The Reds have already locked up a rare winning road trip. Today, they can win a third consecutive series, and a series against a hated division rival. Not only that, but it’s the team everyone expects to win the division. So, good opportunity today.

Fortunately for the Reds, Aaron Harang is the starting pitcher. That’s a good thing. Of course, the Cubs have Carlos Zambrano on the mound. That’s not a good thing.

Should be a good game. Avoid your work and discuss the game here.

(Note: I know many of you liked the little smilies that we used to have in the comments area, and were disappointed when they went away. It didn’t work when we upgraded software, but I’ve added a different version. I haven’t tested it completely, so let me know if it doesn’t work, or if you have any suggestions.)

Lineup below the fold….

Willy Taveras CF
Chris Dickerson LF
Joey Votto 1B
Edwin Encarnacion 3B
Jay Bruce RF
Brandon Phillips 2B
Ramon Hernandez C
Alex Gonzalez SS
Aaron Harang P

297 Responses

  1. nick in va

    2 out of 3 from Chicago in Chicago would be so sweet.

  2. Birdman

    Is the game available online anywhere (video)?

  3. nick in va

    I may have missed it posted elsewhere, but did anyone see this quote by Hairston:

    “I think they’re just bitter in general. They feel like they’re owed something. I remember when Cubs fans were just happy going to the games, taking it in and having fun. Ever since the Cubs went to the playoffs and haven’t won a World Series in 100 years, they really got a sense of entitlement that they’re owed a championship.”

  4. GregD

    Sticking with Edwin #4 and Phillips #6. I like it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    “ever since they haven’t won a World Series in a100 years” classic! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. GregD

    From Bill in the Wed game recap:

    “While weรƒยขรขโ€šยฌรขโ€žยขre talking about defense, Jay Bruce also made a nice back handed catch crossing the bullpen mound in the 6th or 7th inning.”

    Alan Cutler said on 1530 this morning that Bruce wasn’t good defensively. I don’t see that at all, and he played CF most of the time in the minors. I’d heard he may not stick in CF in the majors because he didn’t have the range for CF, but I’d never heard anyone claim his defense in general was no good.

  6. DevilsAdvocate

    Return of the smilies! Time to celebrate:

    :party: is this one “party” because it has a lapshade on its head, or something?
    :poke: reaction to the Reds’ defensive play early on
    O:) Joey Votto, slugger and clean-cut Canadian.
    :clown: Milton Bradley, for bragging about how much of a winner he is. That sub-AlexGonzalez batting average of his looks real good, thanks…and in the cleanup spot, no less.

  7. Steve at Work

    Two reasons I despise the Cubs, that sense of entitlement, and the fact they pack GABP. Always hate seeing more Cubs fans than Reds fans in Cincy. There is one reason I love the Cubs though, they haven’t won anything in 100 years. I’d rather have the lovable losers in my division than the evil empire any day. Here’s to hoping we can take the first Cubs-Reds series. Get some more MO going into the weekend

  8. jason

    Im stuck at work in Toledo this afternoon w/ dial-up internet and 700 doesnt carry into my office, so im hoping that RN can carry me thru the game with updates throughout the afternoon. Im heading to the Bats vs. Mud Hens game after work tonight and then head down to Cincinnati tomorrow morning to catch both friday and saturday games at the Gabp! It was hard going to bed last night i was so pumped after last nights game, but if we claw this one out for Harang ill be bouncing off walls here at work. Im really hoping a good crowd makes its way to the park this wknd, the forecast should help. GO REDS!!

  9. Nathan

    Anyone know when the last time the Reds won three road series in a row? Sorry if I missed that somewhere else.

  10. mike

    won 3 road series or at least a split in the series?

    I got tired of looking but the closest thing I found was back in August/September 2007

    Aug 28-30 we split a 4 game series in Pittsburgh
    Aug 17-19 we took 2 of 3 from the Brew Crew
    Aug 14-16 we took 2 of 3 from the Cubbies

    honestly it’s one of the last time the Reds played well at all
    in between the Brewers and Pirates series the Reds went home and won 6 out of 7 from Atlanta and Florida

    so if you count that series split with Pitt as a winning series it was late 2007 when the Reds last won 3 series in a row

  11. mike

    “it was late 2007 when the Reds last won 3 series in a row”

    sorry, should read, when the Reds last won 3 road series in a row

  12. Nathan

    I knew someone here would be all over that. Thanks! Go Reds!

  13. GregD

    Not a continuous road stretch, but in late 2007 the Reds won a 2-game series against the Pirates (Aug 3/4), 2 of 3 from the Cubs and Brewers from Aug 14-19, then split a 4-game series against the Pirates Aug 28-30.

  14. GregD

    If we’re counting split series, in June 2006, the Reds swept 6 straight road games against Houston and st Louis (June 2-7), then later in the month split a 4-game series against the Mets and took 2 of 3 from Cleveland (June 19-25.)

    What year(s) was it that the media often referred to the team as the “Big road machine”? They would play well on the road, draw big walk up crowds, and typically play poorly at home.

  15. brublejr

    I’m surprised to see Gonzo in the lineup given the night/day games.

  16. jason

    Im thinking “the big road machine” was 1998.

  17. jason

    Im suprised to see Gonzo in the lineup every night or day.

  18. GregD

    I’ll bet we see Janish and Hanigan on Saturday. Night after day game and Arroyo is starting. These guys have had exactly 3 starts and they have all been on the same day as Arroyo’s 3 starts.

  19. nick in va

    Votto hustles for two. What a pro.

  20. Chris W

    The Big Road Machine was 1999. That was the year we lost to the Mets in the playoff game to make it to the playoffs. I only remember it because I had just started college that year and the playoff game was on my birthday.

  21. jason

    Im almost positive that the “road machine” was 1998, maybe even 1997.

  22. mike

    The Reds won 51 road games in 1999. The most road games they’ve won since the BRM

    The next most road wins since the BRM is 45 which the Reds did in 1980 and 1990

  23. CeeKeR

    The ’99 team killed me, that one game playoff loss really ruined the Reds for the next 9 years (and counting).

  24. jason

    Color me wrong, i for some reason remembered a job i had at the time and linked it to 98′. That 99′ team was a lot of fun, McKeon got screwed. Thanks Jr.

  25. brublejr

    In case you didn’t know Kurt, Votto is a stud, but nobody else got on in front of him, therefore no runs.

  26. nick in va

    It’s 0-0 after 2 innings. Votto has been the only base runner for the good guys.

  27. renbutler

    I’m watching the game here in Indy on CSN Chicago (DirecTV).

    Anyone else lucky enough to have the game on TV?

  28. renbutler

    Dickerson almost made a great catch up against the brick wall in foul territory.

  29. nick in va

    The bottom of the Reds lineup makes me think of that Bugs Bunny cartoon – “1-2-3 strikes, you’re out.”

  30. Arvil P

    Okay guys, last year I made two trips to Cincy and we where 4-0 including a 3 game sweep of the Bravos, hopefully will bring us some luck this weekend, leaving Friday morn to catch the 3 game set against the Bravos, will take plenty of photos and share next week. GO REDS!!!!

  31. Jimmy James

    Wish I had it on tv. Listening on XM at the office.

  32. renbutler

    Nice move by Harang. I don’t recall ever seeing a pitcher throw to the third baseman on a caught stealing before.

  33. nick in va

    I know it’s the same for all the radio broadcasts, but the number of ads they work in always amazes me. This post brought to you by Geico.

  34. renbutler

    AFLAC Trivia on CSN Chicago:

    “Pete Rose had 3,358 hits to top the Reds all-time hit list. Who is second?”

  35. CeeKeR

    Checking in while at work, I see the Reds have managed their typical one hit in three plus innings…

  36. brublejr

    nice job dickerson, votto’s turn

  37. CeeKeR

    I should complain more often, Dickerson triple sets up Votto to be the man again.

  38. GregD

    That’s the second runner Harang has picked off this year.

    Will that also go as a CS for Hernandez? He’s credited with 4 so far this year, though only 1 of those were actually runners he threw out. 3 of them were pickoffs by the pitcher.

  39. Jimmy James

    AFLAC answer:

    Barry Larkin with 2340.

    I had no idea.

  40. Matt B.

    If Dickerson had been hustling right out of the box, he would have had a decent chance for an inside-the-park home run. Those are always fun to watch. Oh well.

  41. EKyRedsFan

    Sometimes these day games suck. I don’t have a radio or a TV right now.

  42. renbutler

    Zambrano all over the place right now. The Reds HAVE TO come out of this with at least a run.

  43. Jimmy James

    Day games are great if you are there. They suck if you are at work.

  44. renbutler

    As if on cue, Bruce with the RBI. :p

  45. Matt WI

    Listening on mlb audio. Maybe I should listen to the Cubs guys, because Brantley is killing me. Actually, I had my brother’s XM on for the first game and the Cubs announcers were talking to each other through 1/2 the action when the Reds were hitting. Poor. Good work their Bruce. I’d like to point out Brantley did nothing to add any excitement to that call. How about a little love fro striking first blood Brantley?

  46. DevilsAdvocate

    Say, that Jay Bruce kid looks pretty good again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Jimmy James

    Then BP hits into a double play. Boy, he’s killed us this year, but he’ll go on some huge tear soon and we’ll all love him again.

  48. EKyRedsFan

    Awesome. I’m pretty much counting on you guys to fill me in on the game. And game tracker.

  49. Matt B.

    Bruce! He sure is heating up. 1-0, Reds.

  50. renbutler

    Phillips hit that one hard up the middle. Nice defense.

  51. jason

    Bruuuuuce! The kid is coming around, love it!

  52. GregD

    I knew “in play, out(s)” from Phillips wiould be another GIDP! X(

  53. RiverCity Redleg

    Apparently the 6 hole was not far enough down. :emotion:

  54. GregD

    Kurt (& others) – if you’re near a computer – when I logged onto gameday, it said that premium was free through Apr 26 and that includes audio for the game.

  55. renbutler

    I’d rather watch the Reds broadcasters, but the Cubs TV production crew sure loves to show the pretty girls in the stands.

    Sorry, I’m probably just torturing the rest of you. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  56. DevilsAdvocate

    Every time I get fed up with Marty’s crotchetiness and Brantley’s unexcited drawl, I go to the other team’s broadcast feed…and just about every time, I come running back to WLW. The Cubs & Red Sox broadcasts are particularly awful, I’ve found. Houston too, if I recall.

    Dodgers and Brewers are big exceptions that prove the rule.

  57. renbutler

    In Philadelphia, Dave Bush and the Brewers have no-hit the Phillies through seven innings.

  58. EKyRedsFan


    I just tried that and it said the game was blacked out in my location. So others might have the same problem too, unfortunately.

    But hey, I think the Royals are about to come on!

  59. Jimmy James

    Gonzo is “one of the best fielding shortstops in all of baseball” according to the Cubs radio announcers.

  60. Jimmy James

    He strikes out pretty good too.

  61. GregD

    DA – so that happens about 10-15 times a game?

  62. GregD

    Re audio – I can’t try it at work, so I don’t know all the blackout rules…sorry. Do they also black out the Cubs announcers feed?

  63. CeeKeR

    Only 1 strikeout for Harang so far – seems like maybe he’s trying to more efficient…he probably knows he needs to go 8 shutout innings at the least in order to get a win.

  64. renbutler

    Sweet play by Harang and Votto.

    Aaron for Gold Glove!

  65. renbutler

    Bush just lost the no hitter in the 8th inning on a Matt Stairs HR.

  66. renbutler

    Harang was nearly impaled by a broken bat on the third out of the 5th inning!

  67. Matt WI

    That’s strange about the audio blackout… I’ve had mbl audio for three or four years and never had any form of the audio broacasts blacked out. Bad luck.

  68. DevilsAdvocate

    What? Those ridiculously stupid blackout rules only apply to TV, right?

  69. brublejr

    Havoc!! Thank you Zambrano…time to get him really rattled now.

  70. nick in va

    Willy goes to 3rd on a bad pick off throw to 1st. HAVOC!

  71. james

    Cubs commentators talking about how good Zambrono is at holding runners and then he throws it away! Stupid cubs.

  72. renbutler

    The error is especially good, because Dickerson’s first bunt attempt was, well, a pile of crap.

  73. Matt WI

    Yeah, the name of the game is get in Zambrano’s head. So satisfying when he gets upset.

  74. Y-City Jim

    Just jumping in for a sec before having to go to a meeting in St. Clairsville, OH.


    Cubs suck!!!!!

  75. renbutler

    Called strike three on Dickerson was almost at his armpits.

    The Reds HAVE TO score her.

  76. Andy

    where did the throw go that Willy was able to motor to 3rd? monitoring the gameday is frustrating on plays like that.

  77. brublejr

    I wonder if they walk Votto here? I probably would if I was them.

  78. renbutler

    Sorry, I meant to write “score here.”

    The throw went to right field around the tarp and bullpen area.

  79. renbutler

    Just put the ball in play, Joey.

  80. Andy

    I bet zambrano doesn’t like being told to issue an IBB

  81. renbutler

    Right down the pipe to Votto, RBI. ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. brublejr

    Joey Votto for MVP! He is a stud!!! :love:

  83. nick in va

    Double by Votto. 2-0 good guys.

  84. DevilsAdvocate

    Zambrano makes a mental mistake, gets rattled, loses it. This is a recording.

  85. Matt WI

    Aww, poor Z didn’t walk Votto and got BURNT.

  86. RiverCity Redleg

    I can’t find the free trial anywhere. And the blackout only applies to MLB.TV, not the audio. But I still can’t get the audio to work.

  87. renbutler

    Cubs TV guys saying they should have walked Votto.

  88. EKyRedsFan

    Why does anyone pitch to Votto?

  89. renbutler

    Another bad throw by Zambrano! But it went right to the centerfielder, no error.

  90. brublejr

    Zambrano is getting rattled very quickly! ๐Ÿ˜€

  91. Andy

    thanks for the throw info. when I lived in Chicago I sat near that tarp many times (when the reds were in town)

  92. brublejr

    Come on Jay, let’s get another!

  93. nick in va

    Bruce is up. Before I type each post I kind of jerk my left arm back.

  94. Matt WI

    C’mon Bruce. Put a charge in this one!

  95. brublejr

    Until the other guys are hitting, why would any manager pitch to Votto? I thought for sure when Lou went to talk to Zambrano before their matchup, he would tell him to walk Votto. I am glad he didn’t though!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  96. EKyRedsFan


    That’s what I’ve been sayin all along! 4-8 is abysmal at the plate so why do they throw to him?

  97. renbutler

    Dickerson botched another one in LF.

  98. GregD

    Sorry about that. It says audio is supposed to be part of gameday premium, but I see the upper LH corner of my gameday says “gameday audio coming soon!”

  99. brublejr

    Crap…that is why you can’t give them extra bases.

  100. renbutler

    Hernandez NAILS Theriot at second!

  101. CeeKeR

    Harang might blow up if he loses another game because of poor defense.

  102. brublejr

    wow! Ramon got one! that is huge! ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. Jimmy James

    Bruce is up. Before I type each post I kind of jerk my left arm back.

    That’s awesome.

  104. Matt WI

    Give Hernandez his due there… at least according to Marty. He finally threw someone out.

  105. DevilsAdvocate

    Is that the first runner Hernandez has caught stealing? Marty & Jeff are extremely impressed with that throw.

  106. Jimmy James

    What’s the story? What did Dickerson do on the error?

    Poor Harang. He can’t get any help.

  107. renbutler

    Gotta give Gonzalez props on that caught stealing. It took a perfect throw AND perfect tag. There was zero room for error on that one.

  108. renbutler

    The hit to LF was hard, but Dickerson should have picked it up cleanly. He bobbled it, and Soriano advanced to second.

  109. Jimmy James

    If we win this game, we’ll be a half-game ahead of the stupid cubs. ๐Ÿ˜€

  110. renbutler

    Harang just made Derek Lee look like a pile of crap. A tall, perfectly sculpted pile of crap, but a pile of crap nontheless.

    Top of the 7th, 2-1 Reds.

  111. brublejr

    According to the radio, Dickerson over ran the ball

  112. Jimmy James

    It would surely be nice to get about four runs this inning.

  113. james

    I smile every time i type “stupid cubs”

  114. Jimmy James

    Harang’s average fastball today: 87.9 mph.

    84 pitches through 6.

  115. Jimmy James

    I can only get the Cubs guys on XM. What did Marty say about Dickerson’s error?

  116. Glenn

    Harang could win 25 games a year if he had any runn support at all.

  117. renbutler

    Four runs out of Phillips, Bruce, Hernandez, and Gonzalez? Maybe three of them can get on base for a Harang grand slam.

  118. GregD

    Ramon’s 2nd runner CS for Hernandez
    14 have tried (so far) in 12 games.
    8 successful
    2 caught by Hernandez
    4 picked off by the pitcher

  119. Jimmy James

    Phillips with a leadoff walk. I like!

  120. EKyRedsFan

    Alright.. unfortunately for me it’s time to mow. GO REDS! SCREW THE CUBS!

    I will leave you with .

  121. GregD

    OK – bottom of the order is 0-for-8 today. let’s get some insurance runs on the board and knock the big Z out of the game!

  122. brublejr

    Marty basically said about Dickerson…that he over ran the ball, this outfield needs a lot of work, and that can’t happen

  123. Jimmy James

    I’ll take three runs (instead of four). All Gonzo has to do is hit a homer here.

  124. renbutler

    Sorry, I forgot Bruce is ahead of Phillips.

    Hernandez with the solid single! If we have a Gonzo walk, we could get that Harang grand salami!

  125. DevilsAdvocate

    Hoffpauir’s kind of a butcher out there in the field.

  126. renbutler


    Two runs scored on a solid single by Gonzalez, misplayed by Hoffpauer!

  127. Jimmy James

    Hit for Gonzo, Phillips scores, Hernandez scores, the Cubs pulled a Dickerson in the outfield!

  128. brublejr

    Woo hoo, single 2 base error, 4-1 Reds!!!! Way to go!

  129. james

    There we go reds! Back to back hits from hernadez and gonzo! Nice error stupid cubs!

  130. renbutler

    Harang is a rally killer! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Still a runner on third with one out.

  131. Jimmy James

    Harang kills rallies by the other team, too!

  132. renbutler

    Jeff Samardszija (spelling guess) throwing in the bullpen, along with a leftie.

  133. Jimmy James

    Havoc. X( ๐Ÿ‘ฟ X( ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  134. renbutler

    Suicide squeeze!

    Well played by Zambrano, Gonzo out at home. Bunted a smidge too hard by Taveras.

  135. renbutler

    Taveras stolen base.

    Runner on second, two outs, Dickerson batting.

  136. Jimmy James

    Taveras is fast. Really fast.

    that’s his 4th SB of the year.

  137. Jimmy James

    Ugh, this Cubs announcer has mentioned about a million times that Ron Santo is singing during the 7th inning stretch. Who cares already?

  138. jason

    Who thought a 7-3 road trip wa possible? This is absolutely great to start the season like this, get some! ๐Ÿ˜€

  139. renbutler

    Dickerson K.

    Middle 7th, Reds 4-1.

    Ron Santo singing in the 7th Inning Stretch.

  140. brublejr

    I don’t hate the call for the suicide…According to Brantley, Gonzo did not have a big enough lead and Willy bunted too hard to the pitcher.

  141. Jimmy James

    Game isn’t over, Jason!

    I’m going home to watch the last couple of innings. See you guys.

  142. RiverCity Redleg

    Why does dickerson keep striking out w runners on base? X(

  143. jason

    Anyone else planning on heading down to the GABP this weekend to welcome back our 3 games over .500 Cincinnati Redlegs?

  144. brublejr

    IF the bottom of the order can do that more often, the offense will improve drammatically.

  145. renbutler

    Cubs runner on first, one out.

    Haven’t heard of anyone throwing in the Reds bullpen yet.

  146. renbutler

    Ground ball double play!

    End of 7, Reds 4-1.

  147. RiverCity Redleg

    If anyone besides Votto can be more consistant (ly good) the offense will improve dramatically.

  148. GregD

    So that’s a 20% CS% so far this season for Hernandez.

    Last season he was one of the worst in baseball with a 19.5%. Only two starters with more than 100 games at catcher were worse, Pierzynski (17.9%) and Buck (16.9%).

    Hernandez was run on more than any other catcher w/123 attempts in 127 games (119 starts).

  149. jason

    My bust, i get a little “joe joe the idiot circus boy with his pretty new pet..” when our reds get within a frame or two of getting Harang a win at the end of a 10 game road trip.

  150. renbutler

    Today is the 95th anniversary of Wrigley Field’s first game.

    At least the Cubs fans have SOMETHING to drink to. ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. jason

    omg, joey votto is amazing…a.m.a.z.i.n.g

  152. DevilsAdvocate

    Joey Votto is so money, and he’d better know it by now.

  153. renbutler

    Opposite field shot, and it looked effortless. Maybe a hair of wind aid.

  154. brublejr

    Harang at 91 pitches…how many more innings does he go?

  155. renbutler

    EE still looks lost. 0-3, 1BB, 2Ks

  156. RiverCity Redleg

    @bruelejr.. Two… if he doesn’t give up anything in the 8th.

  157. renbutler

    BP with a hard-hit single past SS, tries to advance on a bobble, out by a mile at second. ๐Ÿ™

  158. brublejr

    Phillips single, bobble in the of, phillips thrown out at second with his hand in the cookie jar

  159. jason

    9 innings, keep aaron in there. he deserves it.

  160. GregD

    I can click on video highlights on the mlb gameday (don’t know if that’s part of the free trial or if it will continue after the trial period). I’m looking forward to the Votto HR!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Hoffpauir completely muffed that Gonzalez single. ๐Ÿ˜€

  161. brublejr

    If I was Harang they would have to drag me off screaming out of this game. I think he can finish it.

  162. GregD

    Harang came into today with 3 runs of support in 3 starts. Great to finally see the team score for him!

    Gameday says he started the inning at 96 pitches. I’d say this was his final inning of work.

  163. renbutler

    Rhodes and Weathers both up in the bullpen.

  164. Kurt Frost

    We are heading up saturday. we are contemplating going up tomorrow night and spending the night to catch 2 games.

  165. brublejr

    Marty’s going off about the run being earned against Harang and I completely agree. No way that is an earned run.

  166. renbutler

    Nice try by Gonzo at SS, but infield hit.

    Visit to the mound, and…

    …Weathers coming in.

  167. GregD

    It took him 9 pitches just to get through the #8 batter, and there are no outs…he likely won’t make it through this inning, especially if he lets the PHer on.

  168. Chris

    What just happened on Fontenot’s ball? I see “Single to SS Gonzales” and think the worst.

  169. GregD

    Hope the Reds can weather this storm!

  170. renbutler’s box score shows the run as unearned.

    There’s no way Rhodes/Weathers/Cordero are going to be THIS GOOD all season.

    I’m hoping for a great outcome here, but eventually it’s got to end.

  171. Matt WI

    I agree too… but in the end, who cares. Harang will be more satisfied with the run support today instead of an earned or unearned run.

  172. RiverCity Redleg

    Gameday has it as unearned.

  173. GregD

    But Burton and Lincoln likely won’t be as bad as they’ve been, so hopefully it will balance out…

  174. renbutler

    Miles strikes out looking at excellent strike two and strike three on the inside corner.

  175. Andy

    last year, at least, those video highlights remained available for free all year. they’re usually just delayed about an inning.

  176. Chris

    MLB Gameday shows the run as unearned. Is that contradicted by the radio crew?

  177. Andy

    getting stormy up on the northside with that WP

  178. renbutler

    Another great pitch for a called third strike by DW.

  179. brublejr

    CBS sportsline is showing earned, and Marty & Cowboy were both saying it was unrightfully scored as an earned run.

  180. renbutler

    After 8, Reds lead 5-1!

    I won’t feel really comfortable unless we get two more in the ninth.

  181. Mike Martz

    just got home, great to see run support for harang! :p

  182. brublejr

    Good job by Weathers. This has been fairly well played by the Redlegs today outside of Dickerson’s error.

  183. Andy

    seriously considering that gameday premium package; I paid for gameday audio at $15/season the last few years and enjoyed it. nice to fire up radio for whoever is playing an afternoon game that day for background noise at work.

  184. renbutler

    Another hit by Hernandez!

    You can’t stop this guy!

  185. brublejr

    double digit hits again…the surge is outstanding

  186. Mike Martz

    why pay for gameday when you can find the games online for free

  187. RiverCity Redleg

    Why is AGon not bunting there?

  188. renbutler

    Cubs TV guys talking about “who the Reds are.” They’re saying that the Reds have to be happy about their start. But things are so glum here, for good reason.

    However, the Reds are 7-3 in the last 10, about to win another series on the road against divisional opponents.

    Who are these Reds?

  189. Chris

    Mike, where can you find the games for free?

    (Gameday premium also has some cool non-audio features)

  190. DevilsAdvocate

    MLB’s gameday will still be mostly free. The ‘pay’ version of gameday only adds a functionality with hitters’ hot & cold zones, and same for pitchers. And their best & worst pitches. I’ve heard that MLB is prepping for technology of “Hit f/x” which would show what the batted ball does, just like they do for the pitches now.

  191. Chris

    How in the world does that work, when their site specifically says it won’t?

  192. renbutler

    That’s a BS call. The ball was in the ivy, but it was clearly visible and accessible.

  193. Mike Martz

    it says it won’t stream but it does. I don’t know why, I just listen and enjoy

  194. brublejr

    Sweet…I love beating the crap out of the stupid Cubs

  195. DevilsAdvocate

    Oh, I see you meant gameday audio. I think thegamelive dot com is still running, too.

  196. Mike Martz

    yeah thegamelive is still up and running also

  197. Matt WI

    Marty is talking smack about the Cubs song they play when they win! He has no fear of Cub nation.

  198. brublejr

    LOL…Marty talking about how the best thing about beating the Cubs at Wrigley is not hearing that “stupid” song they play…great stuff Marty, I love it.

    By the way Votto is good! :love:

  199. Mike Martz

    freebaseballaudio has a link to TVants also, it has the game on right now (Video and audio)

  200. EKyRedsFan

    That was the best quote I’ve heard from Marty in a long time.

    THIS IS A GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!

  201. jason

    the quote on the stupid song they play after a stupid cubs win?

  202. Steve at Work

    Love beating the not so loveable losers

  203. brublejr

    This is a GREAT way to end the road trip! :p

  204. EKyRedsFan

    Game’s not over yet. Let’s keep it cool til Masset brings it home.

  205. DevilsAdvocate

    A rare non-throwing error for Encarnacรƒฦ’ร‚ยญon.

  206. nick in va

    Error for EE. Would have been an easy DP according the the Cubs announcers.

  207. brublejr

    Masset is pitching because he hasn’t got much work in and the lead we have

  208. jason


    totally kidding, i got yelled at rather sternly earlier for getting to giddy too soon.

  209. Mike Martz

    I am not so sure about Masset ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  210. EKyRedsFan

    Apparently Hernandez wasn’t too pleased with Edwin.

  211. Matt WI

    Y-City Jim is officially banned from running the EE erroless streak on this board. Editors, please see to this.

  212. brublejr

    Good job Dickerson…1 more to go

  213. jason

    EKYReds, are you speaking of the marty “stupid song at end of game” comment? it was hilarious.

  214. Matt WI

    It’s as good as time as any to get Masset some work. Might help if they need him this weekend. Keeps everyone else rested too.

  215. Mike Martz

    Massett may hit 97 but he scares me worse than Weathers

  216. brublejr

    Now, THAT is a GREAT way to end the roadtrip!!!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ :love:

  217. renbutler

    REDS with the masssacre of the evil Cubs.

    Go Reds! Cubs suck! That is all.

  218. GregD

    Edwin makes about 8-9 fielding errors a year, and that’s his first this year, I believe. It’s the throwing errors that can really rack up on him quickly and are abnormally high for a 3rd baseman.

  219. EKyRedsFan


    yeah that’s the one. I hope someone got it copied word-for-word. I want to save it.

  220. Matt WI

    Cheers everyone. Those of you going to the home games this weekend… keep bringing the W’s. Love beating the Cubs. I have a friend in Chicago that’s going to get an earfull.

  221. renbutler

    For those of you who have never been to Wrigley, that “Cubs win” song is just about the most — um — unmanly song ever written.

  222. Matt WI

    @ Ekyredsfan: mlb audio archives the games, so anyone that has it can call it up for you if you don’t find it in print sometime soon.

  223. Glenn

    I’m gonna savor this one. How long has it been since the Reds had a road trip like this one?

  224. jason

    How many weeks-months did it take for us to win 3 series at all last year? How many series did we win vs. the division last year total?

  225. EKyRedsFan

    Thanks Matt, I’ll definitely have to do that.

    Mike, were it the mid-90’s, I’d definitely have to agree with you on the Braves chant. However, these Cubs aren’t the same “loveable losers” of those days and that song is really really annoying.

  226. Mike Martz

    are you talking about the go cubs go song?

    Baseball season’s underway
    Well you better get ready for a brand new day.

    Hey, Chicago, what do you say
    The Cubs are gonna win today.

    They’re singing รƒยขรขโ€šยฌร‚ยฆ
    Go, Cubs, go
    Go, Cubs, go

  227. pinson343

    Nice job by Masset, actually. On GAMEDAY, on the 4 pitch walk to Fuko, it looked like he got squeezed on 2 pitches.
    And EE could have set up a big Cub comebak, but Masset stayed calm. Is there a veteran on the team who will get into EE’s face about what the hell is he doing ?

    Whenever we have a 6 run lead in the 9th, I think of that nite in Cincy that Weathers and Graves blew a 6 run 9th inning lead to the Cardinals, and I get nervous fast.

    Nice win, nice series, nice road trip.

  228. EKyRedsFan

    Mike.. what are you doing! haha There’s a YouTube video of a White Sox fan doing his own rendition of that song and it’s hilarious. I’ll try to find the link and post it some other time. It goes something like “Choke, Cubs, choke… Choke, Cubs, choke! Hey hey whadda ya say, the Cubs are gonna lose today.”

  229. Mike Martz

    LOL, I like that version better

  230. EKyRedsFan

    Pinson, according to Marty, it sounded like Hernandez was ready to get in EE’s face over that one. Maybe he’s gonna step up and be the red ass in the clubhouse they need.

  231. EKyRedsFan

    Alright folks, that’s it for now for this guy. To echo what someone said earlier, for those of going to the games this weekend, enjoy and bring home some wins.

  232. Mike Martz

    Somebody needs to step up and keep these guys going, I don’t remember the last time we had someone who would do that. It sure wasn’t Griffey or Dunn

  233. pinson343

    Thanks, EkyRedsFan. Yeh I think Hernandez could play that role, and it’s much needed on this team of youngsters.

    I like EE and don’t want to give up on him, but his going a month at a time without focus gets to be too much.
    Some scouts feel he doesn’t have as much talent as he thinks he does.

  234. RiverCity Redleg

    Was Hernandez trying to encourage EE or was he yelling at him?