From tonight’s Reds loss to Cubs…the lineup’s post game batting averages:
Taveras .282
Dickerson .222
Votto .340
Phillips .143
Bruce .211
Encarnacion .175
Hernandez .194
Gonzalez .094

AAA Bats after tonight’s win:
Hopper .227
Valaika .128
Rosales .359
Barker .172
Gomes .176
Bankston .290
Dorn .176
Richar .150
Tatum .259

The Louisville Slugger Museum tells a story where the Reds were slumping a few years ago. The players complained about the bats, saying that their new Louisville Slugger bats apparently weren’t seasoned and the Reds were looking for help. Hillerich and Bradsby (Louisville Slugger) advised them to take all the bats and lay them out in the sun for a few hours to help finish the “seasoning” process.

The Reds did this and the hits started coming in droves.

Louisville Slugger says it was all psychological.

Whatever the reason, it’s time for the Reds to be calling somebody for the top two levels of this organization can’t hit. May be they should call Kevin Mitchell back to show them how to hit. If he can run at his age, I think he’d still hit something like .350.

The A’s just lost their closer (Devine) for the year. Is there any chance we could trade one of our again middle relievers to the A’s for a hitter or a shortstop?

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  1. mike

    Crosby would come cheap. But I’m not sure anymore if he’s ever going to hit
    He’s also always injured

    We all knew this teams offense would stink but I don’t think anyone expected it to be this bad. I figured it would be a bad offense with EE, Bruce and Votto being the only ones to produce. Well so far nobody has been great and only Votto and Taveras have been good. Read that again. Taveras?

    only 4 teams in baseball have a worse offense

    but this is what everyone wanted right? Run the good hitters out of town and get pitching and defense. Doesn’t that championships or some such witchcraft?

  2. pinson343

    Adam Dunn’s power and ability to get on base were supposed to be at least partially replaced by an off-season acquisition. That didn’t happen. A move has to be made or it’s another losing season.

  3. CeeKeR

    That’s just depressing. It’s amazing the Reds have won any games… PS: Dunn’s batting .310 with 4 homeruns.

  4. doktor

    if A-Gon continues to struggle like he has been both at the plate and field, hopefully, at some point you would think Walt J would tell Dusty to start playing Janish more. I am just glad this is A-Gon’s final year on his contract and will be Gon-Gon.

  5. Glenn

    There’s just no one in this lineup with the possible exception of Votto, who causes the opposition to change their game plan.

  6. Glenn

    Nothing out of the bottom of this lineup. Hopefully, since the team is in a slump as a team, they’ll breakout of it as a team.

  7. Sultan of Swaff

    You guys make me laugh. 24 hours ago everyone was feeling jiggy, and now you’re calling for a circular firing squad………on April 22!!

  8. Cary Loughman

    While the team may not be able to score runs in droves as it did in the past, I find it amusing that folks are pointing to batting average to post self-fulfilling prophecies about the “Reds won’t score enough runs this year. See, look at the batting averages.” Come on, half of your lineup with batting averages in the .100s in the first two weeks of the season. You know better than that, Chad. Certainly, Brandon Phillips is not going to be a sub .200 hitter, even if miscast in the cleanup spot. Jay Bruce had two hits and “upped” his BA to .222. I thought OBP was king anyhow, and in that many of the Reds are holding their own. Yes, the offensive has been struggling, but pointing to BA after two weeks as evidence that the offense will be bad all year certainly goes against the knowledge of the game I know you have. Play fair with the facts.

  9. Cary Loughman

    Woops, I see Steve wrote this post, not Chad. I must have been reading another one that Chad wrote and thought it was this one. So, where you see Chad in my prior post, substitute Steve.

  10. David

    In 7 of the 13 games, the Reds have scored 3 runs or less. It isn’t surprising that they are 2-5 in those 7 games. In the other 6 games the Reds are 5-1. The surprise to me is not that scoring more runs gives you a better chance to win. The surprise to me is that with Phillips and Encarnacion are hitting sub .200 and Bruce looking lost, the Reds are still 7-6. That’s a positive folks not a negative.

    So far what I’ve seen are timely hits, patience, long ABs and a dreadful BABIP which isn’t going to last.

    The only tweak I would make to the lineup is to move EdE and his .365 OBP to the two hole. EdE’s long AB’s will allow more steal opportunities for Taveras and give more RBI opportunities to Votto.

  11. nick in va

    It’s still early. There is no way those averages hold out for the year. At least I hope not. I would like to see Janish and Hanigan get more starts. I also really wish BP wasn’t batting 4th.

  12. james

    Even though it wouldn’t happen because of in division trades usually don’t happen, but what if Houston kept playing poorly, how much would you give up for Carlos Lee to put in out lineup?

  13. pinson343

    Dusty had some surprisingly frank things to say in a recent interview, hidden among the usual nonsense.
    In the context of a question about the Cubs’ larger payroll, their superiority across the board in offense, starting and relief pitching was asserted. He didn’t disagree. Also when asked about Brandon Philipps as the cleanup hitter, he replied with the usual nonsense but included the statement: “We don’t have many options there.”

    For those of you saying it’s only April, we saw this coming in January. The low batting avergaes are not the point, that’s an April phenomenon. But the absence of a consistent threat in the lineup (other than Votto if he keeps it up) is a major point. How does the middle of our lineup compare with the Cubs and Cardinals ?
    The bottom of our lineup barely exists.

    If we win the next two games against the Cubs, we’ll be all jazzed up, including me, but it won’t mean anything except hopes for a .500 season.

  14. Dan

    Matt WI, I disagree with part of what you said – that “it’s just hard to see it changing.”

    Look at those batting averages above – you think these averages are just going to stay about the same all year?

    Taveras .282
    Dickerson .222
    Votto .340
    Phillips .143
    Bruce .211
    Encarnacion .175
    Hernandez .194
    Gonzalez .094

    No way…

    Votto (.340) is almost sure to go down.

    Dickerson (.222), Phillips (.143), Bruce (.211), EE (.175), Hernandez (.194), and Gonzalez (.094) – or whoever they play at SS – are going to be better than that, probably by a lot.

    So overall, you have to think the offense is going to improve.

    (That said, the walk rate is quite a bit higher than expected right now. Gotta think that’ll come down, but I hope not.)

    Anyway, overall, I think we’re going to see more runs per game scored by the Reds the rest of the way.

    Still probably a .500 team or a little worse, overall.

  15. Josh

    I don’t know the OBPs for the team, but why is BA being discussed when so many on this site see it as a flawed statistic and argue vehemently that it doesn’t matter. That’s not to say the OBP for this team is great either, but it seems that we’re just looking for something to be down about.

    I’m enjoying baseball and seeing the Reds be competitive. I like the chats and the banter here, but don’t preach to me about OBP and then look at the BA for the determination that we stink.

  16. Josh

    Oh, and I know that our OBP stinks, too. I was just saying…

  17. World

    It is Walt’s job to get a legitimate cleanup hitter. BP is not that and Dusty unerstands and in his own verbiage acknowledges that. The fact that WJ didn’t pull the trigger on a Dye deal or something akin to the same, means that they want the #1 pick to play first within a year. He doesn’t need years of seasoning as he was a stud in college ball. I think he will be playing first by late summer as the Reds start to fade. Votto will move to left (he’s not smooth at first anyway) and that will be that. The Kid will eventually surface as the cleanup hitter.

    Now about that third baseman and the shortstop. Another story for another day.

  18. mike

    someone else beat me to the punch wondering aloud why we were talking so much about batting average.

    Lets take a closer look at who’s hitting and who’s not
    and first lets but the entire offense into proper perspective with adjusted #s

    The Reds offense is 26th out of 30 in EQA. The 4 teams worse are Seattle, SF, Oakland and Arizona
    The Reds offense is tied for 27th out of 30 in RCAA. Tied with Oakland ahead of SF and Seattle.

    First OPS+
    1 Paul Janish .168 .955
    2 Joey Votto .164 .951
    3 Darnell McDonald .151 .938
    4 Laynce Nix .047 .833
    5 Willy Taveras -.032 .755
    6 Chris Dickerson -.045 .742
    7 Jay Bruce -.106 .680
    8 Edwin Encarnacion -.146 .640
    9 Ryan Hanigan -.180 .606
    10 Jerry Hairston Jr. -.209 .577
    11 Ramon Hernandez -.224 .562
    12 Brandon Phillips -.265 .521
    13 Alex Gonzalez -.459 .328

    and even better Runs Created Above Average
    1 Joey Votto 2
    2 Darnell McDonald 1
    T3 Paul Janish 0
    T3 Willy Taveras 0
    T3 Laynce Nix 0
    T6 Chris Dickerson -1
    T6 Ryan Hanigan -1
    T8 Jay Bruce -2
    T8 Jerry Hairston Jr. -2
    T8 Edwin Encarnacion -2
    11 Ramon Hernandez -5
    T12 Alex Gonzalez -6
    T12 Brandon Phillips -6

    I can also to something a bit odd which is OPS+ but instead of comparing the players OPS to league average I can compare it to positional average
    1 Paul Janish .219 .955 .735
    2 Joey Votto .138 .951 .812
    3 Darnell McDonald .107 .938 .831
    4 Laynce Nix .035 .833 .798
    5 Willy Taveras -.076 .755 .831
    6 Chris Dickerson -.107 .742 .849
    7 Jay Bruce -.118 .680 .798
    8 Ryan Hanigan -.119 .606 .725
    9 Ramon Hernandez -.164 .562 .725
    10 Edwin Encarnacion -.164 .640 .805
    11 Brandon Phillips -.221 .521 .742
    12 Jerry Hairston Jr. -.271 .577 .849
    13 Alex Gonzalez -.407 .328 .735

    One thing that stood out. Notice how high the positional average for CF is
    Guess that explains why even if Taveras is producing at a good clip for him there are still 14 CFers who have produced more.

  19. mike

    can anyone tell me if there is a way to post stats in a comment and have it keep the fixed width font so they show up more readable?

  20. pinson343

    Good comment (29), World, that’s it in a nutshell. And I’m OK with it.

    But why have Castellini and WJ talked so much about a contending 2009 team ? Just BS PR, one could say, but I’ve heard them, and they really seem to mean it. This gives me concerns about their judgment, and that’s a serious issue.

  21. Sultan of Swaff

    Pitching and defense bear fruit in late summer, when everything else dries up and turns brown. I don’t think it’s PR BS until we get to that point and look around the division.

  22. mike

    “Wake me up when you see better defense.
    Otherwise, we just have worse hitting.”

    the defense is improved, it’s just not very good
    even if the team made no changes other than replacing Jr with Bruce the defense would be improved. Jr the last two years was one of the worst defenders in all of baseball

  23. Shane

    and then there was Dunn

    *runs out of the room laughing*