Joe Posnanski has a great take on those dumb comments about on-base percentage that Brandon Phillips made a couple of months ago. Who’dathunk BP would be walking and not hitting early in this season?

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  1. doug

    If there is a better sports writer out there right now than Joe Posnanski, I want someone to tell me who it is.

  2. Matt WI

    Great google mapping. This was the best:
    “But it very clearly makes him less valuable than he could be with, say, 20 more walks instead of outs per year. Phillips hit a ludicrous .182 on 3-1 counts last year. That’s almost impossible for a good player to do … That could be in part because he’s so eager to get on base the manly way.”

  3. EKyRedsFan

    I love Joe Posnanski and I can’t wait for his new book to come out. This is typical Poz and great stuff.

  4. David

    Couple of points: So far this year BP’s O-Swing%, Z-Swing% and Swing% are all down. His P/PA is up. His SO% is down. His BB% is WAY up. His BABIP (.142) is unsustainably low (trending to unlucky). Finally, his line drive percentage is down and his fly ball percentage is up significantly. Put it all together and you get a guy who is reading pitches well, but swinging for the fence because he is batting fourth. That’s on Dusty and Jocketty.

    I’d like to see the lineup tweaked something like this:
    Taveras (.396 OBP)
    Dickerson (.371 OBP)
    EdE (.365 OBP)
    Votto (.411 OBP)
    Janish (.455 OBP)

  5. Shane

    Then Bruce would absolutely get a pitch to hit

  6. Shane

    oops… meant:
    Then Bruce would absolutely never get a pitch to hit

  7. mike

    Phillips is one of the worst Reds 2B in history at getting on base
    gee, I wonder why he doesn’t like walking

    1 Joe Morgan .415
    2 Johnny Temple .371
    3 Miller Huggins .362
    4 Lonny Frey .358
    5 Bid McPhee .355
    6 Pete Rose .348
    7 Bobby Adams .337
    8 Sammy Bohne .328
    9 Ron Oester .323
    10 Dick Egan .322
    11 Brandon Phillips .322
    12 Hughie Critz .320
    13 Bret Boone .316
    14 Alex Kampouris .310
    15 Tommy Helms .290

  8. David


    Travis Snyder is hitting 9th in Toronto’s lineup and he is every bit as good as Bruce. Until he hits consistently, then I would say drop him in the order.

  9. mike

    Hmm…I normally would say moving Bruce in the lineup might not be a bad idea
    But do you really think he should bat behind Gonzo and Hernandez?

    I think something that could help the lineup a bit more would be to swap EE and Phillips in the order

  10. mike

    oh and Bruce is one of the top prospects in all of baseball does Snyder really have the same ceiling?

  11. Glenn

    I saw something with Phillips in last night’s game that gives me some hope. He tried to hit the ball up the middle a couple of at bats. He’s been trying to pull everything lately.

  12. jason

    brandon and ee swapping places in batting order tonight.

  13. david

    Snyder and Bruce will be neck and neck over the course of their careers barring injury, etc.

  14. Shane

    and Toronto’s lineup is full of .250+ hitters, which is not great but can the Reds say that?