I despise the stupid Cubs. Can’t stand them. Love watching the Reds take a series from them.

Very close to the Cubs on the spectrum of teams I can’t stand is the Atlanta Braves. One of my brothers is a huge Braves fan, and growing up, I learned to hate the Braves. I remember epic 1-on-1 wiffle ball games; I was Mario Soto when I was pitching to him, but he had to be Pascual Perez or Rick Camp or someone.

Of course, he got back at me during the nineties and most of the ’00s. It’s time for the Reds to regain the upper hand.

If you are anywhere near Cincinnati, I urge you to head out to the ol’ ballyard this weekend and root as hard as you can against the Braves. Oh yeah, and cheer for your homestanding Redlegs, coming off one of the best roadtrips in recent years.

A good showing in this series will continue to open eyes around the league. Make it happen.