Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 6
Milwaukee 1
WP: Arroyo (2-0)
LP: Parra (0-2)

–The Reds are now a game over .500, and they’ve won three in a row. Fun, fun, fun.

–Fast Willy Taveras! Tonight he was just 1-3, but he walked twice, stole two bases, and generally wreaked HAVOC. Good havoc.

–Brandon Phillips drew another walk. This is a recording.

–Bronson Arroyo pitched six and a third, and while he wasn’t extremely sharp, he only gave up one run on four hits. A good outing for the long-hair.

–Joey Votto and Jerry Hairston had a couple of RBIs. Hairston hit a homer early, and walked a couple of other times.

–Until the ninth inning, the Reds only had four hits. They aren’t hitting well as a team, but they are being patient at the plate and capitalizing on opponents’ mistakes. So maybe this is a positive after all?

–Edwin Encarnacion finally made an error…but Brandon Phillips and Alex Gonzalez and Willy Taveras have all made errors too, so he’s in good company.

–Ryan Hanigan and Paul Janish weren’t great, but they did more in one night than Ramon Hernandez and Alex Gonzalez have done all season. Plus, they were superb defensively (Hanigan has a gun). Nice to see the youngsters getting a chance to play.

–Laynce “A Boy Named Sue” Nix got another pinch hit double. Very nice.

–David Weathers is my hero.

–Reds go for the sweep tomorrow!

14 Responses

  1. Dennis

    Great game. Watched it online from Connecticut. I’m really impressed with Taveras, both tonight and last night. His presence on base leads to the undoing of the opposing pitchers. He steals bases at will. He almost had a second hit tonight, if it wasn’t for that amazing play by Bill Hall. Great to see him taking so many pitches and showing so much patience.

    Also, the defense is so much better, with Hairston or Dickerson in left, and Tavares in center. They cover a lot of ground out there.

    That goofball throw by Encarnacion was the only thing that stood out to me as amiss.

    The pitching was solid.

  2. Matt B.

    Sorry, I already called dibbs. Weathers is MY hero.

  3. per14

    I enjoyed watching Janish and Hanigan. Arroyo, as well. He seems to throw nothing but junk, but it works.

    Right now, this team’s 0BP is .342. The BA is .222. The SL% is .350. The BA and SL% have to come up. Once they do, if the teams stays patient, it might start to really score some runs.

  4. Matt WI

    “Right now, this team’s 0BP is .342. The BA is .222. The SL% is .350. The BA and SL% have to come up. Once they do, if the teams stays patient, it might start to really score some runs.”— Agree. Imagine putting teams away in by the middle innings with some runs and this bull-pen. Honestly though, I’d be very happy if the Reds simply finished each month one more game over .500 than they started and end up with 85 or 86 wins.

    I liked that line-up last night. Do you hear us Dusty? I think Gonzo will come around, but I’m not sure about keeping Hannigan behind Hernandez for too long. And… God Bless Joey Votto. What a player.

  5. Sultan of Swaff

    So far, Nix has given a great AB every time.
    I don’t quite trust Herrera yet since he can’t throw strikes.
    Is it too soon to consider platooning Bruce? He’s utterly clueless vs. offspeed pitches from lefties.
    You can’t undervalue what Votto has meant to the team during this little win streak.
    Let’s get the hell out of Dodge before Braun and Fielder find their strokes!

  6. Chris

    No platoon for Bruce. He needs to be treated like Larry Walker, not Ryan Klesko.

    Walker’s first full season he hit .207 .264 .414 against lefties. But he got the PAs. And for his career, he was .306 .385 .518 against them.

    For years, Klesko was “protected” against LHP, and it wasn’t until he joined the Padres that he actually (1) played every day AND (2) hit lefties. The Braves never really got full value from him.

  7. Josh

    Am I the only one that thinks Laync Nix looks like he could win a wrestling match with a bear? That guy looks like a beast. Glad to have him giving good ABs with power off the bench. Great acquisition.

  8. per14

    Yes, Nix scares the crap out of me. (In a good way.) I think he could beat me up through the TV screen.

  9. Michael Howes

    “No platoon for Bruce. He needs to be treated like Larry Walker, not Ryan Klesko.”

    yup, leave Bruce out there to get 600 PA no matter what happens. He’s going to be a star and no need for the Reds to do their usual and mess with young guys heads.

    the thing everyone needs to remember is how young Bruce is. There are only 3-5 position players in all of baseball younger. There are only 8 position player starters in the majors 22 or younger. Easy to forget even players like Longoria are older.

  10. preach

    Once again, I LOVE these recaps. A sweep on the road to a division rival would be such a tremendous boost for this team. They already have the confidence that if Owings can keep them close they believe they can pull it out. That makes for a fun team to watch. The beauty with Owings is that he can use his bat to help out his cause. That quirk makes this year added enjoyment for me. I am preaching an anniversary service tonight, might have to be a quick message!

  11. hit4cycle

    Even though it is early here are some concerns: Averaging 6.8 hits per game (Last in both the NL and MLB), Runs 4.7 per game (12th in NL, 23rd in MLB) Total bases 11.1 per game (Last in NL and MLB) Slug % .361 (Last in NL and 28th in MLB) Batting Average .222 (15th in NL and 28th in MLB), but on the upside we are 4-3 with these numbers thanks to a pitching staff (especially bullpen) that could make some noise before the year is out, another uspide Offensively team walks 5.5 per game (3rd in NL and MLB) and OBP .342 (8th in NL and 14th MLB).

  12. Kevin

    Last night I drove to Miller for the game and sat in the row in front of the press boxes. Thom Brennaman and Chris Welsh were surprisingly friendly and told a chubby kid with a reds hat that he was a “future buckeye linebacker” and tried to ask me where I was from after the game when a disgruntled brewers-fan usher made me leave! I also got on my buddy’s shoulders and made eye contact with Bob Uecker. Needless to say, I was starstruck. What a great game!

  13. Dennis

    Come on Reds, lets do some sweep action!!