It’s the finale of a four-game set in Houston tonight, and the Reds are attempting to win their second straight series against a division opponent. Sure, they’re the poor sisters of the NL Central, but they’re division rivals nonetheless. I’ll take 3 out of 4.

Bronson Arroyo is on the mound for the good guys; Mike Hampton pitches for the Astros. The Baseball Reference preview is here.

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  1. brublejr

    Not feeling good for tonight…Bronson has gotten rocked by most of the guys in their lineup and Hampton is a lefty which will mean a couple more automatic outs in the lineup for the reds.

  2. jason

    is it just me, or are all of thom’s clothes seem WAY to big for him in all of his commercial spots? sidenote, other than ray st. clairs roofing spots, there seems to be less new spots for business in heavy commercial rotation on fsn.

  3. jason

    i plan on catching the bats vs. mud hens this thursday in the glass city (along w/ friday-saturday games in cincy vs. atlanta. sounds like a near 50 degrees difference from opening day’s icefest, ugh), does anyone know with sundays rain out when homer will be pitching again for the bats?

  4. Y-City Jim

    The good news is that Janish and Hanigan are in the line-up. Dusty had some interesting words about Arroyo having his own personal catcher:

    BAKER INSISTS he isn’t big on a pitcher selecting a personal catcher, but he heard Arroyo express concerns during spring training when catcher Ramon Hernandez was away playing in the WBC and they didn’t work much together.

    “Hanigan and Arroyo work well together, plus Arroyo has a different set of signs,” said Baker. “I don’t like that designated catcher sort of thing, but the way things have worked out is good. Hanigan has caught everybody, but Ramon probably caught Arroyo the least amount of time from the time he got back to spring training.”

    Of Arroyo’s spring training concern, Baker said, “I heard him. He didn’t say anything to me, but I heard him. It’s important. Very important that guys work together.”

  5. Y-City Jim

    Dusty’s BS stream on Gonzalez:

    As for Gonzalez, the day off is part of a plan and has nothing to do with his close to zero batting average. As for Hanigan, “Bronson is 2-0 with him, so it’s a perfect time. And Gonzo? What’s he played, three games in a row? I’ll try to push him to four (three in Chicago and Friday night at home). We’ll give him Saturday off, a day game, and then we’ll push him to five or six games in a row.”

  6. Y-City Jim

    Bruce took batting practice and looked to have no ill effects from the checked swing or whatever it was that sidelined him. He could be used to PH tonight and should play tomorrow at Wrigley.

  7. jason

    willy, couldnt be more impressed with this guys hitting early on.

  8. Matt B.

    Before that RBI single by Encarnacion, the Reds had not scored a run off an Astros starter in the series (19 innings). That’s pathetic.

    But nice two-out hit by Encarnacion. 2-0, good guys.

  9. Y-City Jim

    Let’s cool off Tejada tonight.

  10. Y-City Jim

    18-19 mph difference between the Arroyo curveball and fastball. As long as he can keep locating those it should be a good night for him.

  11. Mark in CC

    I think Arroyo should get a couple of days off to get his head back offensively. His eyes really looked like a deer in the headlights at the plate. Do you suppose Dusty thinks it is more important to build up his games played or get his stroke back?

    Dusty doesn’t believe in personal catchers? Sure worked for Maddux.

  12. Y-City Jim

    With the LHer Hampton, that is probably a good decision even if it is Ronald McDonald starting in place of him.

  13. Mark in CC

    Sorry about that I meant Gonzo not Arroyo.

  14. Jimmy James

    Any offense from Janish is icing on the cake.

  15. Y-City Jim

    Dusty probably fears that if he give Gonzo a couple of days off that Janish will build up too strong of a case to leave him in the line-up. As I say that, Janish singles.

  16. Mark in CC

    George can sure make you sick of a guy. I am there on Bako. It is about the third time he has brought him up so far this year. Man.

  17. Matt B.

    Janish really is hitting the ball well.

  18. EKyRedsFan

    “Not feeling good for tonight…Bronson has gotten rocked by most of the guys in their lineup and Hampton is a lefty which will mean a couple more automatic outs in the lineup for the reds.”

    Can I go out on a limb and say that we might not be seeing the Berkman, Tejada, and Lee that we’ve all come to know and hate in the past?

    Also, Janish continues to make a case for himself.

  19. Jimmy James

    Can Fast Willie Parker get an RBI?

  20. EKyRedsFan

    I’m still sick of Bako from last year. I, too, would appreciate if George would just shut up from time to time.

  21. Matt B.

    Arroyo would have been safe if he had gone at least 75% on running to first base. Oh well, he’s the pitcher.

  22. jason

    here! here! on george grande not knowing when to shut his mouth, i dont know how welsh does it, seriously.

  23. EKyRedsFan

    Welsh just bites his tongue and can’t wait til he either gets a day off or a Thom game.

  24. Y-City Jim

    I see Marty is going to take some days off at the beginning of May with Dan Hoard filling in.

  25. EKyRedsFan

    Nice grab! Way to go Dusyt’s boy!

  26. Jimmy James

    Nice play by Darnell, but he took a strange route to the ball. Has he played much RF?

  27. jason

    i saw that as well with, hoard. wonder why that is?

  28. Y-City Jim

    Nice catch by Ronald even though he looked a little awkward.

  29. Mark in CC

    Must have decided Merker was a bust.

  30. Y-City Jim

    i saw that as well with, hoard. wonder why that is?

    I think Marty wants to go see Dunn play in St. Louis when the Nats go there. 🙂

  31. Jimmy James

    Now, Darnell took a good route to that one and got it back into the infield quickly. That was a good play.

  32. Mark in CC

    McDonald looks like a Gold Glover tonight.

  33. EKyRedsFan

    Not neccessarily a nice play by McDonald. The ball practically bounced straight to him.

  34. Y-City Jim

    Good try for the DP. Just hit too slowly.

  35. Y-City Jim

    Hanigan builds his case for starting. Dusty ignores it.

  36. Mark in CC

    Anybody explain why Hernandez plays?

  37. EKyRedsFan

    Does anyone else think of the “Bourne” movies when they hear “Michael Bourne?” Maybe it’s just me.

  38. EKyRedsFan

    I would say it’s the $8mm they’re paying him.

  39. Mark in CC

    Thank goodness orioles are paying half.

  40. EKyRedsFan

    Thank goodness they’re paying Ryan Freel, too.

  41. jason

    does anyone think hairston looks like the chris kattan charachter from snl ‘mango’? no?…come on, it is so there.

  42. EKyRedsFan

    I think he looks like Oscar from The Office.

  43. Y-City Jim

    Freel is 2 for 15 for the Orioles. He does have five walks though.

  44. Mark in CC

    Wow, I just checked and Freel is hitting .133.

  45. Mark in CC

    Phillips could use a day or two off too.

  46. EKyRedsFan

    He also got hurt today. If any of you saw that play, did you think it didn’t look so serious that he should have come out of the game? Maybe that’s just me being cynical or judging from the couch, but it didn’t look that bad.

  47. Y-City Jim

    Odd selection of pitches to Bourne.

  48. EKyRedsFan

    That looked like the same pitch Brandon Phillips got away with earlier.

  49. Y-City Jim

    Why can’t FSOH have a text poll on how freakin’ annoying George Grande is?

  50. Chad Dotson

    My wife is kicking me out of the room with the HD so she can watch some program. I have to go downstairs and watch the non-HD broadcast.

    Do I have any recourse against her? This seems like such a travesty of justice.

    She says that I make her watch baseball (in HD!) six days a week, and that I should be able to give her the television on occasion. That’s a strong point in her favor.

  51. Chris

    Does anyone find this sort of ball entertaining? This is one of the first times I’ve really watched, and it’s a bunch of awkward hacks and weak base hits, and they’re leading. Is this what it’s been like?

  52. EKyRedsFan

    That would be the first text poll I would participate in.

  53. Jimmy James

    Is George Grande annoying?

    Text your answer (YES, YES, YES, or ONLY MOST OF THE TIME) to FSN Ohio.

  54. EKyRedsFan


    I think we’re watching two not-so-good teams going at it and this is the product.

  55. Chris

    Chad, I was just given the choice of (1) internet and The Amazing Race on Tivo here; or (2) the Reds and the treadmill in the basement. Given how Hampton is making the Reds look, I’m up here for a while, anyway.

  56. jason

    i fight that battle as well, chris. tough spot.

  57. Chris

    Grande, for all his blather, missed the fact that Janish and Berkman are both Rice guys. (Or did he say that 50 times earlier in the weekend?)

  58. EKyRedsFan

    I tried to sync my DVR with the radio last week and my DVR kept hiccuping so I gave up. Any tips here?

  59. Chad Dotson

    I only watch the Reds six days a week. I don’t know what my wife is complaining about.

  60. Mark in CC

    Would you make this trade? George Grande for Tim McCarver?

  61. Y-City Jim

    There was a mention of Janish being a Rice guy tonight.

  62. Jimmy James

    Never tried to sync the DVR with the radio. I should try that sometime.

    But is it better to listen to Marty moan than it is to hear the relentlessy chirpy George Grande?

  63. Jimmy James

    Hanigan with a hit.

    He’s no great shakes, but given the competition at catcher, shouldn’t Hanigan be playing more than once a week?

  64. EKyRedsFan

    I like Marty’s b-tchiness. It’s honest.. most of the time.

  65. Chris

    TAR is a great show.

    Yes, they mentioned Janish, but not Berkman – I realized it when Berkman gave him a friendly shove after Janish’s hit.

  66. Mark in CC

    Janish has hit 2 balls harder than Gonzo has in a week.

  67. EKyRedsFan

    I can’t imagine Tim McCarver being more annoying than George Grande.

  68. jason

    i know right. only have one hd tv in house, i take about 5 on hd tv and the rest in bedroom. i can live w/ that….if it wasnt for the fact i had to listen to captain happy face and his magical glass of joy juice!!!! the guy is draining. i need my cowboy fix, but cant sync it w/ dvr. these are the top problems i live with in life, egh.

  69. Jimmy James

    Honest, yes….but many times it’s also incredibly ill-informed. Yeah, he’s being honest, it’s what he really believes, but he’s right about things less and less these days.

    Get back to me when he criticizes Brandon Phillips about loafing like he criticizes others.

  70. Y-City Jim

    Would you make this trade? George Grande for Tim McCarver?

    Tough call. Is there a announcer to be named later included in the deal?

  71. Chris

    I heard that Marty said, after Cueto walked a couple guys, “quite frankly, I don’t know if he’s EVER going to get it.”

    That’s the sort of nonsense that drives me up the wall. At the same point in his career, Greg Maddux’s ERA was a run or more higher than Cueto’s. Wonder what Marty would’ve said about him.

  72. jason

    mccarver or grande, color me stumped. tough question.

  73. Mark in CC

    The double pay stats prove that DPs don’t equal wins.

    Rice again!

  74. Chad Dotson

    On the Astros broadcast (Reds aren’t in HD on DirecTV tonight, and I haven’t yet been kicked out)….

    They were doing an interview with Paul Janish’s family in the stands and, of course, Janish grounded into a double play.

  75. Mark in CC

    Could I have Drew Henson instead.

  76. jason

    chris, that is to funny. i thought the same thing when he said it friday night, great point and agreed 100pct.

  77. Chad Dotson

    I’m no big fan of Grande, but I’ll take him over McCarver every day of the week, and twice on Sundays. Tim McCarver is simply a moron.

  78. jason

    chuck is a good show, a rarity these days for network television.

  79. Jimmy James

    How many pitches has Arroyo thrown overall through four innings?

  80. RedsFanInMN

    I love Grande. Never seen a Reds game without him.

  81. Mark in CC

    Well George has a great family and more than that he is a great MAN.

  82. EKyRedsFan

    I’m surprised George Grande didn’t do that interview with Janish’s family. He likes to talk about how he knows everyone’s parents so much… as if he was invited to do Christmas with them last year or something.

  83. Chad Dotson

    Ugh, network television. I watch one — count ’em, ONE — show on network television. America’s Funniest Videos, with the kids.

    Never heard of Chuck. Is it new?

  84. jason

    i will be weeping as well, signed a few petitions to keep it on over the last week. save chuck!

  85. Y-City Jim

    48 pitches for Arroyo thus far.

    Chuck is a good show. Adding Scott Bakula a few episodes has sparked renewed interest in Quantum Leap.

  86. Y-City Jim

    Outside of the first Ab, Willy T has been hosed the last two times.

  87. jason

    sarah can be very attractive one minute and totally sub-par the next, wo is with me on this? yes, i know this is a reds blog, not chuck. bare with me here.

  88. Y-City Jim

    America’s Funniest Videos is a network show? I just figured it was in endless syndication.

  89. Mark in CC

    A lot of man love for Chuck going on here.

  90. jason

    dave coulier still host? does a tee ball to the crouch still win every week? oh wait, it was bob saget not uncle joey.

  91. Kurt Frost

    I like Elly. Yummy. Arroyo is being very stingy with the pitches tonight. Someone remind him that’s not allowed.

  92. EKyRedsFan

    Isn’t it the “Dancing with the Stars” guy?

  93. Charlie

    And, I just popped my Redlegsnation cherry by posting on yesterday’s game thread. Ha.

    Well, I can say it again here: Those were the worst two consecutive ABs I’ve seen in my life. Look at a perfect first strike; foul off a bad breaking pitch; look at the third strike. WTF?

  94. Mark in CC

    Bronson seems to be throwing more fast balss than usual.

  95. jason

    what do you think chris welsh would have to say about george grande after a few beers, a shot of jameson and a jtm? seriously, he has to get annoyed, right?

  96. Chris W.

    You still watch America’s Funniest Videos? Come on Chad, expand your horizons!!

  97. Chad Dotson

    There are multiple crotch videos, two trampoline clips, and two pinatas in each episode. Still funny, even without Bob Saget.

  98. Mark in CC

    I was at a banquet where Hal McCoy spoke and he said that Welsh wouldn’t replace Joe because Marty hated him. What do you think Marty thinks of George.

  99. EKyRedsFan

    That’s funny stuff, Jason. Along the same lines, if I drank every time George Grande said “Silver Bat,” I’d be a gonner already.

  100. Jimmy James

    Was that the first Quantam Leap reference in Nation history?

  101. Chris W.

    I would like to see/watch a game in which they just throw every Reds announcer in the booth. Have Marty, Thom, Grande, Welsh, and the Cowboy just go at it.

    It would be like Harry Carey doing a game. The on the field stuff would be secondary to whatever was going on in the booth. Marty would go off on some tangent about some emailer, Brantley would be talking about a hot dog he had for lunch or the wings he was going to eat after the game. Grande would be talking about how good a ball player Corey patterson is because he is fast. Meanwhile Welsh would be having seizures in the background listening to everyone else babble.

  102. EKyRedsFan

    “Even without Bob Saget.” ??? He was the biggest reason I didn’t want to watch the show.

  103. jason

    nicely done, EKy. a GG drinking game should be available somewhere online. we should probably start it and play it here every wednesday night game.

  104. nick in va

    Chuck is a decent show. We like “The Office” but most network shows are awful. I am happy Mythbusters is new again, but for the most part I would be ok without watching any tv. Too many other things to do. I do need to get a home kit for the XM, so I can listen to games at night. I’m too cheap to pay for extra innings.

  105. EKyRedsFan

    I thought Marty and Welsh did a pretty good job together last season and the one game this season.

  106. Chris W.

    I watched One (1) season of American Idol!

    I have narrowed my network tv to 4 shows. Friday Night Lights gets my nod as must see tv.

  107. EKyRedsFan

    You could also drink every time he says “Buccos” when we play the Pirates or “Reds killer” when we play anyone else.

  108. Mark in CC

    I hope the score stays right here until Hampton goes out. I have him on 2 fantasy teams.

  109. jason

    exactly, and every time he says ‘Yep’ or whenever the aflac duck quacks and makes him giggle.

  110. mike

    “That’s the sort of nonsense that drives me up the wall. At the same point in his career, Greg Maddux’s ERA was a run or more higher than Cueto’s. Wonder what Marty would’ve said about him.”

    this is something I don’t think many fans understand. Very few pitchers are great right away. Even young top prospects who make a splash when they first get the bigs usually have a rocky year or so

    Cueto is 23 and has 33 starts. His ERA+ is 95. SO/9 8.3 and SO/BB 2.3
    Maddux in his first 2 seasons had 32 starts (he was younger) had a 75 ERA+ and a worse SO rate and SO/BB rate

    two things. Maddux was younger so it is difficult to make the comparison but I did do some research into this a few years ago looking at HOF bound pitchers and you’d be amazing how many of them were not very good in their first 30-40 starts

    even looking quickly at some of the current best experienced active starters here is a quick breakdown.

    Santana had a below average ERA his first 2 season/14 starts ages 21-22
    Oswalt started out great right away but was slightly older in his first season at 23
    Johnson had a below average ERA his first 3 seasons/60 starts ages ages 24-25
    Halladay started out good right away
    Zambrano started out good right away
    Smoltz was horrible his first 15 or so starts

    Cueto’s peripherals are great and for his age that’s usually a sign he’s going to be good. I expect great things from Cueto starting any day now 🙂

  111. EKyRedsFan

    George and Thom are always bustin Welsh’s balls over the JTM commercials (and rightfully so). But I bet he just wants to punch them in the face sometimes.

  112. jason

    ..or calling him “jockretty”. ugh.

  113. Mark in CC

    Who knows whether Hal really knew what he was talking about or just making up negative news.

  114. Y-City Jim

    I was at a banquet where Hal McCoy spoke and he said that Welsh wouldn’t replace Joe because Marty hated him.

    Who doesn’t Marty hate?

    Was that the first Quantam Leap reference in Nation history?

    Likely. It was almost as obscure as The Pretender (not to be confused with The Pretenders).

    Smiling scoreboard. What the heck does that mean anyway?

    George missed his calling to be Mr. Rogers successor.

    Chris W, that was hilarious! Great scenario.

    Jason, did you know there is a Carl Sagan (Cosmos) drinking game? You drink a shot every time Carl says “billions and billions.”

  115. EKyRedsFan

    Why did Hal say this at a banquet? Was that in a speech? Was this a roast or something?

  116. nick in va

    I honestly believe I’ve seen every clip played on AFV (America’s Funniest Videos) at least three times. I still love the clip where the lady says to her grandma “Where are we Grandma?” and she replies, in a funny (to me) voice “Mexico.” Not quite, they were in China. Comedy gold.

  117. jason

    ive often wondered the same markcc, in regards to marty’s thoughts on gg. would love to know how they all feel about each other…or lets be honest, just george “smiling scoreboard” grande.

  118. Chad Dotson

    “Even without Bob Saget.” ??? He was the biggest reason I didn’t want to watch the show.

    Yeah, I know, I was just kidding. The show was unwatchable until he left. Even now, it’s best just to watch with the sound off.

  119. Mark in CC

    A question was asked, Will Chris Welsh replace Joe? Welsh had been the guest speaker the year before.

  120. Chad Dotson

    Chris W, it’s okay to watch a season of “Idol”…..if you are a fourteen year old girl.

  121. Kurt Frost

    Does anyone else hear the clanking noise in the background of the game? It drives me nuts. I hear it on ESPN games, FOX game of the week games. I can’t figure out what it could be.

  122. EKyRedsFan

    I agree. And so you don’t feel too bad, my wife makes me watch AFV with her a lot.

  123. Kurt Frost

    My Dad, who was/is a marine and is the manliest man I know, watches American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

  124. Mark in CC

    For what its worth my wife hates it. No sense of humor.

  125. Y-City Jim

    On the subject of TV shows, Monk and Psych are two we watch though their schedule of new shows is so hard to follow. Obviously, the Office is priceless.

    I’d be happy if there was a Seinfeld Channel.

    Whoa! What a DP started by Arroyo!

  126. Jimmy James

    I meant to post this a minute ago, but…

    Welcome, Charlie (post 124)! Hope you’ll be around in the game thread often. We have a good time in here most of the time.

    Plus, you can pad your comment totals for the Top Commenters race (looks in mirror).

  127. Mark in CC

    That stinks. I’not sure we can score again.

  128. Jimmy James

    Kurt, I think that clanking is in your head.

    Glad we got that DP before the Berkman blast.

  129. Mark in CC

    That stinks. I’m not sure we can score again.

  130. nick in va

    These game threads are killing my post total. Next year I’ve got really pad the stats from January through March.

  131. EKyRedsFan

    Thank God Hunter Pence is a moron.

  132. Chris W.

    I do NOT watch AI. My wife on the other hand, she Tivo’s it and watches it while I am at work.

    Fortunately I have the WIFE that will watch Reds games with me 7 DAYS A WEEK! haha

    You better watch out. I’ll have your son batting 12th tomorrow in T-Ball!

  133. jason

    ol’ jesse and daddy wags, def have to be included in drinking game.

  134. Mark in CC

    Janish has to get in the line-up more.

  135. Chad Dotson

    Bat him 12th, Chris. Everyone gets to bat in t-ball, so he’ll get the same number of ABs he would get if he were leading off!

    Plus, he’d get to hit a homer at the end of every inning and round the bases.

  136. Y-City Jim

    I hate the NBA.

    I think Gonzo needs another day off.

  137. Jimmy James

    Okay, someone really is going to have to create the official George Grande/Jeff Brantley drinking game.

  138. EKyRedsFan

    hahaha.. Jesse and Daddy wags definitely.

  139. EKyRedsFan

    I can’t believe he bunted with 2 strikes.

  140. Chris W.

    HAHA Actually I’m using the strategy of the team we played the other day. Bat the weaker kids first so that they don’t hit the little dribblers and get the other kids out at home.

    Plus, if I batted your kid last, he’d pass up every other runner on the base paths en route to his homerun.

  141. Y-City Jim

    jason, we’ve got to invent this George Grande drinking game. We can sell it through Redleg Nation. 🙂

  142. Jimmy James

    Cincinnati needs an NBA team again. Royals, anyone?

  143. Kurt Frost

    butcher boy

    A strategy where the hitter first shows he intends to bunt, pulls back the bat when the pitcher begins the delivery, and takes a quick swing at the pitch. Generally used by weaker hitters such as pitchers.

  144. EKyRedsFan

    For JB, you can drink every time he says “Popeyes” or “annnd he walked him” or “See ya later it’s a tater.”

  145. Mark in CC

    Janish has as many hits tonight as Gonzo has all season.

  146. Chris W.

    Go Celtics!!! So you can get it handed to you THIS YEAR by the Lakers in the finals!

  147. mhopp

    Should’ve taken “Uh Oh Arroyo” out as he wasn’t fooling anyone the last inning and we could use a hit…like from Ownings.

    At least Dusty has the foresight to have someone warming.

  148. Mark in CC

    or, a double on Billy, Billy, Billy!

  149. Chad Dotson

    As you know, Chris (because you’ve seen me run), he gets all his athleticism from his mother.

    And I love the fact that you’re thinking through t-ball strategy.

  150. Jimmy James

    They just showed Harang in the dugout. He really DOES have a dorito on his chin.

  151. EKyRedsFan

    “A strategy where the hitter first shows he intends to bunt, pulls back the bat when the pitcher begins the delivery, and takes a quick swing at the pitch. Generally used by weaker hitters such as pitchers.”

    Or, according to Tom Browning, the bastard play.

  152. Chris

    Back from The Amazing Race. Catching up on the game. Sure glad we don’t have a HR-dependent offense like those stupid Astros.

    GG Drinking Game Entry: “Pull-hols.”

  153. Mark in CC

    Tejada plays better defense off of roids.

  154. Jimmy James

    Another hit by Taveras. Kid can play!

  155. EKyRedsFan

    Hey now, I’d like to be counted in on this drinking game, too.

  156. Chris

    A Chris Welsh drinking game would only need to include “Butcher Boy” to result in mass alcohol poisoning. I swear he’s said that phrase 18 times tonight.

  157. Chris

    At least we won’t be drunk this season from “it’s gonna beeeeee……gawun!”

  158. Jared

    It’s hard to take a guy out after 5 innings, 1 run and 57 pitches, but it did cross my mind too.

  159. Jimmy James

    LOL, Kurt, I agree about that practice swing. I’m easily annoyed, though.

  160. Chris

    Has George self-corrected from “Har-ris-ton” to the proper “Hair-ston” pronunciation?

  161. EKyRedsFan

    If they don’t score on this golden opportunity, I’m going to get drunk tonight.

  162. mhopp

    I’m finally able to laugh about last year’s lead off hitter and CF…it feels great too.

  163. Jared

    I’m really not digging the 3d view on mlb’s Gameday. I hate how the view moves any time I accidentally drag my mouse across it, and the view ought to be from the ump’s POV by default.

  164. EKyRedsFan

    Let’s go Byrdak. Serve it up.

  165. Mark in CC

    Maybe we can get George to read the Lottery Number twice. That should be good for a shot of Tequilla

  166. jason

    oh man, many yuks had tonight on game thread along with chuck convos. cant beat that, now back to gg drinking game does he say “beep beep jeep lineup” anymore? and def, “crafty lefthander chris welsh (awkward stare at chris)

  167. Chris

    This is another Rice guy.

    And a pathetic tribute to my lack of baseball knowledge. I have NEVER heard of Byrdak.

  168. Jimmy James

    A triple steal. That would almost be worth the havoc just for the entertainment value of that.

  169. Chris

    Astros can’t like their pitcher giving that up with an 0-2 count.

  170. Mark in CC

    Nice hustle, worth a shot with a .180 hitter coming up.

  171. EKyRedsFan

    It’s pretty safe/obvious to say Votto is carrying this team.

  172. Kurt Frost

    What do you mean what am I crapping about? This is the Reds, how many times is that runner left out there on third?

  173. EKyRedsFan

    You can tell Welsh is not impressed with Brandon Phillips.

  174. mhopp

    Man they played that ball perfect off the wall…if not for that it would easily be another run.

  175. Chris

    Welsh is a lonely voice in the wilderness, as far as this organization goes.

  176. Jared

    Call me crazy, but I don’t give Vottiston a fastball down the middle with an 0-2 count.

  177. Chad Dotson

    So, now that we’re winning again, can we get back to important things?

    No one has told me what “Chuck” is.

  178. jason

    this is me tipping my cap to # 246 as well, nicely done.

  179. mhopp

    Phillips needs to sit for a few games!

  180. Chris

    I do NOT like these motorcycle PSAs. Anyone else getting them?

  181. Jimmy James

    Time to get Arroyo out of there.

  182. Y-City Jim

    Can we include repetitive TV commercials in the GG drinking game? That motorcycle safety commercial ought to be worth some form of alcohol abuse.

  183. EKyRedsFan

    You know a show I never watched before but have recently began to enjoy… The King of Queens.


  184. Jared

    I’m still looking for some one to drink with in Chicago Thursday and Friday.

  185. Jimmy James

    FWIW, I’m aiming for top ten in the Commenters race before the end of the game tonight.

  186. nick in va

    Votto, in my best Mike Gundy voice, “is a man.”

  187. Chris W.

    We’re on pace for a nice high number of comments. May not top the cincy/SD debacle of last season, but nonetheless, a nice total.

  188. Chris

    “City folk juuust don’t get it.” Drink.

    “For purchase or refi, I’m your guy. Call Tommie Mac…” Drink.

    Those two overaged spokes-daughters for the garage door guy. Drink.

  189. jason

    we could do that, st. clair roofing is huge this year. i hate the “your watching reds on fsn” spots, you can see them read the q cards, especially coco.

  190. Mark in CC

    I don’t get the motorcycle thing either. Maybe they should ley Cordero read the spot. We might understand better.

  191. Y-City Jim

    Janish doesn’t waste time getting rid of the ball. These DPs are nailing the runner at 1B by 10 to 15 feet.

  192. Kurt Frost

    Chuck is an action-comedy television program from the United States created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. The series is about an “average computer-whiz-next-door” who receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend now working in the CIA; the message embeds the only remaining copy of the world’s greatest spy secrets into Chuck’s brain.

  193. Chad Dotson

    Those over-aged spokes daughters kill me.

    Last season, my son used to run out of the room when they came on “because one of them has a big neck.”

  194. Chris

    HAHA. Does that mean a Merton Hanks long neck, or a Kevin James thick neck?

  195. Y-City Jim

    We’re on pace for a nice high number of comments.

    Maybe a record for a nine inning game.

  196. Chris

    Chad, does our new server host some NBC chatroom? I keep getting “Chuck” propaganda.

  197. Chad Dotson

    Kurt, I thought you were fooling around with that description of Chuck. But I checked….

    Sounds bizarre.

  198. Matt B.

    All these close games are going to eventually give me a heart attack.

  199. Kurt Frost

    The Chrysler/Jeep commercials are more irritating than Hairston’s practice swing.

  200. EKyRedsFan

    Did Hairston just bluff a toss into the stands??

    John Franco did that to me when he was with the Mets during warmups. I’ve hated him ever since.

  201. Kurt Frost

    It is a really good show. Next week is the season finale. I’m afraid it will be the last show.

  202. jason

    nicely done, # 294. amy and erin are very odd lookin indeed.

  203. Chris

    I feel like NBC went out and tried to find someone who looked like Jim from The Office. Between Jim, Chuck, and Jimmy Fallon, they’ve cornered the market on messy-haired charmers.

  204. Chris W.

    I have you topped EkyRedsFan… I once got flipped off by Dave Justice during BP. And I was 12!!

  205. mhopp

    I tell you Joey Votto has to be one of the top 10 under 27 players in the game

  206. Y-City Jim

    Speaking of network babes, Emily Deschanel (Bones) ranks up there.

  207. Mark in CC

    He better watch his back next time out there.

  208. EKyRedsFan

    Watch out guys… I bet George Grande knows Amy and Erin and their dad.

  209. mhopp

    Johnny Gomes 0 for 5 tonight batting .161 at AAA

  210. Mark in CC

    “He double dribbles it.” Should be a drink for a new dumb comment.

  211. Kurt Frost

    What do you think would happen if they made ballplayers just get in the box without going through all their OCD rituals?

  212. Chris

    “Great garage door salesman? Yes. But more importantly, a great father, and a great man.”

  213. EKyRedsFan

    Wow… That is bad. And Justice being a Cincinnati guy too. Wouldn’t have thought that one.

  214. Y-City Jim

    Kurt, we may not have to worry about Jeep/Chrysler commercials next year.

  215. Chris W.

    I guess when a 12 year old yells that “You Suck” for not tossing you a ball, you get the ol’ Bird!

  216. Jimmy James

    The Astros suck pretty bad, don’t they?

  217. Mark in CC

    Junior patted his right butt cheek at me from third base one time when I yelled that Edmonds would have scored on the base hit Junior stopped at third on.

  218. EKyRedsFan

    “Great garage door salesman? Yes. But more importantly, a great father, and a great man.”

    HAHA! “And I really look forward to our annual family ski trips to Vermont.”

  219. Chris

    The game thread comment will definitely carry an asterisk for Chuck-related spam. 🙂

  220. Chris

    Yes. “Big and burly.” Which is why I looked up LaTroy’s vitals.

  221. jason

    GG drinking game- ” “Hi, Hello, and Welcome”

  222. Jimmy James

    Pretty good AB by Dickerson there.

  223. Chris

    Awesome AB there. Top friggin notch.

    Even better when you consider how many pinch hitters go up there hackin’ (and usually get excused by the announcers). See Harris, Lenny.

  224. EKyRedsFan

    “Twin killing” Drink drink drink.

  225. Chad Dotson

    I wish there were someone who could advise me whether we’re on the smiling side of the scoreboard. I can never remember.

  226. jason

    GG drinking game- “get em on, get em over, get em in”

  227. Y-City Jim

    Switching to a Rosales topic,
    with the Reds lacking a RH outfield bat why not give Rosales some reps in left field at Louisville?

  228. EKyRedsFan

    Oh crap. There’s Dusty’s reason for not starting Janish for the next week and a half.

  229. Jimmy James

    Janish is going to be out for six weeks now, I bet. Welcome to the majors, Adam Rosales.

  230. Chris

    Off-topic (but perhaps less so than Chuck). Anyone ever read The Road by Cormac McCarthy? I just finished that last night. What a great book.

  231. Mark in CC

    Louisville won, scored 7 runs, Rosales 1 hit and Castillo is hitting .333 although he has only played 5 games.

  232. EKyRedsFan

    Maybe he whistles when he thinks of something he knows he shouldn’t say to George.

  233. Chad Dotson

    For what it’s worth, we used to have a little widget that linked to the top 25 most commented-on posts. It didn’t work when we upgraded the software.

    I have a new one that I think will work; I just need to find time to install it.

    Seems like the top post had 460+ comments. Maybe more.

  234. EKyRedsFan

    Cross your fingers. It’s “Rhodes Time.”

  235. Y-City Jim

    Off-topic (but perhaps less so than Chuck). Anyone ever read The Road by Cormac McCarthy?

    No but you peaked my interest. McCarthy wrote “No Country for Old Men.” Correct?

  236. mhopp

    Definitely need runs, Rhodes is due to get hit too

  237. EKyRedsFan

    It’s his perfect stats that worry me. You know he’s due a meltdown.

  238. mhopp

    Why is Dusty using Rhodes against RHP’s? He does much better against LHP’s

  239. mike

    funny about burly

    burly is Thomas, Thome, Howard, Hafner, Jenks, Broxton, Putz (that guy is huge), and of course DUNN

  240. Jimmy James

    Grande just said “Harriston” twice in two seconds. So, no, he hasn’t corrected himself.

    Now Harriston is hurt. Sheesh, he’ll be out for two months too.

  241. Chris

    Yes, Jim. Same guy. I tried “All the Pretty Horses” a while back, but couldn’t get into it. It seemed over-written. “The Road” isn’t.

  242. Jimmy James

    Crap, someone mentioned Dunn. There’s sure to be a fight now.

    We were having so much fun in the game thread tonight, too.

  243. Plowboy

    My oldest kid and one of Welsh’s are seniors in the same class in high school, so I’ve seen him at several kids’ birthday parties and such over the years.

    Anyway, I was talking to him at one of those things and (inappropriately, I admit) asked him about George and all his crappiness. I must say he was very diplomatic. He just kind of smirked, shook his head, and went, “Ehhhh…”

    It was pretty clear he didn’t want to discuss it.

  244. Chad Dotson

    “The Road” is underwritten, if anything. I’ve never read anything else by McCarthy (picked The Road up on a suggestion from a friend), but I was impressed.

  245. Mark in CC

    I tried to ignore the Dunn thing.

  246. EKyRedsFan

    This doesn’t look good. Arthur Rhodes is a situational lefty. Emphasis on situational. I’m not sure I’d rather see Stormy in there right now or not though.

  247. Kurt Frost

    A walk here wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen. It could set up a double play to get out of the inning.

  248. EKyRedsFan

    Tejada has a fat head from all that HGH he never took.

  249. Mark in CC

    Rhodes is pitching too much. He’s an old man.

  250. Chad Dotson

    I agree. I’d rather talk about Chuck than Dunn.

    I’m starting to get nervous here….

  251. Chris

    Turning Berkman around is a good reason to use Rhodes.

    Not sure I give Dusty that much credit, but it can’t hurt.

    Now facing C. Lee????

  252. EKyRedsFan

    Again, GG has no idea what he’s talking about. Anyway, this is the 4th straight RH Rhodes has faced.

  253. Chad Dotson

    Looks interesting, Chris. Just bought it for the Kindle.

    Do you love your Kindle or what? It’s the greatest toy I’ve purchased in a long time.

  254. Jimmy James

    Popup was good, but 3-0 now. If Rhodes can work his way out of this one, I’ll be impressed.

  255. Plowboy

    Speaking of John Franco, my buddy and I were down in the blue seats before a game back in the mid-80s, and my friend asked Franco for an autograph on his program as he was finishing up some throwing.

    As he was running back to the dugout, Franco (with an extremely irritated look on his face) simply reached up, grabbed the pen and program, quickly signed, then (literally) without ever even looking at him, THREW the program and pen back at friend. All the while he’s groveling, “Thank you, Mr. Franco! Thank you!”

    I still give him heck about that one to this day.

  256. EKyRedsFan

    Was Lee seriously walking to 1B on that pitch?

  257. Chris

    Wish I’d waited 5 months and got version 2.0, but it’s pretty great. Especially for travel.

  258. Kurt Frost

    Oh my word, I can’t believe they are leaving him in. This probably won’t end well.

  259. Jimmy James

    I don’t know if I mind that walk to Carlos Lee or not. I was afraid Lee was going to hit it to the moon.

  260. Y-City Jim

    Is having a pumpkin-sized head worth the benefits of HGH?

  261. EKyRedsFan

    I think Dick Pole wears that warmup jacket 24-7. I think I can see mustard stains.

  262. Chris

    To heck with it. Rhodes is about your best pitcher. Let him do it, right?

  263. Chad Dotson

    Chris, I wanted a Kindle for a long time, but I talked myself into waiting for the 2.0 version. I’m very pleased with it.

    As you said, it’s a godsend for travel.

  264. EKyRedsFan

    Dusty almost swallowed his toothpick there.

  265. Y-City Jim

    Love the mustard stains comment, EKy!

  266. Y-City Jim

    Nervous? This is routine anymore.

  267. EKyRedsFan

    Seriously.. look at that jacket and then look at everyone elses.

  268. Jimmy James

    That’s a terrible call! But I love it!!!!!!!

  269. Chris

    You really couldn’t make a better pitch than that. I can’t blame Pence for watching it.

  270. earl

    God lord…between Coco, Stormy and Arthur, I think I have aged a year in the last couple of days.

  271. Mark in CC

    Dusty pulled a hamstring. Hopefully he goes on the DL.

  272. EKyRedsFan

    You can’t paint the edge of the zone ANY closer than that.

  273. renbutler

    It was borderline for sure. I hope FSN shows a side view. It might have been right at the hollow of the knee.

    Either way, it was a gutsy call by the ump.

  274. Mark in CC

    You know Dippin Dots were invented by a guy trying to invent freeze dried cattle food?

  275. EKyRedsFan

    There’s dick pole’s jacket.

  276. mike

    what is the record for comments? I can’t believe how many there are.

  277. mhopp

    Between “Bumpy” Rhodes and “Stormy” Weathers the 8th inning should be scary this year!

  278. EKyRedsFan

    Speaking of Reds apparel.. does anyone know why Bronson wears the old 5950 cap?

  279. Mark in CC

    This has been a great game to watch and comment on.

  280. EKyRedsFan

    I’ve seen Pudge drop a few balls tonight. Maybe a new mitt?

  281. Chad Dotson

    Mark, how do you know that about Dippin’ Dots? Did you get that information from the future?

  282. Jared

    2 hits and 2 runs for Slick Willy tonight. GLAD WE GOT HIM AT THE TOP OF THE ORDER!

  283. Mark in CC

    Suprised the Astros are using their closer here since he is supposed to have a bad back?

  284. Jimmy James

    Yeah, this hasn’t been the most well-played game, but there has been a little bit of everything, seems like.

  285. Chad Dotson

    I hadn’t noticed that about Arroyo’s cap. Someone should ask Paul Lukas at That guy is nuts.

  286. Chris W.

    I wish Votto would have hit one right back at Valverde and see if he could “dance” his way out of the way. Just pitch the ball!!!

  287. Y-City Jim

    Commercial entry – “erection lasting more than four hours” – drink

  288. EKyRedsFan

    Yeah, Bronson stuck with the old cap after the new one came out. No idea why, but that’s a good idea… I’ll email uniwatch and let you know.

  289. Mark in CC

    I read the Dippin Dots thing in some magazine. The guy invested a lot of money in the machine to make the cattle food and it didn’t work. He threw some milk in and it made milk dots, sSo he tried it with ice cream mix and his investment paid off.

  290. jason

    lets go Co Co!! 3 out of 4 in houston! 5-2 roadie!! bring on the cubs!!!

  291. Y-City Jim

    Smiling scoreboard sighting – drink

  292. Chris

    I’m not getting the boner commercials or the long-neck girls here in Columbus. I suppose a joke could be made about the pairing of those two commercials.

  293. Jimmy James

    Well, I’m in the top ten in comments, briefly at least.

    My work here is done.

    I hope CoCo’s work is done soon.

  294. Mark in CC

    If it lasts longer than 4 hours don’t call the doctor, call the newspaper and tell them to come out and take a picture.

  295. Chris

    FrancisCO COrdero.

    Fairly clever nickname, especially for today’s game. And GG totally misses the point.

  296. Y-City Jim

    The success of Dippin’ Dots is that people are crazy enough to pay $3 to $4 for a dinky little cup of the things.

  297. Jimmy James

    Chuck should get an honorary spot in the Top Commenters list.

  298. Chris

    The fact that Geoff Blum is “one of the most valuable members of this Astros ballclub” says a heck of a lot more about the Astros than it does Geoff Blum.

  299. Chris

    Funny how guys with career 700 OPSs are always “underrated.”

  300. Jared

    3 days till my first Reds game of the year!

  301. Y-City Jim

    If we were playing the GG drinking game for real tonight, we wouldn’t have made it to 300 comments, much less 500.

  302. Chad Dotson

    With a win, we’re nipping at the heels of the Cubs and Cards. Too early in the season for scoreboard-watching?

  303. Chris W.

    What is the ratio of this Game Thread?

    50 % Chuck
    40 % Drinking Games
    7 % Actual Game
    2% Dippin Dots
    1 % Other

  304. EKyRedsFan

    I would have passed out around the 3rd inning.

  305. Chris

    My wife just summed up the night quite well: “It feels like this game has been going on for a hundred years. I’ve been listening to George Grande all night. My ears are hurting.”

  306. Jimmy James

    Two away. Please finish this one off, CoCo!

  307. EKyRedsFan

    You mean Smiling Scoreboard watching? Never too early for that.

  308. Kurt Frost

    “3 days till my first Reds game of the year!”

    I’m planning on going up Saturday. Sunny and 82°

  309. Y-City Jim

    I would have passed out around the 3rd inning.

    The GG drinking game should probably carry a warning label.

  310. EKyRedsFan

    GAME OVER! Time to crack open the celebratory beer.

  311. Y-City Jim

    This one belongs to the Reds – hic

  312. Jared

    Win! How big is your database, Chad?

  313. RedsFanInMN

    This would be a heartbreaking loss.

  314. Mark in CC

    Tonight was fun. Lets do it again!

  315. Y-City Jim

    More posts than pitches.

    Can’t say that too often. Sounds like a positive.

  316. Chris


    “Smilin’ scoreboard” one last time.

    Now some “Pic” references.

  317. jason

    game over! good stuff tonight, bring on the cubs….and SAVE CHUCK!

  318. Jimmy James

    Man, a loss after all the fun we’ve had in here tonight would have been a real bummer.

    Now we can sleep soundly!

  319. Jared

    Kurt – we’ll be at the bars Friday night and Driving home hungover on Saturday.

  320. jason

    god, i love me some smilin scoreboard. see ya’ll tomorrow. go reds!

  321. Jimmy James

    See you all here tomorrow night.

  322. EKyRedsFan

    How about we drink everytime Pic gazes lustfully (and awkwardly) into the eyes of the guy he’s interviewing.

  323. Chris W.

    I win!!!! Give me my Dipping Dots… OR free edition of the GG Drinking Game!!

  324. Chad Dotson

    Mad Men…now that’s a show I’ve heard a lot of good things about. I may need to check that one out.

  325. nick in va

    3 of 4 from Houston in Houston. Take that every time. 2 of 3 from the Cubs would be so sweet. I have an unhealthy dislike of the Cubs. I hope they lose every game.

  326. EKyRedsFan

    “No rest for the Rary.” ???

    That’s it for me. This is my first game chat and I think I’ll be back tomorrow… Good stuff.

  327. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, lots of fun, everyone. I’m going to post the recap then off to bed.

    See you tomorrow.