– Wily Mo Pena signed a minor league deal with the Mets.
– Ryan Freel went on the 15 day DL.
– Adam Dunn hit his 4th homer of the season.

I just had to throw that last one in…

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  1. Phill

    Dunn’s also hitting like .300. I still don’t get why in the world he or anyone would go to the Natinals[sic] to play.

  2. EKyRedsFan

    Was it just me or did that Ryan Freel injury not look that serious? The guy had to be carried off the field. If it was, indeed, a serious injury, I apologize.

  3. Kurt Frost

    I seriously hurt my back looking at the Louisville Bats magnet on my fridge. Looks can be deceiving.

  4. mike

    someone said Dunn!

    Runs Created so far this season
    27 Ian Kinsler (tops in baseball)
    15 Dunn
    10 Votto

    All other Reds combined other than Votto have 37 runs created

  5. Glenn

    Freel’s got a pretty hard head, we’ve seen that before but Daggone that looked like it hurt.

  6. jason

    B.P batting in the 6 hole this evening, w/ EE in cleanup.

  7. pinson343

    Dunn’s OPS is 1.175, with an OBP of .508. But hey his OBP will drop below .500 at some point and no doubt the Nationals are in last place because of him.

  8. brublejr

    Hitting Phillips 6th is a start, the only bad thing is that he isn’t going to get any good pitches to see because of the black hole that is 7-9 in the lineup.

    Wily Mo to the Mets, Why Mets? Doesn’t seem like a good fit for him with Sheffield there and all.

    Freel, no surprise there, I didn’t see it, but I am sure he was being reckless. I liked the guy, but he can’t stay healthy and is one of the worst baserunners in baseball, other than CP.

    Dunn is awesome, I’m not sure exactly how much of a difference his bat would make in the lineup, but I think it would be significant.

  9. jdarts4

    How long is it gonna take for some of you to understand that Dunn had to go? Does it seem odd to any of you that it came down to the frickin Nationals(Jim Bowden)to sign him? The guy doesn’t have the value around the league that he has to some Cincinnati fans. What this team needs is a right handed run producer, not a Paul Bunyan beer league guy who consistently failed with runners on. I know some of you sabermatricians yap about his OBP and his consistent 100 RBI years, but those stats only tell half the story when it comes to Dunn.

  10. jdarts4

    Oh and by the way, the Reds were ranked 23rd in the league last year offensively. They may be even worse this year, but its not like the old system produced an enormous amount of runs, lets face it.

  11. Drew Nelson

    What I still can not understand is if Adam Dunn is what certain Reds fans think he is, then why didn’t anyone else in baseball agree?

  12. jdarts4

    Thank you Drew, you share my sentiments.

  13. jdarts4

    The old system was waiting around for Dunn or Jr. to hit the long ball. Please tell me you were just being sarcastic.

  14. pinson343

    Talking about Dunn’s 2009 stats doesn’t necessarily imply he had to stay or go.

  15. Shane

    no doubt the Nationals are in last place because of him.

    well they sure as hell aren’t anywhere else because of him

  16. GregD

    Yep, the National woes are all Dunn’s fault. I saw him blow all three saves against the Marlins last weekend.

  17. Shane

    awww are we picking on your boyfriend?
    Nobody said their probs were all his fault. Some of us are simply saying he isn’t their savior either. Which every major league team other than the Nationals seem to agree with. But then they are just running major league teams. What do they know. We should listen to you Dunn worshippers since you are so much more experienced in that field. Of course when they fix their pitching probs and Kearns comes around too and they get out of last place, you guys will swear its Dunns doing. lol

  18. GregD

    You have implied plenty that he’s part of the problem, not part of the solution. I’ve never said he’s a “savior”. Substitute Dunn with any other player in baseball – your choice – and the Nationals still are not any better.

    The other 29 teams didn’t say they didn’t want Dunn…they said they didn’t want Dunn for his asking price. There was a bit of a market correction for players not signed by the Yankees this offseason(like “RH Dunn” Pat Burrell signing for $8M with Tampa) and Dunn and/or his agent didn’t get on board with that. They held out for more money and ended up getting it, though it was with a weaker team.

  19. Shane

    Wrong. I have never implied that Dunn is their problem. He’s a hitter and a good one. I dare you to find where I’ve said otherwise. He’s not a defensive wiz and never will be but oh well. Its just that you guys are all “if we only hadn’t let Dunn get away” and yet when he was here we still lost. One guy won’t do it. Period. I don’t hate Dunn and honestly sometimes I wish we still had him, but I don’t think that just having him would make us a winning team. Sometimes having someone like him makes everybody else worse, they depend on him to pick it up and they don’t try as hard. Not always, but sometimes. Plus I’ve seen Weathers go into the dugout obviously pissed when they are losing or they have lost. The same for Harang and a couple others. IMHO Dunn seemed to be ok with winning OR losing. That’s not good for any team. All I see is what I see on tv or at the games. I’m not in the clubhouse or the dugout so maybe I’m wrong. But I don’t think so. Hey guys, these are my OPINIONS. Not necessarily facts.

  20. Pasha

    “awww are we picking on your boyfriend?”

    Kudos Shane. Troll much?

  21. GregD

    Dunn (or any individual player) on an otherwise .400 win team will not all of a sudden become a winning team.

    Dunn on a .500 team could easily push them above .500.

    The problem here wasn’t Dunn. It was a bulk of the other 24 guys, and mostly the (lack of) pitching.