Roy Oswalt is pitching for the Astros tonight. He is 0-2 on the year. Conventional baseball wisdom would say that he’s due for a win.


Roy Oswalt is 23-1 in his career against Cincinnati. And he’s due for a win.


Aaaahh, forget all that. Johnny Cueto is going to dominate a pathetic Houston lineup and the Reds are going to trash Oswalt. 23-2, here we come!

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  1. Chad Dotson

    The usual suspects:

    Taveras, cf
    Dickerson, lf
    Votto, 1b
    Phillips, 2b
    Bruce, rf
    Encarnacion, 3b
    Hernandez, c
    Gonzalez, ss
    Cueto, rhp

  2. Kurt Frost

    W. Taveras CF
    C. Dickerson LF
    J. Votto 1B
    B. Phillips 2B
    J. Bruce RF
    E. Encarnacion 3B
    R. Hernandez C
    A. Gonzalez SS
    J. Cueto P

  3. Matt B.

    The ESPN Gameday preview article said Oswalt is 24-1 against the Reds in his career. Someone must get to the root of this discrepancy.

  4. Chad Dotson

    Just got back from girls minor league (7-8 year old) softball practice, and T-ball practice. Lots of fun.

    Hope the big leaguers give us some enjoyment tonight.

  5. Jimmy James

    Kurt, you go to a ton of games, don’t you? I’m jealous.

  6. Kurt Frost

    We do go to a lot of games. I wish the Reds were in town tomorrow to give me an excuse to leave town and avoid Thunder Over Louisville.

  7. Chad Dotson

    It’s my daughter’s first year of softball (she’s 7; played t-ball before this year). She’s enjoying it so far.

  8. Matt B.

    Is it coach-pitch now, or is your daughter already well on her way to becoming the next Jennie Finch?

  9. Kurt Frost

    My daughter is 12…she played for 4 years but just didn’t want to play this year. She is into volleyball now.

  10. Chad Dotson

    It’s coach-pitch at this level, Matt. A lot of these girls have never played any ball before.

  11. Matt B.

    Is there a list about which Reds games will be shown in HD? I have yet to see an FSN Ohio game in HD on MLB.TV. So I’m stuck watching the away broadcast since I’m such a sucker for HD.

  12. Matt B.

    Ah, nevermind, I found the list. It looks like I haven’t been paying as close attention as I thought. Blasted professors and their blasted assignments.

  13. Chad Dotson

    FSN Ohio issued a press release some time back about those game, I thought.

    I’m still waiting for the HD broadcast to start on DirecTV. It was supposed to start four minutes ago. The Astros broadcast is coming through.

  14. Jimmy James

    Professors? Where are you a student?

  15. Matt B.

    Gonzaga – “That basketball school”

  16. mike

    the good news is that Houston is one of the few teams in baseball with a worse offense than the Reds.
    the worst offenses in baseball so far this year starting with the worst.
    KC, Oakland, SF, Twins, Houston, and Seattle

    the additional Uh-oh is that Berkman is also a Reds killer
    .338/.451/.713 career vs the Reds which is better than against any other NL team
    33 2B, 44 HR, 124 RBI, and 94 BB vs the Reds!

  17. Chad Dotson

    Not the Zags!

    The next-to-last time my undergrad alma mater made the NCAA tournament (2004), they lost in the first round to 12 seed Gonzaga.

  18. Jimmy James

    But Dickerson extends his hitting streak to five anyway.

  19. Matt B.

    Oswalt looks pretty sharp to start. Bad sign.

  20. Jimmy James

    Dickerson gunned at second. Havoc!

  21. Chad Dotson

    Oswalt’s a good little pitcher, isn’t he? He kills us, but he’s kinda fun to watch.

  22. mike

    in case anyone hasn’t noticed Dickerson has been hitting GREAT!

    1.021 OPS so far
    reached base in every game he’s played
    5 game hit streak
    OBP at .450 which for a #2 guy is perfect

  23. Matt B.

    Yes, I spoke too soon about Oswalt.

    Haha, Chad, sorry about that. Gonzaga sure loved upsetting people’s brackets. I’m glad they’re becoming a national program now, though. I got a chance to interview the AD last year; he gave me much insight about how they built such a tiny school in a relatively small town into a perennial Top-25 team. Very interesting stuff.

  24. Chad Dotson

    We’ve always said Dickerson could be productive, if placed in situations where he’s likely to succeed. In other words, he needs to be platooned to be at his most effective.

    He should be able to be a good hitter against righthanders.

  25. Chad Dotson

    I don’t blame you, Matt. Virginia loses to everyone, so I’m used to it.

    My law school alma mater, Georgetown, had a rough year, but they have a record of more success. I don’t think they’ve ever played the Zags, though.

    And, yes, the building of a national program at Gonzaga is one of the more amazing stories in all of sports. And they aren’t going anywhere. Few is a great coach, and he’s not having any trouble at all recruiting to that school.

  26. nick in va

    Speaking of alma maters. Did anyone see the Frozen Four final with Miami? Heart break city.

  27. Matt B.

    Wow, you went to Georgetown Law? Nice, very impressive.

    Gonzaga would have played Georgetown last year in the tournament if they hadn’t run into that Stephen Curry guy and Davidson. I guess a Jesuit v. Jesuit institution just wasn’t in the cards.

    Few definitely has a great incoming class this year, as well. This level of talent is pretty extraordinary for a non-BCS school like Gonzaga.

    On topic, though, I’m starting to hate MLB.TV, like I do every year. The past two nights, the sound has been delayed at least 2-4 seconds behind the actual gameplay. It’s really obnoxious.

  28. Chad Dotson

    I heard that MLB.tv was supposed to have a feature that would synch up the picture with the audio from the radio broadcast.

  29. Matt B.

    That Miami loss was definitely brutal. My girlfriend’s dad had walked away from the game once the score became 3-1 and was simply shocked when he turned it back on to see the game in OT.

  30. Chad Dotson

    And Georgetown Law was much more impressive until they accepted me. I think they dropped ten spots in the rankings just because I went there.

  31. Jimmy James

    Double for Edwin, after Bruce gets a hit.

    Those two HAVE to get hot for the Reds to score some runs.

  32. brublejr

    sweet…now we need the bottom to produce.

  33. Matt B.

    I thought so, too, Chad, but there is only the option of watching the game with the TV broadcasters or listening to the broadcast on radio with no picture.

  34. Jimmy James

    I thought I heard that about the radio/tv broadcasts too, on mlb.tv. I thought it was a cool feature when I heard about it.

  35. Matt B.

    His name has fallen into immense disdain around here, as well. But yes, his talent cannot be denied.

  36. Jimmy James

    Man, that’s three pitches right over the plate by Oswalt that the ump has called balls. Crazy.

  37. brublejr

    That is terrible…you’ve got to put the ball in play there!

  38. Jimmy James

    And, of course, Gonzo strikes out.

  39. Matt B.

    Yay, the sound has finally synced up to the gameplay. I’m still about 30 seconds behind you guys, though. I wish they could somehow make it completely live.

    Sigh, Gonzalez strikes out. 😐

  40. brublejr

    Sickening. That is all I can say…you can’t give away run opportunities when you are facing Oswalt…

  41. brublejr

    They just said on the radio that the only Reds pitcher to beat Oswalt was….Brandon Claussen…Can you believe that?

  42. Jimmy James

    Cueto looking pretty good so far.

  43. Chad Dotson

    Oswalt is acting like Taveras is really bothering him over at first. That’s good havoc.

  44. Matt B.

    At least the Reds are making Oswalt work. 60 pitches through 2.2 innings.

  45. Chad Dotson

    Sorry for the server issues. I just paid a new host. The transfer to the new servers will take place this weekend, and I expect that we won’t have any of these problems any longer after that.

  46. mike

    I’m watching the Houston tv broadcast of the game and they flashed a trivia question of who were the 3 Reds pitchers with the most wins vs Houston.
    I got a phone call and missed the answer so I decided to look it up.

    and more than 3, here are the Reds pitchers with more than 5 wins vs Houston
    Gary Nolan 15
    Jim Maloney 15
    Tom Browning 15
    Jose Rijo 12
    Mario Soto 11
    Fred Norman 11
    Clay Carroll 11
    Pedro Borbon 11
    John Smiley 9
    Joe Nuxhall 9
    Joey Jay 7
    Aaron Harang 7
    Sammy Ellis 7
    Jack Billingham 7
    Tom Seaver 6
    Frank Pastore 6
    Jim O’Toole 6

    and what the hell, which Reds have game with HR vs Houston?
    Games w/HR
    Tony Perez 34
    Johnny Bench 32
    Ken Griffey 21
    Adam Dunn 20
    Eric Davis 20
    George Foster 19
    Barry Larkin 18
    Joe Morgan 15
    Sean Casey 14
    Vada Pinson 12

  47. mike

    Taveras has played good defense tonight. It’s the first time I’ve actually thought he was fast in the OF

  48. Chad Dotson

    Taveras acts like he’s played CF in this park before, huh?

    His defense was VERY good when he was an Astro.

  49. mhopp

    Uh oh, I’m going to busy myself while Lincoln pitches…it usually results in something good if I don’t watch!

  50. Jimmy James

    Lincoln coming in with bases loaded. He’s due for a good outing, right? Right?

  51. Chad Dotson

    BTW, Brandon Phillips has 8 walks in 9 games. That’s more than 20% of his walk total from last year. And last year was a career high in BBs for BP.

  52. mike

    more server trouble? I posted a comment that I don’t see and when I tried to post it again it says it’s already been said…

  53. mike

    (try 2)
    Re: Where do you look up something like that?

    I used their pitching and batting “Game Finder”s

    I think you can use it and see some results without paying. I pay for it, so if there is anything you’d like looked up just ask.

    baseball reference is an amazing site and most of it is free

  54. Chad Dotson

    For some reason, the spam filter grabbed it, Mike. It should be showing up now; I de-spammed it.

  55. jason

    lee was 5 for 7 vs. lincoln, gutsy dusty call there.

  56. mhopp

    On a positive note Matt Maloney went 6.1 in 7hits, 2er, 6K and 0 BB. Carlos Fisher pitched 2.2 innings with 3K’s. Carlos Fisher has faced 23 batters this year and given up 2 hits with 0 runs and 9K…not a bad start.

  57. mike

    on a hopeful note.

    Since 1954 the Reds have only lost 10 games allowing 2 or fewer hits
    the last game being a 3-2 loss to SF in 1983

    lots a game left

  58. Matt Steele

    Interesting stat… hopefully our offense can get something going

  59. Jimmy James

    I knew Lincoln was due for a good outing.

  60. mike

    Re: Interesting stat

    yeah….it’s difficult, in particular in modern baseball, to lose a game only allowing 2 or fewer hits.

    It did happen 4 times last year including one of the oddest games I have ever seen which was Weaver and Anaheim losing a game allowing NO hits! I was happy because I can’t stand Anaheim.

  61. mike

    this is why the Reds need a better bench

    down by 1 in the 7th and 2 out but perfect time for a PH because your reliever isn’t going back out there. But the only real use is a hitter that can hit it out of the park.

    The Reds send up McDonald

    McDonald has never hit a HR in the bigs and has only 1 extra base hit in the major in 56 PA
    It gets better. The guy only has 60 HR in 8 AAA seasons

  62. Jimmy James

    Would’ve been a good spot for Jonny Gomes.

  63. brublejr

    Good job Hernandez..I am surprised he was able to throw Bourne out

  64. Jimmy James

    Did you guys know that Joey Votto is good?

  65. brublejr

    Votto is a stud…why can’t we have more Votto’s!

  66. Jimmy James

    With one swing of the bat here, BP can make it a different game.

    But, yeah, the offense is putrid.

  67. Matt B.

    Something tells me this isn’t going to be the only game where the Reds waste a very solid performance from the pitching staff. Sigh. Prove me wrong in the ninth. Someone, please?

  68. brublejr

    Massett has not pitched poorly this year at all…the spring stats may have been misleading

  69. Matt B.

    I see Valverde still hasn’t given birth to whatever’s growing in his stomach.

  70. Jimmy James

    A one run lead might be insurmountable with this offense. Hope not.

  71. Matt B.


  72. Jimmy James

    Welcome to the Reds, Ramon Hernandez!

  73. brublejr

    Woo Hoo!!!! Marty called it before he hit it…said “it is time for Hernandez to hit his first homer as a Red.”

  74. brublejr

    Good part of the lineup for Coco to face in the bottom half as well.

  75. Matt B.

    Cordero needs to work the outside corner like no other. West isn’t giving anything on the inside part of the plate, but he seems to be pretty liberal with the outside corner tonight.

  76. Matt B.

    Do the Reds not have enough in their budget to get Nix a properly fitting batting helmet?

  77. brublejr

    I really like Nix…it is a shame he can’t get a start once in a while.

  78. jason

    i still cant believe that just happend, but it so did. lets go COCO!!!!

  79. Matt B.

    Hey Pence – try running somewhat close to the baseline next time. Thanks.

    Cordero hit 97 on one pitch. Any previous concern I had about him is now gone. Let’s close the door on this one!

  80. Y-City Jim

    The CoCo nickname makes me think of that Seinfeld episode.

  81. Y-City Jim

    I think I started hating “Country” Joe West his very first season. He was a jerk then and he still is one today.

  82. Y-City Jim

    James, that was a great Seinfeld but then what episode of Seinfeld wasn’t a great episode.

  83. Chad Dotson

    They caught that fly for the second out, but it hit the roof! So it’s a foul ball.

    That stinks.

  84. Matt B.

    Ball game!

    This is a great morale boost for the Reds. They were dominated by the Astros last year, lost 12 out of 15 times. Furthermore, while they didn’t beat Oswalt, they still battled back after he departed. Great win for the Reds, IMO.

  85. brublejr

    Sweet! I was getting nervous. Over .500 gotta love that, no matter if the offense was horrible. Great job by the pen!!! They won this game.

  86. Josh

    Y-City…my buddy and I, almost religiously, tell each other “yeah, CoCo…that pitchers all right. High five!” whenever he enters the game. David Puddy rules.

  87. jason

    oh man, that so was going to be a game that i took to bed and woke up with in a sour mood, but man oh man hernandez coming thru…giddy. lets fo harang! lets go reds!! 3-1 roadie vs. division. all smiles here in toledo!!!

  88. Matt Steele

    I’ll admit I had given up on the game and stopped following it earlier. Then I come back and was pleasantly surprised. Nice way to start the series, let’s hope that pitching carries over