From tonight’s Reds loss to Cubs…the lineup’s post game batting averages:
Taveras .282
Dickerson .222
Votto .340
Phillips .143
Bruce .211
Encarnacion .175
Hernandez .194
Gonzalez .094

AAA Bats after tonight’s win:
Hopper .227
Valaika .128
Rosales .359
Barker .172
Gomes .176
Bankston .290
Dorn .176
Richar .150
Tatum .259

The Louisville Slugger Museum tells a story where the Reds were slumping a few years ago. The players complained about the bats, saying that their new Louisville Slugger bats apparently weren’t seasoned and the Reds were looking for help. Hillerich and Bradsby (Louisville Slugger) advised them to take all the bats and lay them out in the sun for a few hours to help finish the “seasoning” process.

The Reds did this and the hits started coming in droves.

Louisville Slugger says it was all psychological.

Whatever the reason, it’s time for the Reds to be calling somebody for the top two levels of this organization can’t hit. May be they should call Kevin Mitchell back to show them how to hit. If he can run at his age, I think he’d still hit something like .350.

The A’s just lost their closer (Devine) for the year. Is there any chance we could trade one of our again middle relievers to the A’s for a hitter or a shortstop?