Our intrepid manager on Adam Rosales, who’s tearing the cover off the ball recently in AAA:

Adam Rosales is hitting .387 with four home runs at Louisville. The Reds are struggling as a team as far as hitting. Is it time to consider calling up Rosales?

“Where would he play?” Baker said. “Plus, he’s down there to improve his game. Hitting is only one part. . . He’s doing what we think is best for him.

“He’ll be here. I told him to slow down the game. I don’t want him to slow but slow down the game.”

Submitted without further comment.

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  1. Chris

    Reminds me of what he said about Bruce last year. Right down to the “where would he play” silliness.

  2. Mark in CC

    Where does Rosales play? Right now it would seem wherever he wants.

    I still believe Gonzalez is the shortstop for ’09, but he needs to sit down a couple of days. If not Janish then Rosales.

  3. World

    How about third? The current resident can’t hit a lick and plays a poorer hot corner than some of the Fantasy Players that I’ve seen in Sarasota.

    Third Johnnie B. Try him at third.

  4. Y-City Jim

    As I said on the other thread, Eddie is seeing nothing to hit and as a result has walked ten times (.400 OBP). Rosales wouldn’t see any more to hit than Eddie. Maybe if Eddie was in that clean-up spot rather than Phillips he’d see something to hit. Also through eleven games, Eddie has only one error.

  5. Jason

    How could Rosales be worse than Gonzalez?!?!

  6. Shane

    Posts have disappeared like crazy! Technical problem??

  7. Chad Dotson

    Switched to a faster, more reliable server today. Some comments were lost in the transition.

  8. Shane

    We just changed servers this weekend (which is why we lost a few comments today).


  9. Mark in CC

    Different topic but I thought there was a little double standard last night. Last Season EE lost a pop-up in the roof in Houston and was left in the batters box. He was benched a labled a slacker.

    Last night Joey V did the same thing and I haven’t heard a thing, especially from Hal McCoy who was quick to crucify EE.

    Personally I don’t think under the circumstances of the building you can lay great blame on either of them but if its good for one then its good for both.

  10. pinson343

    “Slow the game down ?” Has Dusty watched too many Matrix movies ? Does he want Rosales to see the ball coming at him in slow motion ? Rosales couldn’t be hitting any better even if he were.

  11. Fighting Fascism

    Does Dusty make a conscious effort to light up the bogs with his infuriating comments to the media? Does he do it intentionally to deflect blame off the team and unto himself so his players appreciate him more and give him that extra effort? Or does he truly believe the drivel that comes out of his mouth?

  12. Bill Lack

    I’ve honestly never heard “slow the game down” when it comes to baseball. You hear this often when talking about players maturing in the NFL that the game “slows down”…but baseball? Seems pretty slow all the time…

  13. preach


    Dusty uses analogies from fishing, football, basketball, boxing, track. Pretty much every sport except, let’s see….oh, yeah: baseball.

  14. nick in va

    They should go ahead and call up Rosales now. How would it be possible he would be worse than Gonzalez?