

    Agree al. Just let the bullpen rest a little and get the split tomorrow.

  26. Matt Steele

    Whoo, nice extra base hit for Bruce. He’s really starting to turn it around.

  27. Kurt Frost

    I would say 30K. A smattering of boos when Bronson walked off. The Bruuuuuuuuuuuuce thing was old sometime last year.

  28. preach

    Bad ab by E5. He didn’t look comfortable, and you have to get the runner over.

  29. Kurt Frost

    Maybe 35K. Its still filling up. Poor people just getting to their seats and it is 6-0.

  30. Chad Dotson

    It’s sad if the Reds can’t fill up the ballpark on a beautiful day like today, just a game removed from a good roadstand.

    I guess that’s what a decade of losing does to your fanbase.

  31. bird2431

    Good call starting Gonzo today over Janish today… maybe he is finally getting up to speed

  32. jdarts84

    They in all likelihood won’t come back still, but it’s certainly nice to see Alex Gonzalez is starting to hit again.

  33. al

    if arroyo goes yard, my feelings on this game may change.

  34. Chad Dotson

    Must have been wind-aided. When it was hit, Marty just thought it was an easy fly ball…it kept carrying.

  35. Matt Steele

    well at least Lowe isn’t unhittable today.

    Hanigan with a hit. If we can get Arroyo to settle down now, we might be able to put a few runs on the board and make it a game

  36. preach

    Lowe really isn’t fooling them. If he gets that ball even remotely up, we could score some more.

  37. Chad Dotson

    Marty just called Brantley “Cooter Brown”.

    Brantley keeps laughing that dumb, fake-sounding laugh of his. It really wasn’t that funny, Cooter.

  38. preach

    This Schaefer is a pretty good looking young player. He has a good arm. The stupid Braves outfield might have the best set of arms in the game.

  39. Chad Dotson

    I just read an article in ESPN The Magazine about Schafer while sitting on the deck and listening to the game.

    He was suspended for 50 games last year for HGH.

  40. preach

    Go ahead Ross, jaw with the umpire about balls and strikes. Upset him early.

  41. Matt Steele

    The Braves have a lot of really good talent in their minor leagues too…

    It’s crazy how they can keep developing players like they do

  42. Matt Steele

    whoa what happened? ejections?

  43. bird2431

    Low and outside called a strike… Hairston argues… tossed… Dusty comes out… tossed.. bad call

  44. preach

    I like seeing Dusty get emotional here. Maybe you can spark something. On the replay, the ball could have been a little low, but it was close as it hit the front edge of the plate.

  45. bird2431

    If that was a strike last night, Voltron doesn’t walk as many as he did. I will leave it at that…

  46. preach

    Oh, it was low but it definately had a sink to it as it crossed the plate so it really wasn’t the travesty of justice that it first appeared.

    McDonald takes over. We’re saved….

  47. preach

    thought Bronson got rung up on that. I think he started to toss Arroyo and caught himself.

  48. preach

    What I said about Arroyo’s pitches being sharper…..never mind.

  49. Y-City Jim

    It seems like the Reds hitters are reaching for everything. I know it’s Derek Lowe but come on.

  50. Y-City Jim

    Sometime during the summer we need to attend a game as a Redleg Nation group complete with Redleg Nation t-shirts. The shirts will say “Ask me about the George Grande Drinking Game” on the back.


  51. Y-City Jim

    Lot of pitchers will have career games against the Reds this season.

  52. Y-City Jim

    Can Bronson take a mulligan on the 2nd inning?

  53. Y-City Jim

    Hanigan with a Jerry Hairston practice swing AND THE RESULT IS A DOUBLE!

  54. Y-City Jim

    where was this arroyo in the second?

    On the mound giving up four runs.

    Hanigan looked out. More excitement from the Billy Hatcher/Dusty Baker School of Baserunning.

  55. al

    nope he was safe.

    and really, it didn’t matter, since arroyo was going to second either way, so the intent of the sac was going to work.

  56. Y-City Jim

    Come on, Dickerson. Do something productive.

  57. al

    i don’t understand that response y-city. are you saying that arroyo looks the same now as he did in the second?

  58. Y-City Jim

    Darnell Mcdonald had a bat


  59. Y-City Jim

    I mean let him pitch that inning over and not count the four runs. He’s been tossing zeros since.

  60. Y-City Jim

    That’s one rather large strike zone.

  61. preach

    second and third, nobody out and the top of the order up. The result: Three consectutive strike outs. Just wow.

  62. Ryan

    Prime example in the fifth why strikeouts kill you.

  63. Chris Wilson

    is the K zone on GameCast usually accurate?? If so, Votto didn’t see a strike, yet struck out looking.

  64. al

    just when i thought the reds could climb back into this one, 3 k’s in a row.

  65. Ryan

    One of the worst home plate umpires I’ve witnessed. Go back to AAA.

  66. Matt B.

    I just watched the ejections on replay from both the Reds and Braves perspective.

    Welsh said the pitch was not a strike and that the umpire behind the plate was really struggling. I also caught Dusty in the dugout calling the umpire an a-hole and telling him to shut the [expletive deleted] up.

    On the Braves broadcast, the two announcers seemed bewildered at Hairston’s anger and frustration. They said the pitch “might have been a little low,” but Hairston basically had no reason to argue.

    I’m not really giving the Braves’ broadcasters much credibility because both were still trying to argue that Escobar’s HBP from last night was intentional. According to them, “the players just knew” the HBP on Escobar was intentional. Wow, I didn’t know the Braves had a bunch of mind readers. Did they not even watch how Volquez reacted after the HBP?

  67. preach

    Dickerson needs some stick ’em for his glove. Everything hits it.

  68. Ramrod

    Dickerson is atrocious out there. He’s killing me. Making Adam Dunn look like a gold glover.

  69. Chad Dotson

    Matt, in todays paper, Chipper Jones said that Escobar over-reacted, and that the pitch was obviously not intentional.

  70. Chad Dotson

    Marty and Cowboy are sarcastically talking about Dickerson actually catching a ball there. They were commending him for using two hands.

  71. Matt B.

    Chris – on Votto’s AB, Strikes 1 and 2 were both below the knees. Strike 3 was hard to tell because the camera in CF is not perfectly angled, but it appeared borderline at best.

  72. Ramrod

    At this point I’m just killing time until the draft. Reds are killing me. Can’t wait to see the Bengals make a horrible 1st round pick.

  73. preach

    By the way, I don’t drink alcohol, so mine are espresso shots. I’m ready to paint the house.

  74. mike

    was just thinking about how bad the Reds offense is and how it’s terrible in almost every aspect, power, average, etc.

    I just looked it up.
    The team batting average compared to league average would currently be the worst team average in the history of the Reds

    1 Reds 2009 -.036 .229 .266
    2 Reds 1930 -.031 .281 .312
    3 Reds 1933 -.029 .246 .274
    4 Reds 1893 -.027 .259 .286
    5 Reds 1937 -.026 .254 .280
    6 Reds 1901 -.025 .251 .276
    7 Reds 1942 -.025 .231 .256
    8 Reds 1983 -.024 .239 .263
    9 Reds 1912 -.024 .256 .280
    10 Reds 1945 -.024 .249 .273

    but not the worst offense ever, it will be nearly impossible to be as bad as the early 30s teams
    1 Reds 1930 -1.54 4.85 6.39
    2 Reds 1929 -1.54 4.51 6.05
    3 Reds 2009 -1.38 4.03 5.41
    4 Reds 1893 -1.34 5.99 7.33
    5 Reds 1951 -1.32 3.69 5.00
    6 Reds 1945 -1.29 3.57 4.85
    7 Reds 1934 -1.21 4.02 5.22
    8 Reds 1933 -1.17 3.27 4.44
    9 Reds 1894 -1.09 6.98 8.06
    10 Reds 1925 -1.07 4.54 5.62

  75. Y-City Jim

    Could Gomes be any worse defensively?

    Why don’t the Reds tell Rick Sweet to give Rosales some reps in LF? There may be an opening soon.

  76. Y-City Jim

    Same exact pitch and this time it is a strike?

  77. Y-City Jim

    Six runs down plus MLB 2nd worse offense equals “I got something else to do.”

  78. Kurt Frost

    You have something better to do. Im stuck here with these turkies. Lots of strike outs today.

  79. Y-City Jim

    The electronic review of today’s HP umpire is not going to be very good.

  80. mike

    4th worst offense in MLB not 2nd worst
    Oakland, AZ, SF, and Seattle are all worse so far this season
    AZ will probably be better in the long run but Minn and KC will probably also be worse in the long run

  81. mhopp

    Send Arroyo down and bring Matt Maloney a LHP up..his ERA is under 2 at AAA.

  82. Glenn

    Two things; 1. the umps have been terrible so far in this series. 2. How can Dickerson look so good standing there at the plate and be so ineffective? Now I know why he stay’d so long in the minor leagues.

  83. Glenn

    Yeah, there must be a yard to mow somewhere.

  84. bird2431

    smilling side of the scoreboard …Drink!

  85. Glenn

    BP might want to start hitting before he starts laying claim to be the face of the franchise.

  86. mike

    offense 26th in baseball
    rotation 15th in baseball
    bullpen 3rd in baseball (I hadn’t noticed)
    defense 6th in baseball (I hadn’t noticed)

  87. mhopp

    Gomes is sucking at AAA…under .200 last I checked

  88. mike

    Re: How’s Gomes doing down in AAA?

    Gomes started out terrible but has been warming up.
    Not many hitters have been hitting in AAA and other than Rosales the entire team started out hitting terrible

    Reds AAA OPS leaders
    1.209 Rosales (3B/2B/SS/1B)
    1.036 Bankston (LF/3B)
    .824 Bolivar (2B/3B/CF/SS/RF)
    .793 Gomez (RF/LF)

  89. Shane

    Well the Reds will just have to find one somewhere else then