I despise the stupid Cubs. Can’t stand them. Love watching the Reds take a series from them.

Very close to the Cubs on the spectrum of teams I can’t stand is the Atlanta Braves. One of my brothers is a huge Braves fan, and growing up, I learned to hate the Braves. I remember epic 1-on-1 wiffle ball games; I was Mario Soto when I was pitching to him, but he had to be Pascual Perez or Rick Camp or someone.

Of course, he got back at me during the nineties and most of the ’00s. It’s time for the Reds to regain the upper hand.

If you are anywhere near Cincinnati, I urge you to head out to the ol’ ballyard this weekend and root as hard as you can against the Braves. Oh yeah, and cheer for your homestanding Redlegs, coming off one of the best roadtrips in recent years.

A good showing in this series will continue to open eyes around the league. Make it happen.

14 Responses

  1. preach

    When Turner started marketing them as “America’s team” (which is ironic considering the ‘mascot’)I was permenantly turned off. Especially when Native American groups protested the whole ‘tomahawk chop’ thing to which Ted and Jane answered by not personally performing it during games, however the music was still played over his loudpeakers and a fortune was continued to be made on those stupid foam hatchets. I mean, either be sensitive to an issue or ignore it, be hot or cold. The TBS announcers used to kill me as well. Criticism of the Braves was never to be heard.

    When the Braves played the Indians (talk about racist mascots)in the series, I was so lost. I wanted both teams to lose so bad. I could not stand all the wagon jumpers to Cleveland.

    Stupid Braves. Stupid Indians. Stupid Cubs.

  2. BIGred053

    I’m going to be down at Miami University this weekend. I’m hoping to get to make the trip to Cincy and root on the Redlegs!

  3. BenL

    I’m a little far from Cinci, but on Wednesday I’m going to support Adam Dunn and the Natinals against the evil Phillies here in Philadelphia. My first game of the year. I can’t wait.

  4. Matt Steele

    argh, it kills me not to be anywhere near Cincinnati right now. I don’t even know the next time I’ll be back. I’ll be watching the games though as much as possible.

  5. Matt Steele

    Ha, next weekend I’ll be at the Natinals game to support Dunn and Kearns against the stupid evil Cardinals.

  6. Steve at Work

    I’ll be there on Saturday…Can’t wait

  7. jason

    Leaving work in The Glass City at noon and will be tipping the cup at the In Between by 415pm. Cant wait to give the team a standing ovation at the start of the game, im sure as always ill be the only one in my section to do so and ill spend the 1st inning thinking about how lame my section always seems to be. Color me Giddy!! Go Redlegs!!!

  8. Plowboy

    I hate EVERY National League team besides the Reds, especially within the division because they’re always taking away from my happiness.

    At least since 1990 anyway.

  9. Glenn

    Down here in SC the best I can do is MLB extra innings on the satellite. Not the same as being there but it’ll do for no.

  10. renbutler

    I’m in Indy and I have a busy weekend. I saw the Reds beat the Mets on 4/9, and hope to make it down for a couple more this season. But not this weekend.

    But I’ll be watching and cheering the Redlegs.

  11. Arvil P

    Well guys just got into Cincy, sitting at hotel looking across the river at GABP, cant wait til gametime, hopefully we can have a greatweekend, last year we came up and swept the BRaves in 3, lets make it 6 in a row vs the Bravos and extend our live game streak to 7…..GO REDS!!!! Hey Chad wished you where here