Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Atlanta 4
Cincinnati 3
WP: Vazquez (2-1)
LP: Volquez (2-2)
S: Gonzalez (2)

–Joey Votto continues to hit, with a couple more knocks tonight. He’ll cool off at some point, but he’s looking awfully good right now.

–Ramon Hernandez went 2-3 with a double. He’s looked better at the plate in the last game or two.

–Two ribbies for Gonzo.

–Edinson Volquez’s control. Sheesh, he was pitching fairly well, and then he couldn’t find the strike zone. Seven walks, seven strikeouts (he even walked Jeff Francoeur. No one walks Jeff Francouer). Gave up one stupid hit, but couldn’t get out of the fifth inning without giving up three runs.

–Edinson walked the opposing pitcher with the bases loaded (and then promptly walked the next hitter too). It doesn’t get any worse than that.

–Ten walks for the pitching staff. That’s just terrible.

–Brandon Phillips continues to be a disaster in the middle of the lineup. If there is a less productive cleanup hitter anywhere, I’d like to know his name.

–Yunel Escobar is a moron. He was hit by a Volquez pitch that everyone in the world knew wasn’t intentional, then walked toward the mound like he was some tough guy. Benches emptied, but the whole episode only served to prove that Escobar is insane.

–Volquez lost this game by not being able to throw a strike. This is one the Reds should have won.

Go 76ers!