Micah “Babe Ruth” Owings vs. Rich Harden in game one of this series against a hated rival, the team my kids call the “Stinky Cubbies.” Hey Cubs! Our pitcher hits better than your pitcher! Heck, our pitcher hits better than most of the guys in the Chicago (and Cincinnati) lineups.

We had a great time in the game thread last night (click the “Continue reading…” link at the bottom of this post for exactly how much fun we had), and I expect tonight to be even better since we’re playing the stupid Cubs. (I think I’m going to make it a rule that they can only be referred to as the stupid Cubs on RN from now on). Here’s a topic: how can The Hardball Times place our beloved, streaking Reds at #28 in their power poll, four spots behind the Astros and 3 spots behind the Natinals? (Yeah, I understand how they came up with that, given their methodology, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it!) (Tip of the cap to RR.)

Anyway, here’s the game preview. Discuss the game right here….

Editor’s note: There was some discussion in last night’s game thread about whether or not it was the most-commented-upon game thread yet. I actually thought it was, but I was woefully wrong. It was only #2, after that epic Padres game last year. I didn’t realize we topped 600 posts. My favorite, incidentally, is #585, even though it makes fun of Junior, who we can’t help but like.

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508 Responses

  1. Jimmy James

    Willy Taveras cf

    Chris Dickerson lf

    Joey Votto 1b

    Brandon Phillips 2b

    Jay Bruce rf

    Edwin Encarnacion 3b

    Ramon Hernandez c

    Alex Gonzalez ss

    Micah Owings p

  2. CeeKeR

    This game is important for the Reds – a win and I’m guessing some people will start to “believe” a bit in the team. A loss and “they were who we thought they were” afterall.

  3. Jimmy James

    I think you’re right, ceeker.

  4. Nathan in Muncie

    I wouldn’t go that far, yet. But, I definately this series is as much a ‘must win’ series as any that the Reds have had early in a year in a few years. I would love to see it get off to a good start tonight, however and it only lessens the burden with the 5 starter hitting better than cleanup hitter. Enjoy the game!

  5. brublejr

    I hate the sCubbies. I would love to see another series win so I can rub it into all those sCubbies fans that give me crap everyday.

  6. Y-City Jim

    Let’s go to a game when the Cubs come to town and chant “Stupid Cubs! Stupid Cubs! Stupid Cubs!”

    How long is the rain delay anyway?

  7. EKyRedsFan

    I hate the stupid Cubs and I hate their stupid fans even more.

  8. Jimmy James

    I’m not sure if you guys realize this or not, but…

    the Cubs suck.

  9. EKyRedsFan

    I wouldn’t shed a tear if they bulldozed Wrigley Field either.

  10. brublejr

    Let’s get the hit party started…we can hope anyways

  11. Mark in CC

    If they can tear down Yankee Stadium they can tear down Wrigley! Stupid Cubs.

  12. Y-City Jim

    I would hate to see Wrigley torn down but they can kick the Cubs out of it for all I care.

    Lame top of the half for the Reds.

  13. Mark in CC

    Don’t worry. We don’t play well with an early lead.

  14. EKyRedsFan

    Say what you will about Marty Brennaman, but he was dead on about Cubs fans last year. That rant was priceless.

  15. DevilsAdvocate

    Batting averages for this lineup, coming into tonight:

    Firstly, that’s capital-B Brutal. Secondly, what possible justification is there to bury Owings in the ninth spot? It would be slightly more understandable in an good lineup, but clearly that’s not what the Reds have. Putting Owings after Gonzalez is just wasteful.

  16. Y-City Jim

    Their SS is hitting better than our SS.

  17. CeeKeR

    Has there ever been a worse hitting 4 – 8 hitters in a starting lineup at this point in the season? That’s brutal!

  18. Y-City Jim

    Dusty probably think Gonzo will see better pitches with Owings behind him. Of course, that doesn’t mean he will hit them.

  19. Mark in CC

    How can you leave Hanigan and Janish on the bench looking at those numbers.

  20. EKyRedsFan

    Nice work through 1. Nice strikeout on Fukudome.

  21. EKyRedsFan

    Why does Dusty Baker do half the things he does?

  22. Y-City Jim

    Numbers only confuse Dusty even more.

  23. brublejr

    good start by Owings…maybe he is more than just a hitter 🙂

  24. Mark in CC

    As Dusty would say, “where would Rosales play?”

  25. GregD

    13 pitches, 11 strikes for Owings thru 1.

  26. CeeKeR

    Numbers only confuse Dusty even more.
    Unfortunately, that seems all too true. Either that or Dusty thinks batting averages are like golf scores – the lower the better. That’d explain the Korey Outterson debacle last year.

  27. Y-City Jim

    Did Pinella lose any weight over the offseason or is he still a heart attack waiting to happen?

  28. Jared

    Batting your .400 hitting pitcher 9th certainly isn’t HAVOC. Cubs = WGN = TV, yay! And what a play by Fontenot. There will be no more of that!

  29. Jimmy James

    Okay, Jay. Let’s celebrate your return to the lineup.

  30. DevilsAdvocate

    No wrist problems there. Whew.

  31. Jared

    Jim, hopefully Bartman won’t do him in this September. BRUUUUCE.

  32. Jimmy James

    Maybe Bruce just needed some time off.

  33. DevilsAdvocate

    Jimmy James #44, that’s exactly what I thought when he went out…but then the fact that they had to go get an MRI made me nervous. Wrist difficulties are bad.

  34. Jared

    I’m getting HD from Dish tonight on WGN. I think. I’m not on an HD tv now and there’s no way my wife is going to let me change the other tv from American Idol.

  35. EKyRedsFan

    Even though Owings looks good tonight, I have a feeling we’re going to need to add on a few more runs.

  36. brublejr

    Maybe that will get him on a hot streak!

  37. mhopp

    Look at those people with hats on!! I love it here in NC…warm!

  38. Y-City Jim

    After that smash, I think you’re right, EKy.

  39. Mark in CC

    “This is one of those pitchers nights at Wrigley when you can challenge hitters to hit it as far as they can.” Good call Chris.

  40. EKyRedsFan

    I could be wrong, but I think he’s our version of Laynce Nix.

  41. DevilsAdvocate

    Hoffpauir is a 28-year-old rookie who’s hitting cleanup for the NL Central favorite. Weird.

  42. EKyRedsFan

    Excuse me, the Cubs’ version of Laynce Nix.

  43. Chad Dotson

    My wife Tivo’d “Idol” and I can hear her coming up the steps to claim the television. It’s not HD here, so it’s no big deal, but this is two nights in a row. I’m going to have to take a stand.

  44. DevilsAdvocate

    Check that, Hoffpauir just turned 29. In that way, he’s more like Darnell McDonald than Laynce Nix.

  45. Jimmy James

    I think Laynce Nix is our version of Laynce Nix.

  46. Y-City Jim

    I love baseball but I’m not sitting out in wind chills in the 30’s to watch a game.

  47. EKyRedsFan

    For the record, Votto should have been the NL ROY.

  48. Nathan in Muncie

    And think these people aren’t even real baseball fans, they like the image they personify as ‘cubbie fans’ AND THEY’RE STILL IN THE COLD! It must be delusion.

  49. Y-City Jim

    How is Tavares tracking a ball that is hit 50 feet to his left? George, sigh.

  50. Jimmy James

    Ground ball to 2B would be great here.

  51. EKyRedsFan

    They’re too busy texting to realize how cold it is.

  52. EKyRedsFan

    Creeker, you’re exactly right.

  53. brublejr

    I still don’t get why it is supposed to be “ccol” to be a cubs fan…why would you want to be one?? I can’t even think of one good reason to like the stupid cubs.

  54. Y-City Jim

    Janish turns two on that one. Maybe.

  55. Jimmy James

    Why couldn’t Gonzo get to that ball? Was it that hard hit?

  56. Jared

    Wrigley will be crazy for the day game Thursday. We were there this time last year and it was cold but everyone was going wild.

  57. EKyRedsFan

    I guess it’s cool to root for a team who’s lost for 100 straight years.

  58. EKyRedsFan

    Looks like Bernie Stowe got Dick Pole a new jacket.

  59. Jimmy James

    Wow, that could have been much worse.

    Chuck the Cubs.

  60. brublejr

    that could have been much worse, whew

  61. Y-City Jim

    Could have been worse.

    Thursday’s day game should be great. Forecast calling for highs in the 70s.

  62. Mark in CC

    Dusty all in Black tonight. Maybe he is going with the Jerry Glanville thing. Suppose he left tickets for Elvis?

  63. EKyRedsFan

    Great idea Reds… let’s go down to a bar and have drunk people ask questions about baseball to Jeff Piecoro and then air it on TV the next week.

  64. james

    Stupid Cubs. And the Reds need to just release Gonzo. It’s not even his bat that is annoying me. The guy can’t move a half of a step to his left or right to get a ball. Unless it’s right at him it’s by him. That’s just pathetic for this “defensive minded team”.

  65. jason

    embarassing the effort the blue jackets are giving in this their first time in the playoffs, dont even look like they deserve to be on the ice.

  66. Mark in CC

    Up and in to Gonzo. He should take one for the team. His only hope.

  67. brublejr

    He is so gawd awful…I can’t stand it anymore!!!

  68. EKyRedsFan

    Harden can really hang his hat on that strikeout. Gonzalez sucks so bad.

  69. GregD

    I’d laugh at you guys for getting bumped off the TV for American Idol, but my kid controls the TV in the 30 minutes before bed, and it’s usually Spongebob Squarepants!

  70. jason

    when do you pull the plug on ‘project: gonzalez’? seriously, just awful.

  71. Y-City Jim

    Gonzo is pathetic at the plate on top of in the field.

  72. EKyRedsFan

    Harden can really hang his hat on that strikeout. Gonzo sucks so bad.

  73. mhopp

    Has anyone thought to ask Dusty why he has a .400 hitter in the 9th spot? Just a thought I mean I know I’m not a manger but…

  74. mhopp

    announcer said he batted .354 in minors and had silver slugger award in 2007…and he strikes out, ugh

  75. Mark in CC

    Cubs broadcast give a little relief from George.

  76. EKyRedsFan

    Looks like i said the same thing twice. A little hiccup on my end.

    Let’s go fast willy.

  77. Y-City Jim

    If Gonzo wants to take one for the team the he should go to Dusty and tell him to sit him. The Reds can make up an injury excuse and send him down for a rehab assignment.

  78. GregD

    Why is Gonzalez the starter? OR why didn’t he start the year on the DL and stay in extended spring training? He’s missed more than a full season. Hardly played any this spring. Jocketty shouldn’t have even given Baker an option and kept A-Gon off the 25-man roster these first couple of weeks.

  79. Matt Steele

    wow I hate the Cubs but I wouldn’t want to see Wrigley bulldozed.

    Anyway, glad to see Bruce is ok and that wrist isn’t bothering him.

    I hope Owings puts that last inning behind him.

  80. mhopp

    the next inning may not go good…it’s time for me to walk away…this seems to bring good luck to the team.

  81. Mark in CC

    Owings is third all time nationally in high school home runs with 69.

  82. EKyRedsFan

    What a magnificent play by Gonzalez!! A web gem for sure!!!

  83. Y-City Jim

    Gonzo’s arm seems to be pretty lively though.

  84. Jared

    Awesome play by Gonzo! A routine grounder right to him and he NAILED IT!

  85. Mark in CC

    Only time in big leagues a Micah has homered off a Micah. Now put one in his ear hole.

  86. jason

    when is homer’s next scheduled start? im heading to thursday game here in the glass city.

  87. EKyRedsFan

    I hate the Cubs and I really could care less about what happens to Wrigley.

  88. Y-City Jim

    For pitching in crappy weather in Columbus, that’s not a bad line for Bailey. If the weather had been decent, I might have gone tonight.

  89. Jimmy James

    Owings is third all time nationally in high school home runs with 69.

    That’s just crazy.

  90. Mike Martz

    wow, did the wind catch that or did Votto misplay it?

  91. CeeKeR

    Ugh, Votto really misplayed that popup.

    However, the double play (after a EE bobble) was pretty nice.

  92. Matt Steele

    Micah Owings has had 5 at bats before that strike out. So he was 2 for 5, so yeah technically batting .400…. but at such a small sample size…

    Maybe there is a chance that Owings could do an Ankiel, but I’m not buying it much. Owings is limited as a pitcher and while his batting certainly is a novelty and exciting for a pitcher, I’m not convinced that given every day play, he would be much more than a league average hitter (if even that). Sample size is so incredibly small for him. 121 at bats in 4 years.

    I hate to be a downer on this issue, but I think that some people on here and in Cincy overrate him a little bit much and are overreacting to some early season struggles by some of our other players.

  93. Jimmy James

    You haven’t missed much, Kurt. Bruce hit a homer.

  94. DevilsAdvocate

    Nice to have Edwin not panic and throw it away after a minor bobble – turns a doubleplay anyway.

  95. GregD

    I think Spongebob is the modern day Bugs Bunny.

  96. EKyRedsFan

    Another “for the record” statement: Old Style beer is gross but it’s not as bad as Pittsburgh’s Iron City beer. That’s some skunky beer. Just thought you’d like to know.

  97. Y-City Jim

    I think it was a combination of the wind swirling and Votto not understanding Spanish. French he might have understood.

  98. Jimmy James

    I don’t want to jinx him, but Edwin’s throws have been great this year (with a sole exception). I’m not as scared as I used to be.

    Of course, I’m not sure he has much range at third, and with Cement Shoes Gonzalez beside him, that leaves a lot of room on the left side for a ball to get through.

  99. Mark in CC

    4 walks and 6 hits in 6 innings not all that great for Homer. Terrible WHIP

  100. DevilsAdvocate

    The “Micah for LF” campaign is overplaying the issue. Think of it as a negotiating position: you ask for the moon, and maybe you can get a ‘compromise’ and get the manager to at least bat him higher in the order on the days that he pitches.

  101. Y-City Jim

    Spongebob is a good cartoon but I’ll take Bullwinkle any day.

  102. Jimmy James

    If I had to sit in the booth next to George Grande every day, year after year, I really think I’d end up snapping and take a hostage or something.

  103. brublejr

    @ #137…Old Style is terrible, I don’t know why anybody drinks it

  104. EKyRedsFan

    Too bad that cat’s not black. How the F do cats get into this stupid ballpark?

  105. CeeKeR

    A cat on the field – hopefully it curses the Cubbies some more like the one did for the Yankees on their opening night.

  106. mhopp

    lookout the animal rights activists will be out in droves!

  107. EKyRedsFan

    Greg, are you talking about the cat or Soriano?

  108. Jimmy James

    A cat runs onto the field and they’ll show it on television and laugh.

    A naked guy runs on the field, and they won’t show anything. Then they arrest you and take you to jail. And have to sit there naked until my mom comes to bail me out.

    Wait, I’ve said too much, haven’t I?

  109. Y-City Jim

    How could you keep a cat out of any place much less a 95 year-old ballpark?

  110. mhopp

    improvement for Bailey over first 2 games…I’m really thinking he’s a head case.

  111. EKyRedsFan

    Mark, luckily for Homer, Dusty doesn’t believe in crazy stats like WHIP.

    I think Harden shouldn’t even pitch to Votto considering how 4-8 is hitting.

  112. Y-City Jim

    You know there are a major amount of mice in that place so that is probably one of many cats circulating around.

  113. mhopp

    and phillips says he’s not in a slump…huh

  114. Jared

    Votto is a limbo world champion, by the way. A lot of people don’t know that.

  115. Y-City Jim

    I think Homer is a 22-year-old kid who like any young pitcher has a lot to learn despite the talent. He’ll be fine.

  116. DevilsAdvocate

    Wrigley radar gun must be juiced, or the Gameday reading must be low. Harden’s 90mph pitch in the gameday is translating as 94 for Jeff Brantley looking at the stadium readout.

  117. Jimmy James

    We have a former Cub manager, and they have a former Red manager. I think we got screwed in that deal.

  118. EKyRedsFan

    I love Steve Bartman references.

  119. Y-City Jim

    Yea, us.

    Cubs suck!


  120. brublejr

    Just another reason to hate stupid cubs fans…booing that guy now

  121. Chad Dotson

    Bruce rips one, Votto scores, and the game is tied again.

    This is the first time we’ve seen this Jay Bruce all season.

  122. DevilsAdvocate

    Those days off worked for Bruce! Now if only they could give 6 other regulars several days off to find their swings.

  123. Mark in CC

    Bartman and a cat. Reds close the gap at 2-2 there is no gap. Welsh is catching Georgeitis.

  124. Jared

    I wish Bartman would have happened in game 7 of the World Series but I suppose it caused Cubs fans enough heartache the way it happened.

  125. EKyRedsFan

    I’m surprised George isn’t talking about he’s close friends with the Bartman family.

  126. mhopp

    Re: Jimmy James…yes we got the poopie end of the stick on that deal

  127. Y-City Jim

    This game doesn’t quite have the magnitude of the Bartman game, Chris and George.

  128. jason

    b.p needs to “bruise” his hand and sit the bench for 3 games.

  129. Jimmy James

    Very similar to the Bartman situation. Oh, no, wait, the Cubs are playing an April game against a crappy Reds team. Never mind. The stakes aren’t the same at all. 🙂

  130. Jimmy James

    “Daddy Wags” reference…take a drink.

  131. Y-City Jim

    Does anyone honestly think Soriano would have caught that ball? He has enough trouble with balls hit at him.

  132. Mark in CC

    They are running a lot on Soto and Hardin.

  133. EKyRedsFan

    hahaha Daddy Wags strikes again.

  134. jason

    nicely done, ecky. im sure we will hear it later. “hmm hmm hep hep, you know chris i met the bartman family in the winter of 89′ and i gotta tell you………” 8 minutes later gg finishes and giggles at the sight of the aflac duck. QUACK QUACk

  135. GregD

    Actually, happening in game 6 was perfect. A-Gon was the real guy to blow that game, wasn’t he? Then Kerry Wood the next night. I knew Head Case Wood wouldn’t be able to nail down game 7.

  136. Mark in CC

    You know Bartman not only can get a foul ball but he is a “Great Man”.

  137. jason

    im stuck watching wgn coverage with the cavs and cbj taking my fsn coverage, ugh. have i told you y’all how much i loathe this town of toledo?

  138. EKyRedsFan

    Do Cubs fans always marvel at long pop flies?

  139. Y-City Jim

    Has Soto every had Giovanni’s Pizza?

  140. mhopp

    Funny how the Cubbies “ROY” is batting under .100 and the Reds “ROY” is completely tearing it up…I honestly think Votto is the better player

  141. EKyRedsFan

    I had a fantastic Giovanni’s pizza last night. And for breakfast this morning.

  142. mhopp

    Owings looks like he might be in a groove

  143. jason

    still have marty and cowboy though, so i guess its all good. im truly planning on picking all the quotes we threw out there last night and making a gg drink game for summer time fun. i miss me some amy & erin, or long neck mcgillicutty.

  144. EKyRedsFan

    hahah “long neck mcgillicutty.” nice one.

  145. brublejr

    Just like Soriano would not have caught that, Alou would not have caught the bartman ball either…cubs fans just want an excuse…The biggest two reasons why they lost that game and the series is because of the gonzalez error and dusty leaving prior in too long.

  146. Jared

    We’ll be eating a fantastic Eduardo’s pizza Thursday. I don’t remember it, but my buddy says we had 7 hot dogs each when we went to Wrigley last year. And this time we’re PLANNING on getting drunk.

  147. Y-City Jim

    Later in the season we’ll have to work on sequels to the George Grande Drinking Game (copyright 2009). A Dusty Baker Drinking Game comes to mind with all his words of wisdom (where would he play?) and a Marty Brennaman Hates Adam Dunn Drinking Game, which can only be played when the Reds play the Nats.

  148. Jimmy James

    Gonzo’s up. Run for your lives.

  149. Jared

    Does Tavaeras make it to 1st on that play? I’d have to assume yes because Hernandez was almost half way.

  150. EKyRedsFan

    Bruble, you’re exactly right. they NEED to have a curse. it helps em sell tickets.

    Jared, just stay away from the Old Style garbage.

  151. Jimmy James

    Does Tavaeras make it to 1st on that play? I’d have to assume yes because Hernandez was almost half way.

    LOL. Brilliant.

  152. DevilsAdvocate

    4-pitch walk to Gonzo. Can’t be too careful with a huge threat like that.

  153. mhopp

    Wonder if they know Owings’ hitting history? Hopefully not!

  154. jason

    yes, y-city we are def onto something hear.

  155. jason

    …and by onto something i mean alcohol poisoning and a lot of laughs.

  156. EKyRedsFan

    There are different segments to the drinking game. You have different quotes for each team and each commentator. For example, “Buccos” vs. the Pirates and so on.

  157. brublejr

    Micah not good at the plate tonight…but his job is on the mound, so as long as he does he job there, I am happy

  158. renbutler

    Hey gang, I just got home to watch the second half of the game, and I wanted to share one quick thought:

    Cubs suck.

    Carry on.

  159. EKyRedsFan

    any other South Park fans out there get a chuckle out of Randy Marsh?

  160. Y-City Jim

    Harden is no Hampton in the field.

  161. brublejr

    Havoc…get on and get em moving…Come on Dickerson, time for a big knock

  162. Mark in CC

    How can the umpire see the signs?

  163. brublejr

    good call renbutler, it has been stated a few times

  164. jason

    im not going to lie, i had ‘smiling scoreboard’ comments along with the ‘announcers in booth w/ welsh having seizure’. classic.

  165. Jimmy James

    Over 2/3 of the way to the top ten in the Most Commented posts list.

  166. EKyRedsFan

    I would have thrown to 2B, but I’m not Ryan Theriot.

  167. Jared

    Slick Willy was on 2nd as soon as the ball was hit, Kurt. I notice I’m still the only one calling him that. Like that’s gonna stop me.

  168. Mark in CC

    Has George used any stupid nicknames lately? I need a drink.

  169. EKyRedsFan

    LOL What the hell is that? And YES.

  170. Jimmy James

    Wow, you have to work hard to walk Soriano. Good job, Micah.

  171. EKyRedsFan

    Mark, you can drink every time George Grande annoys you. Or maybe not.

  172. Mark in CC

    He would need his sweat bands in those.

  173. GregD

    George – he’s probably still a “30/30” guy. He hit 29 HR last year in just 109 games.

  174. Mark in CC

    I wouldn’t get out of the 3rd inning.

  175. brublejr

    Stupid cubs…don’t they know they are supposed to swing at balls, just ask A-Gon.

  176. EKyRedsFan

    Did Dusty borrow a jacket from a camera man or something? Does he know those premeir jackets are free for him?

  177. EKyRedsFan

    OH MY GOD! we ended up getting lucky there.

  178. Jimmy James

    Yeah, the defense is much better this year. Not.

    Terrible, Dickerson. Just awful.

  179. Kurt Frost

    Dickerson was a butcher in the field in the spring training game we watched in Sarasota. He was the Ray’s best player.

  180. brublejr

    Dammit…they just said they scored that a hit on the radio!?

  181. Jimmy James

    Yeah, but Dunn just hit a LONG homer.

    Dickerson missed one like Dunn, but he doesn’t get 40 homers like Dunn.

    Give me the homers and bad defense over no offense and bad defense.

  182. EKyRedsFan

    “Lights Out” Lincoln warming up.

  183. Jared

    I’ll admit that was about as tough a fly ball as you can be standing right under, but.. wait.. meh.

  184. jason

    marty just said “this is the worst place in baseball….”

  185. EKyRedsFan

    I agree Jimmy. This team needs some pop.

  186. Mark in CC

    I hate everything about the Stupid Cubs but Louuuuuuu!

  187. Chad Dotson

    That’s funny…my brother is at the Nationals game (I didn’t know he was there), and he called to tell me about the Dunn homer just as I saw that comment above. And right after Dickerson flubbed that one.

  188. Jimmy James

    This stupid inning should be over.

  189. EKyRedsFan

    Better check Derek Lee over there. He’s definitely a threat to run.

  190. brublejr

    They were talking about how bad the routes to balls are in the outfield…I have to agree, lots of bad angles this year

  191. EKyRedsFan

    These fans are going to boo Dusty like there’s no tomorrow.

  192. brublejr

    This might be about it for Owings

  193. brublejr

    They just said the “hit” got turned into an error on Dickerson.

  194. Mark in CC

    Left Field for Owings is looking better. Suppose Dickerson can pitch?

  195. brublejr

    Both runs unearned…so much for the improved defense this year…

  196. Chad Dotson

    Glad they didn’t call that a hit. If that wasn’t an error, then I’ve never seen an error in my life.

  197. Greg

    I agree with the 40 dingers and known defensive liability vs. no dingers and defensive liability.

  198. Jared

    Had another guy back out so I have a ticket for the game Thursday again. If anyone can make it to the game you can have it.

  199. Kurt Frost

    It looked like Dickerson looked down to see where Slick Willy was right before he caught the ball.

  200. EKyRedsFan

    Way to go Lincoln. This guy is STRUGGLING.

  201. Jimmy James

    And Lincoln tosses some gas on the fire by hitting a batter with the first pitch. Bases loaded.

  202. Jimmy James

    Is this the longest game ever? Just the fifth inning?

  203. EKyRedsFan

    Well I’m about to hit the bottle.

  204. Jimmy James

    Then a four pitch walk to walk in a run. Mike Lincoln is garbage.

  205. renbutler

    Lincoln? Seriously?

    This one is about to get blown wide open.

  206. brublejr

    How can you not get ONE pitch across in that situation.

  207. Jimmy James

    Dusty looks PISSED in the dugout. It’s his own fault for putting Lincoln in the game.

  208. Y-City Jim

    Just when we thought Lincoln might be getting it together.

  209. DevilsAdvocate

    Oh dear me. Lincoln is horrific.

  210. EKyRedsFan

    This is ungodly. Mike Lincoln was a work horse last year but he is weak so far.

    What do you guys think Dick Pole just said to Mike Lincoln?

  211. brublejr

    I think I have asked this every game Lincoln has pitched, but here it is again…

    Why the hell did we sigh him to TWO years!??

    Bad Management

  212. EKyRedsFan

    And the inning ends mercifully.

  213. Y-City Jim

    Could have been a helluva lot worse!

  214. Y-City Jim

    Let’s pray that Lincoln gets better when the weather warms up whenever that happens.

  215. EKyRedsFan

    I’m sure it wasn’t a G-rated scene.

  216. BIGred053

    Dang it Reds… with as bad as our offense is, we have to play better defense and not put Mike Lincoln in the game in any situation thats even relatively close.

  217. EKyRedsFan

    When the weather warms up the balls are going to fly farther.

  218. EKyRedsFan

    If we end up winning this game, I will crap my pants.

  219. jason

    b.p is a mess right now, so bad. cant wait for him to start swinging and connecting.

  220. Y-City Jim

    Phillips seems to being getting more impatient.

  221. BIGred053

    and only one of those 12 belongs to EE.

  222. EKyRedsFan

    Again, Soriano had no chance at that ball.

  223. CeeKeR

    Reds: 3 hits, 2 runs, 1 error.

    Which of those three totals will be the highest at the end of the game?

  224. Jared

    At least Dickerson didn’t give up a face-assisted home run like Canseco.

  225. Y-City Jim

    I’m sure our hitting instructor, Brook Jacoby (.270 BA .334 OBP .405 SLG lifetime) will straighten Phillips out.

  226. Jimmy James

    Way to look at the bright side, jared!

  227. brublejr

    This game is just about ready to get out of hand

  228. renbutler

    The evil Cubs fans seem to think that Lincoln is hitting batters on purpose.

    What they don’t realize is that Lincoln is just that bad.

  229. brublejr

    We have to watch this crap with Lincoln, while Fisher and Roenicke are both in the minors…makes sense to me

  230. EKyRedsFan

    Cubs fans are just that stupid.

  231. jason

    for the love of BO DIAZ, get LINCOLN outta there!!!

  232. Jimmy James

    Here comes Dusty to the mound. Will he punch Lincoln in the mouth?

  233. brublejr

    Wow…Lincoln is bad…great way to spend 6 million dollars

  234. GregD

    “while Fisher and Roenicke are both in the minors”
    or Bray

  235. jshaw7

    That’s right Dusty,,,,,get him out of here!

  236. jason

    i get why you wouldnt want to use bullpen tonight, but that was ridiculous, cousin larry.

  237. CeeKeR

    Thanks for standing up for teachers Y-City.

    Lincoln finally (and mercifully) removed from the game…after loading the bases.

  238. renbutler

    I’m not ready to count the Reds out yet tonight. The Cubs are talented, but they’re always ripe for a big-time choke job.

  239. EKyRedsFan

    Listen to those stupid Cubs fans. They blame Baker for absolutely everything that went wrong for them during his tenure.

  240. Jimmy James

    I agree renbutler. But I’m just not sure the Reds offense has it in them. I’m going to remain hopeful, though.

  241. james

    This is a hard game to watch.. Stupid Cubs.

  242. Y-City Jim

    Nasty stuff!!!

    A good screwball is great to watch.

  243. EKyRedsFan

    Beautiful pitch. Begs the question why he wasn’t in this game earlier.

  244. brublejr

    Maybe the Cubs can put Mike Lincoln in next half inning for the Reds to hit off of. It would be fair.

  245. brublejr

    Game over…no way we could score that many runs

  246. CeeKeR

    If a guy pitches for the Reds, then somehow gets traded mid-game, can he then cross the field to the other team and pitch for them?

  247. jason

    as schottzie used to say on the riverfront jumbotron after the game “see you later reds fans…see you next time.”

  248. EKyRedsFan

    I’ve always wondered about that.

  249. Chris

    I cannot STAND this team. I don’t care what their record is – they’re miserable to watch. Perhaps the least entertaining sports team of all time. (Excluding soccer, of course).

  250. Y-City Jim

    Schottzie should have been around to chase the cat.

  251. jason

    thats a little much, chris. these games have been entertaining, we’ll be alright.

  252. EKyRedsFan

    “smiling side of the scoreboard” drink.

  253. Y-City Jim

    Less entertaining than William & Mary football of Bottom Ten fame?

  254. Chris

    I do not find any of this entertaining. Innumerable walks, horrible at bats, and no runs whatsoever.

  255. EKyRedsFan

    way to run that out Edwin. Maybe these guys don’t want to win.

  256. brublejr

    Just think…we have aother year of Lincoln on top of this because of his 2yr-6m contract signed this winter, when nobody else even showed remote interest.

  257. Chris

    Funny you say that, Jim. The only W&M football game I attended in my 3 years there was absolutely the most entertaining sporting event I’ve ever seen. W&M vs. Delaware – I think the final was something like 63-55.

    This little fella on Delaware scored like 5 TDs.

  258. jason

    you guys remember the voice over while coming up the walk way to riverfront stadium concourse? “welcome to riverfront stadium…” repeat…repeat.

  259. CeeKeR

    Although the Reds have a decent record, as I said in the beginning of the thread – “they are who we thought they were.”

  260. Jimmy James

    Yeah, I rememebr that Jason. Good ol’ Riverfront.

    The Reds teams that played in that stadium had a lot of success.

  261. brublejr

    This game shows exactly that ceeker, sadly

  262. Jimmy James

    Dusty needs to put in Chuck to pinch hit.

  263. CeeKeR

    If Nix can hit a 5 run homerun right now we’ll be right in this. Have faith.

  264. brublejr

    I Don’t miss Riverfront…I miss the teams that used to PLAY in Riverfront…now that was some good times

  265. GregD

    “Innumerable walks, horrible at bats, and no runs whatsoever.”

    This team gives me the runs!

  266. Y-City Jim

    I was just remembering my days of reading Steve Harvey’s Bottom Ten column, one of the funniest weekly columns this side of Dave Barry.

  267. Chris

    “Cans, bottles, and [something something] are not permitted.”

    /As I stomped on that rubber divider strip between the concrete sections/

  268. jason

    chuck bartowski? yeah, he would be good in a pinch, as would charles carmicheal….wink.

  269. EKyRedsFan

    We still have 2 games left. After that I’ll start to jump on the honesty wagon.

  270. Y-City Jim

    I miss Crosley Field even though I only got to go there once, the 3rd to last game played there.

  271. CeeKeR

    I hate this 7th inning stretch stuff they do – no one wants to hear celebrities sing – and they certainly don’t want to hear some high school basketball team sing.

  272. jason

    chris, that is awesome. exactly what i was looking for! the rubber dividers were great! im way to geeked about this rubber divider memory, huh?

  273. GregD

    Why did they sign Lincoln for 2 years instead of securing Affeldt?

  274. Y-City Jim

    Wrong Steve Harvey. The one I’m talking about wrote for the LA Times.

  275. Y-City Jim

    Remember when Marty went crazy when Rosanne Barr sang the National Anthem?

  276. Jimmy James

    Well, today Burton can’t catch a break. Crud.

  277. jason

    the old reds gift shop was a joke at riverfront, so bad. kinda like burton, ugh. i should go to bed.

  278. Steve Price

    The Cubs and Cardinals completed a trade between games of a doubleheader in 1922. The Cubs traded Max Flack to the Cardinals for Cliff Heatcoate. Flack batted leadoff for the Cardinals (his new team) in the second game against his former team from the first game.

    Former Red Joel Youngblood played for two teams on the same day in different cities. He played a game for the Mets in Chicago and was traded that day to the Expos who were playing in Philadelphia (he entered the game in the sixth inning). He flew to Philly and played that game, too. He batted against hall of Fame starters Steve Carlton and Ferguson Jenkins on that day. Youngblood got hits in both games.

  279. Y-City Jim

    It’s the Cubs night. Everything is going their way.

    Cubs suck.

  280. EKyRedsFan

    This just sucks. And I agree, they should have been more aggressive with Affeldt.

  281. Chris

    Good question, GregD. Though I don’t think Affeldt was especially interested in sticking around. And Rhodes really replaced Affeldt. Lincoln’s the kind of guy you take off the scrap heap and use up – not commit money to. When he starts smelling, you replace him with another cheapo, or Josh Roenicke.

  282. brublejr

    @Greg because it would cost 2 extra million dollars…that’s how they roll in Reds management.

  283. Jimmy James

    Steve, you’re the Reds history guru.

  284. jason

    hmm, not familiar w ‘580’ store.

  285. Chris

    Alex Gonzales is going to rival Eric Milton for Worst Contract Ever. Though I suppose that simply by staying off the field, Alex outperformed Milty.

  286. EKyRedsFan

    Steve, that is great stuff. I have always wanted to know if something like that had ever happened.

  287. Chad Dotson

    Hasn’t this night been miserable enough? Was it really necessary to bring up Eric Milton?

  288. Y-City Jim

    Nothing was a screwed up as the “Stadium Club” at Riverfront. They never did finish that thing the way it was supposed to be done.

    Maybe it was GG, Chad 😀

  289. GregD

    Except Rhodes is a LOOGY and Affeldt can get lefties and righties out. I’d have rather kept Affeldt and refrained from signing Lincoln AND Rhodes.

  290. CeeKeR

    That’s interesting Steve. I seem to remember the Youngblood story.

  291. jason

    maybe im just a tired cuss, but remind me Y-City of this ‘stadium club’, please and thanks.

  292. EKyRedsFan

    Was Aaron Miles all they got outta Mark DeRosa??

  293. Chris

    Jim, I think it was Walnut. I found something to that effect on the Googles.

  294. Y-City Jim

    Maybe my first piece of Reds apparel I had as a kid was a red windbreaker that I sewed a Reds patch on that I had ordered through the mail. ML dorky but I loved that windbreaker.

  295. Chris

    Stadium Club (I think) was that huge empty gap in the yellow seat level OF at Riverfront.

  296. Steve Price

    Baseball Prospectus wrote this year that Jeremy Affeldt was the “least” trusted pitcher in baseball last year. Dusty wouldn’t pitch him in pressure situations. In more than half of his appearances, he entered the game with the Reds leading or trailing by four or more runs…and he was wanting to start.

  297. Chris

    Miles was actually signed (I think). Derosa got them Jeff Stevens, Chris Archer, and John Gaub.

  298. Y-City Jim

    The “Stadium Club” was supposed to be on the Club seat level in the LF to CF area. For years, there was just this barren, unfinished area out there. It was supposed to be sort of like a dining area with table overlooking the field. I think they eventually stuck some folding chairs out there.

  299. renbutler

    “Nobody’s pitching in the bullpen”

    In other words, Dusty has given up with two innings remaining.

  300. Steve Price

    While in Louisville a couple of years ago on one of his phantom injury Rule 5 rehab assignments, Jared Burton’s locker had the name “Big League” written graffiti style above his name.

  301. Y-City Jim

    Man! There have been some long bottom half of the innings tonight.

  302. jason

    ok, folding chairs. now im mopping up what your spilling.

  303. Y-City Jim

    How many times have the bases been loaded for the Cubs tonight?

  304. brublejr

    Is it just me, or has this game taken forever

  305. EKyRedsFan

    So they got nothing for DeRosa I guess.

  306. EKyRedsFan

    I can’t wait til this game’s over.

  307. Jimmy James

    Hey, Dickerson caught a fly ball!

  308. CeeKeR

    What is wrong with Cubs fans and their lack of depth perception? I understand it’s not easy to tell where the ball is going to end up – but they all jump and cheer immediately, even for routine fly balls!

  309. renbutler

    I think the Reds can rally and make this interesting. Who’s with me?

  310. Steve Price

    Did GG just say we were in striking distance? He’s using a mighty long pole…

  311. Chad Dotson

    Guys, that’s all for me. I’ll turn Marty on in the background as I open a book.

    Well, maybe I’ll wait until after the Reds bat here….

  312. EKyRedsFan

    Ceeker.. I KNOW! They’re all idiots.

  313. Jimmy James

    George Grande does the same thing, ceeker. Add that to the drinking game.

  314. Chris W.

    450+ posts on a night in which the Reds look absolutely dreadful? This place is really hoppin!

    Looks like an early start to the DOTF for me tonight!

  315. brublejr

    There are talking about how Cotts is in the Lou doghouse…he has basically been their Lincoln

  316. EKyRedsFan

    The fact that Willy only has one RBI is a good commentary on how the bottom or our order has hit thus far.

  317. Steve Price

    I just came across a horrible story…

    On April 22, 1922, former Reds shortstop Sam Crane played his last major league game (he had been sold to the Brooklyn Robins in the offseason). He killed his girlfriend and her male companion at a hotel bar.

  318. brublejr

    10 k’s now for the offense…that is just too awesome

  319. Jimmy James

    I kinda like Dickerson, but as I recall, he was pretty dreadful in the outfield for the Reds at the end of last year. And he was terrible on the basepaths, too.

    I chalked it up to nerves last year. Who knows.

  320. EKyRedsFan

    That brings new meaning to GG’s “Reds killer.”

  321. Steve Price

    While the bottom of the order is horrible, Taveras has never driven in more than 30 runs in a season anyway…leadoff guy has to have some power…

  322. brublejr

    This “ask Marty” thing they do is just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. All he and Cowboy does is banter about crap, no baseball talk for a whole half inning.

  323. CeeKeR

    Sucks to be Cotts. Winning 7-2 and he can’t even get out of the inning against the noodle-for-bats Reds team.

  324. EKyRedsFan

    Why anyone pitches to Joey Votto considering the BA of the remainder of the lineup is beyond me.

  325. Y-City Jim

    Bet you’ll never find that in the Reds Press Guide, Steve.

  326. Steve Price

    Before Stubbs, Dickerson was considered the Reds best defensive outfielder in the minors for the past couple of years. Don’t know what that says, but it was the consensus that defense (and his arm) were his strengths.

  327. EKyRedsFan

    bruble, you’re watching the same game they are. what is there to talk about?

  328. brublejr

    @EKY this happens every game, and it makes me less intellegent every time I listen to it.

  329. Steve Price

    Crane had just played his ninth game with the Brooklyn Robins (Dodgers), so he wasn’t a “Red” then. 127 of his 172 career games came as a Red (sold to Brooklyn in off season).

  330. brublejr

    Lou must be really worried about this offense if he is pitching Marmol.

  331. EKyRedsFan

    Probably because his hitting was so bad.

  332. Y-City Jim

    OK, I need my sleep. Take it to 500, guys.

  333. Steve Price

    One of the oddest Reds jealous girlfriend/wife stories came from the 1880’s, I believe. Charley “Baby” Jones was the superstar of his day. He was a celebrity around town, including many lady friends; I’m fairly certain he was married.

    He was a “model” by day. He was paid to walk around town in the finest of fashion to model clothes for different stores. Apparently, his wife found out he was making some extra stops and threw pepper (I think it was) into his eyes causing him to miss a few weeks…

  334. EKyRedsFan

    I enjoy the nonsense banter between Marty and Jeff. I think I’m the only Marty Brennaman fan here.

  335. CeeKeR

    This game is slow and painful – and depressing because I was holding out hope that the Reds somehow weren’t using smoke and mirrors to win (even though I knew better).

  336. CeeKeR

    Cubs announcers talking about flight times from one city to another. It seems easy, but I bet announcing is really hard to do – especially in a 7-2 game against a crappy team like the Reds.

  337. EKyRedsFan

    Honestly, outside of Joey Votto, Marty’s the best thing the Reds have goin for em right now, IMO.

    Also, I wish every foul ball would hit a Cubs fan in the face.

  338. brublejr

    @EKY I liked Marty more in the past than now, he can still be good when he is not on his high horse or talking about non-baseball crap

  339. Chris

    Marty makes it hard, these days. I really, really wish he’d do things a little differently.

  340. Chris

    Exactly, Bruble. I know it’s hard to be excited about this team, but it is his job. If he can’t bear to do anything but bitch and talk about nonsense, he really should move on and let someone else give it a shot.

  341. EKyRedsFan

    Imagine if you began your career as a broadcaster during the Machine era and now you have to watch this every night.

  342. EKyRedsFan

    That was NOT a Gold Glove play. BP didn’t need to hop like that to throw out a guy running half ass down the line.

  343. Steve Price

    from wikipedia:

    During an August 17, 1957 game, Ashburn hit a foul ball into the stands that struck spectator Alice Roth, wife of Philadelphia Bulletin sports editor Earl Roth, breaking her nose. When play resumed, Ashburn fouled off another ball that struck Roth while she was being carried off in a stretcher. Ashburn and Roth would maintain a friendly relationship for many years, and her son served as a Phillies batboy.

    I’ve seen a photo with the baseball lying next to her on the stretcher.

  344. EKyRedsFan

    Steve, that’s hilarious. Nice story there.

  345. Steve Price

    My 9 year old has a double header tomorrow night for his kid pitch elite team. Already been rained out twice.

  346. CeeKeR

    If Danny Graves were pitching for the Cubs this 5 run lead wouldn’t be insurmountable. Just sayin’.

  347. CeeKeR

    We had 40 degrees and rain here today. Saturday and Sunday are both supposed to be 88 here and sunny – talk about a change in weather…48 degree difference!

  348. Chris

    Imagine if you began your career as a broadcaster during the Machine era and now you have to watch this every night.

    Insert “fan” for “broadcaster” and I’m there – bitching and talking about random nonsense during the game. I guess three fingers are pointing back at me.

  349. Steve Price

    I’ve never seen this before. Entering tonight’s game AGon’s OPS+ rating was -40.

    I really didn’t know negative numbers were possible.

  350. EKyRedsFan

    You have got to be kidding me. Gonzo with a double. Can’t hit water if he fell out of a boat any other time and he hits a double in the bottom of the 9th in a 2-7 ballgame.

  351. Chris

    That stupid song is playing. See you tomorrow before and after Lost.

  352. EKyRedsFan

    Chris, I get that Marty can be bitchy and nonsensical. But a lot of times he’s honest and calls it like he sees it (whether right or wrong). The Orioles fired Jon Miller for that so I’m thankful we have a FO that doesn’t force its broadcasters to “paint it red” every night. If Marty’s that bad, don’t listen.

  353. Steve Price

    The pitchers have negative numbers, too, for their hitting. Harang is -53, Arroyo, Volquez, and Cueto are all -100.

    Phillips is 47, Bruce is 41, Hernandez is 37. That does give me some hope for future improvement.

  354. Jimmy James

    We are going to get to 500 comments if I have to do it myself.

  355. Steve Price

    I quit listening to Marty (and Joe) several years ago. Marty was so arrogantly wrong on so many different things, not to mention condescending to the fans who would call. He was so much more pleasant when the Reds were winning and he was new on the seen. As for Joe, he was entertaining when I was kid and he wasn’t that far removed from his playing days, but it reached the point that the dead air on the radio caused my car radio station to think it had lost its signal. He could really put me to sleep.

  356. brublejr

    I miss Joe terribly…he was the best

  357. CeeKeR

    Well, it’s tme to call it a night. Hard to believe we hit 500 comments on a crappy crappy game. Imagine what could happen if the Reds were actually any good!

  358. brublejr

    The only positive for the recap has to be Jay Bruce finally showing up and get a couple very nice hits. Other than that it wasn’t much of a game for the Redlegs.

  359. EKyRedsFan

    To each his own. I like Marty even if I am the only one. And I, too, miss the Ol’ Lefthander. The man deserves to be in the Hall, but I’m doubting more and more he’ll ever make it.

  360. Mr. Redlegs

    “What street was the “580″ gift shop on?”

    Chris, pretty sure that was the corner of 6th and Walnut. There used to be a LaRosa’s next door and the legendary Maisonette was across the street.

  361. Mr. Redlegs

    The Orioles DID NOT fire Jon Miller, and his departure had ZERO to do with his forwardness. Peter Angelos didn’t like Miller taking off Orioles games for ESPN and when Miller refused to give up ESPN as part of his new contract, Angelos refused to give in, thinking Miller would kneel. Instead, Miller got the exact offer he wanted from the Giants and Orioles fans screamed bloody hell.

  362. jason

    im a life long marty fan as well, EKy. though i do get why some cant stomach anymore “this kid is never going to get it.” comment about cueto the other night was case and point of why i get the haters…..but lets all remember that the alternative is the ever “chirpy” GG.

  363. Bill Lack

    For the sake of completion…the 580 gift shop was in the 580 building on the corner of Walnut and 6th street. And the “Stadium Club” that was never finished was because the Reds and Bengals could never come to an agreement on what to do with it.

  364. EKyRedsFan

    Mr. Redlegs, though that may have been a part of it, please see point # 6 at: http://curtsmith.mlblogs.com/archives/2006/09/jon_miller_wows.html

    And this is from Curt Smith’s blog, an acclaimed author, radio/television host, columnist, and former presidential speechwriter. So it’s not some schmoe blathering nonsense.. it’s a legit source.

    Angelos wanted Jon Miller to “bleed more orange and black.”

  365. Mr. Redlegs

    EKy, “bleed more orange and black” can be interpreted many ways and Curt Smith was not there. He also didn’t expand on the subject to include the contentious issue of Miller missing three days out of the week in travel and work for ESPN.

    THAT was Angelo’s meaning of “bleed more orange and black.”

    No Orioles fan who ever heard Miller on radio questioned his loyalty. Yeah, he didn’t jump up and sing “Orioles Magic,” but that’s an organizational loss people in Balmer still talk about. Miller did almost everything asked of him in marketing and community affairs.