This organization has not posted a winning record in about a million years, the hitters can’t hit, the shortstop moves about as well as I do, the manager does strange things, David Weathers makes my head hurt even when he’s pitching well, the defense has been booting the ball around the field like a pinball machine, the best hitter on the bench isn’t even a hitter, the cleanup hitter should be hitting sixth, there’s HAVOC! all over the place — and yet…

…every single day, I can’t wait for the game to start so I can watch these guys play again. Just crazy.

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  1. Glenn

    For me the most frustrating aspect of all of this is the lack of offense. We knew going in that this team would not make its bones hitting, but I never thought that it would be this bad. Where would this team be without Votto and believe it or not Micah Owings?

    This team could easily have lost every game it has played this year.

  2. Dave E.

    Agreed. Your post prompted a couple of thoughts —

    What in the heck was Dusty doing starting Nix against Wandy? If McDonald is not hurt, then either he should be starting there or he should be in the minors.

    Also, many of the Astros light up Bronson A. Hopefully history won’t repeat itself, but Lee, Berkman, Pence and others all have higher than a 1.000 OPS against him. Blum is the notable exception. So, while looking foward to the game, I’d bet on the Astros tonight.

    GO REDS!

  3. Josh

    It makes for interesting viewing, though.

  4. Mike

    I like this club. Scrappy teams sometimes jell and do the unexpected instead of waiting for the long ball. At least this year we have decent starting and relief pitching.

  5. blazers

    honestly, they suck. next year Ill expect a TON more. but it doesnt matter, because I love em, and will watch either way

  6. jason

    i totally agree, this team is one hot mess at times, but i love that we are winning ugly. i really believe this team will start hitting soon. i also think vollkie and johnny c. are right around the corner. lets just have a winning summer of reds baseball and all will be right with world.

  7. doktor

    Chad, you are right on. And that is what a “fan” does, keep watching no matter what. So far its been a crazy start to the season for the Reds. Reds had no business winning Sunday, with 8 walks given up and the 3 errors on defense. yet they managed one big inning to pull out the win. Things like that I would believe give the Reds good experience down the road whether its later this year or for next year. For myself, I keep watching to see the young core of talent get better and make plays and continue to progress, and also to enjoy watching baseball for baseball itself. Even when Volquez is walking 3 to load the bases or Votto is booting a grounder, 🙂

  8. Mark in CC

    Chad, I think you are giving yourself way too much credit on the ability to move.

  9. Behind In The Count

    Cueto and Volquez have too much stuff to be trying to nip the corners. Throw strikes and go after the hitters. Further, throwing 100 pitches in 5 innings is pityful. Gonzalez looks lost at the plate.

  10. Glenn

    Don’t get me wrong guys, I’m glad were’re winning but you have to admit, this team could easily be 2 and 9.

    I hope the team does gell and gell very quickly. Maybe these unexpected wins will help with that process.

  11. Glenn

    BTW Mike’s right, I like this pitching staff too.

  12. Fireball44

    I’ve honestly been a little less rabid a fan this year than I’ve been in past years. I’m not sure why, to be honest.

    They can be a bit difficult to watch: they have trouble scoring and the pitching has been walking a TON of batters.

    We’ll see how things go, though. I’m certainly happy they’re 6-5, but they have been a bit lucky this weekend. We could easily be 4-7. Hopefully we can pound on Hamilton tonight!

  13. Shane

    Mike.. I meant by watching the games… if you watch every game on tv and a few at the park, you learn to an extent who can hit and who cant… I didn’t mean become an expert.. and I didn’t mean I hate the statistics either, just seemed to be more of a pleasurable thing before the statistics got so detailed… it was just a game. ya know?

  14. Mark in CC

    Looks like Hanigan is Arroyo’s personal catcher.

  15. earl

    That was a heck of a catch by Darnell McDonald. They seem to get one good hit saving catch a game by the outfield. It is probably a big reason they have been abiding.

    Reds were pretty good 85-95, 3 division titles (one lost to a strike again) and finished 2nd five times. They were always one starting pitcher short. Just like the stretch 77-81, if they would have had one more good starter they could have been dominating. Oh well…