Jay Bruce and his bruised right hand want to play today against Chicago. I hope he can go; the sooner he gets back in the lineup and starts hitting, the better.

Meanwhile, if the Reds win tonight and the Cardinals lose, Cincinnati will be in first place in the National League Central.

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  1. Sultan of Swaff

    Whoever plays in right tonite will have a tall order with Harden on the mound.
    ……and let’s not get ahead of ourselves with the first place talk. Remember, 2010 is our year…..at least that’s what everyone around here keeps telling me. Only Cardinal fans are allowed the luxury of competing year in year out!

  2. Fireball44

    I don’t think anyone is realistically expecting the Reds to be in first very long, but it is nice that we’re close to first place right now. I don’t think we were 2 games over .500 at any point that year.

    Hoepfully Bruce getting a couple days off will calm him down and get him back to hitting again.

  3. james

    The Reds just need to draft an Albert Pujols. I do hope Bruce is back because with Harden on the mound the Reds are going to need the left handed bat. This is going to be a tough series. The Reds face the Cubs 3 best pitchers in Harden, Lilly, Zambrono.

  4. pinson343

    Based on what Dusty had to say, it doesn’r at all sound like Jay will be in the lineup tonite.
    It’s just as well, hand injuries can be tricky.
    Getting some at bats will help Nix with his pinch hitting.

  5. renbutler

    We have to beat the evil Cubs. I live in Indy and deal with Cubs fans on a regular basis. The Reds have done well against lesser NL Central foes, so let’s hope they can keep it up against the Cubs.

    And when I call them the evil Cubs, I mean that in the most literal way. Every one of them is the spawn of satan.

  6. pinson343

    I’m glad DeRosa is no longer with the Cubs. He used to drive the Reds (and me) crazy.

  7. Wire to Wire

    Looks pretty rainy here in Chicago. I doubt they play today.

  8. Bill Lack

    The Reds just need to draft an Albert Pujols.

    Shouldn’t there be a smiley after that?

  9. jrs1972

    I think Bruce should be given another 25-35 Abs to start turning things around before the Reds seriously consider demoting him. He’s just a kid and this team really has no other viable prospect to replace him, see if he can figure it out.

  10. EKyRedsFan

    Chad mentioned that BP needs a day off and I agree. Who do we have off the bench with Kepp gone that can fill that role? I assume Janish can play 2B.

  11. BIGred053

    In related news, Paul Janish and Ryan Hanigan would also like to play, but Dusty Baker would rather have his two favorite clowns behind the plate and at SS. He enjoys HAVOC so much, he even wants to see it from the other team!

  12. Fireball44

    Agreed. If Bruce is not 100% or REALLY close to it, he should get another day or two off.

  13. brublejr

    Hopefull Jay watched some video of his AB’s the last few days so he can figure out how to turn it around.

    Is it Hernandez and Gonzalez or Paul Bako and Nefi Perez??? Just about the same thing.

  14. Glenn

    I hope Bruce used the time off to clear his head and stop pressing so much at the plate.