Pittsburgh 10
Cincinnati 2
WP: Maholm (1-0)
LP: Cueto (0-1)

None. Just an embarrassment.

–Where do we start? How about Mike Lincoln, whose ERA rose to 34.71 after allowing five runs in one inning. The game was out of hand before Lincoln ever stepped onto the field, but his performance ensured that there was no chance whatsoever of a comeback.

–Johnny Cueto had some issues. He did finish strong, and he had 9 Ks, so he’s probably going to be just fine.

–Until the ninth inning, the offense was just putrid. Then, of course, in the ninth the Reds used HAVOC to run themselves out of the game. Terrible baserunning.

–Taveras and Hairston were 0-7 as the first two hitters in the lineup. They’re both obviously capable of better than that, but today was the type of performance many had feared out of those two. Glad to see Hairston’s injury wasn’t too bad, at any rate.

–Micah Owings crushed a ball for a double as a pinch hitter. I don’t know if he’s going to be an effective starting pitcher for the Reds, but I’d love to see him as the everyday left fielder.

–Probably could have put this under “positives,” but I was trying to make a point. Anyway, Brandon Phillips took another walk, which is outstanding. He also had a couple of hits.

–Thank goodness there’s always tomorrow!

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  1. brublejr

    Love the recap…I was at work and missed all but the ninth, didn’t sound like I missed much

  2. BenL

    You know, losing to the pirates is the worst. I delude myself every year thinking, “sure, the Reds aren’t the Redsox or the Phillies, but at least we can still look down our noses at the Pirates.” Well, every year the pirates seem to remind me that in fact we are the pirates… Disgusting.

  3. Y-City Jim

    Eddie E – four games – no errors

  4. Y-City Jim

    Can we trade Tavaras for Nyjer Morgan?

    According to McCoy, we should be scouring through the hockey leagues. That’s where Morgan was until the age of 21.

  5. Chris

    That Mike Lincoln contract is looking great, huh?

    I suppose there’s a risk to giving a multi-year contract to a guy who was out of baseball for multiple years.

    Still early, though. Right? Right?

  6. Michael Howes

    Pittsburgh is one of the embarrassing teams in baseball and have been for a while
    During the Reds recent history, when they’ve also fielding bad teams the Reds have not done well against one of the worst teams in baseball.

    From 2006-2009 the Reds are 24-24 vs the Pirates.
    If you are going to have a winning season you have to do better than .500 against one of the worst teams in baseball.

  7. Michael Howes

    Nobody actually expected Lincoln to pitch well did they?

    He PECOTA projection was 4.56 ERA allowing 13 BR/9 IP while striking out 5/9 IP with a 35% chance of collapsing. A reliever with that sort of K rate, K/BB rate and hit rate I don’t expect much from.

  8. Y-City Jim

    Guess that answers the question from the “Did You Know” thread about how many employees the Reds have devoted to objective analysis.

  9. Michael Howes

    “Guess that answers the question from the “Did You Know” thread about how many employees the Reds have devoted to objective analysis.”


    This has been the Reds MO for years. Surprisingly, can’t remember which post-Bowden GM it was, the Reds DID at one point post-Bowden have someone on staff who could add and subtract. I’ve always wondered if they were still part of the organization. It’s hard to tell because Dusty’s science involves hearing the sound of the ball off our hitters bats, clogging bases, and other such witchery. Dusty wouldn’t know a productive hitter post 1980. He was even quoted in SF once as saying he wish Bonds wouldn’t take so many walks.

    I truly believe the Reds can never win under Baker.

  10. Darwin H.

    How about seeing more of Hanigan also. He seems to be more of an offensive threat than Ramon.

  11. pinson343

    Seems that hitters are sitting on Lincoln’s curve ball, knowing they can catch up with his “hard stuff.” A two year contract from the Reds has become a curse: but not really, they’ve just handed out a lot of dumb two-year contracts.

    A lot of guys not hitting so far: Gonzo, Hairston, Hernandez, … What makes Hernandez “better” than Hannigan ?

  12. pinson343

    Every time I submit a comment, I get a “duplicate comment message.” Anyone else having that problem ?

  13. Fireball44

    Ya know, we play up to the Cubs and Cardinals and play down to the Pirates. I don’t know why, but we always have.

    Hopefully tomorrow is better.

  14. brublejr

    Pinson…That is what I have been saying about Hernadez. I have no idea why they think he is a better player, at all. The only thing he has is experience and home run power over Hannigan. Hannigan can actually field his position and throw people out, which Hernadez cannot. The front office spin this whole offseason was for better defense. If that is the case, Hernadez has no business starting over Hannigan.

    Also, this offense better learn how to hit lefties better, not every lefty will be gracious enough to walk as many batters as Oliver Perez did. To bring up another point, I thought they were looking for a RH LF all offseason to help with this…did they get anything, not really and the only option is sitting in L’Ville with Ronald McDonald sitting on the roster. Looking through the options of FA RH OF the only lefty masher is Wily Mo, so not much out there.

  15. Matt B.

    Regretting my MLB.TV purchase more and more each day. I didn’t pay to watch crap.

  16. Bill Lack

    On the baserunning, Jay Bruce admitted after the game that he messed up, he didn’t know how many outs there were. I love Jay Bruce, but even for a 21-22 year old kid, there is NEVER an excuse for this. Come on Jay…that’s embarrassing.

  17. hammer1

    Not knowing how many outs there are. Didn’t that happen a couple of times last year vs the Yanks? I wonder if that’s an ingredient of havoc . 🙂