Looks like the rain is gone, and the Reds and Pirates will try to get it on this afternoon. Johnny Cueto will still be making the start for the good guys; scheduled starter Micah Owings is going to the bullpen, but it expected to start on Wednesday against the Brewers.

Going for the Pirates will be lefty Paul Maholm, who isn’t bad.

Below the fold, I’ll post both lineups. Notice that Jay Bruce is hitting 6th today, Edwin Encarnacion is 5th, and Jerry Hairston, Jr., is back in the lineup.

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Willy Taveras CF
Jerry Hairston LF
Joey Votto 1B
Brandon Phillips 2B
Edwin Encarnacion 3B
Jay Bruce RF
Ramon Hernandez C
Alex Gonzalez SS
Johnny Cueto P

Nyjer Morgan LF
Freddy Sanchez 2B
Nate McLouth CF
Ryan Doumit C
Adam LaRoche 1B
Andy LaRoche 3B
Brandon Moss RF
Jack Wilson SS
Paul Maholm P

142 Responses

  1. CeeKeR

    I actually don’t have any problem with that lineup today – which is rare for a Dusty lineup… It’s got HAVOC written all over it though.

  2. Cary Loughman

    Hello, this is Pete. Is it too late to put a sawbuck on the Reds in this one?

  3. Y-City Jim

    Maybe the line-up should be stacked with all RH hitters as they own Maholm career-wise.

  4. Fireball44

    I like what I’ve seen out of Taveras so far, though I know it’s only been two games. Hopefully he can keep that up. I do like Hairston in the 2-hole.

  5. Y-City Jim

    When’s Willy going to steal a base?

  6. Chad Dotson

    I can handle one off-day in a week, but having two in the first five days is too much to endure. Bring on the baseball.

  7. Chad Dotson

    I’m with you, Fireball. I would say I’m trying to be cautiously optimistic on that front.

  8. Fireball44

    Chad, no kidding. This whole play a game, have a day off thing the first week of the season sucks.

  9. Fireball44

    I’m also looking forward to Cueto’s first start. I think he is going to have a really good season this year.

  10. Kurt Frost

    I couldn’t talk the wife into driving up for the game so I am forced to watch it in glorious HD.

  11. Chad Dotson

    Wish I could watch in HD. Blacked out here (DirecTV) because of Fox’s Saturday afternoon rights. Even though Fox isn’t broadcasting ANY game right now.

  12. Y-City Jim

    I suppose the cool April weather is the reason for not trying to make up last night’s game today as part of a day-night DH.

  13. Y-City Jim

    Hernandez showing off his lack of an arm.

  14. Fireball44

    MLB’s blackout rules remain a joke. I don’t understand, for example, why I can watch a game on my TV on Fox Sports Ohio, but I can’t watch it on MLB.TV on Fox Sports Ohio.

  15. Jimmy James

    2-0 Pirates. That didn’t take long.

  16. JasonL

    Is it just me or does Marty sound like it takes every fiber of his being not to go into a tirade whenever something bad happens in a game?

  17. Fireball44

    Great pitch by Cueto to K Sanchez. Horrible pitch on the homer by McLouth.

  18. Jimmy James

    If you can watch it on FSN Ohio, they’d prefer you to watch it there instead of MLB.tv, I imagine, because of the local advertising.

    But on the whole, I agree, the blackout rules are ludicrous.

  19. Y-City Jim

    Crap! I thought there were already two out.

  20. Fireball44

    Jimmy, the MLB.TV should show the local commercials. They used to do that before blackout out the commercials between inning.

    But, I digress.

  21. jason

    ok, so i thought this game was available in HD? anyone else having a problem with getting a HD feed today?

  22. per14

    Regardless of the current score, looking at those line-ups, I’m awfully glad to be a Reds’ fan instead of a Pirates’ fan.

  23. Fireball44

    Jason, no problems on DirecTV. Watching the HD feed now.

  24. BenL

    I’m glad to see that George didn’t waste any time learning to say “Hairston” this off season.

  25. Brian

    yeah but line-ups don’t really matter if your defense can’t get outs.

  26. Jeff

    I’m listening on the radio. LOVE Saturday day games. Good crowd?

  27. Chad Dotson

    I have DirecTV, and I can’t get either feed (HD or SD). It’s all blacked out.

    I’m outside the FSN Ohio market, however.

  28. jon

    anyone else unable to watch the game on FSN??

  29. CeeKeR

    Taveras with a nice play too! Cueto ought to buy his outfield dinner tonight.

  30. Fireball44

    Good D this inning. Nice catch by Wily also.

  31. CeeKeR

    The Reds seem to batting in slow motion…kind of like they are swinging their bats underwater.

  32. Y-City Jim

    I agree with Welch. WT should have caught that ball. What a crappy game thus far.

  33. Y-City Jim

    I wouldn’t say Willy’s plate discipline was too great in that at bat.

  34. Cary Loughman

    The Pirates own us at GABP ever since the first game ever in the place, can’t beat anyone else, but they always give us fits at home for one of those baseball oddities. We do fine at PNC, maybe we should switch home parks and both teams could return to glory days?

  35. Y-City Jim

    I listened to Vin Scully the other night on the free preview of MLB Extra Innings. It sure makes coming back to listening to George Grande difficult. As I say that, George just called Votto by the name Hairston.

  36. Jimmy James

    Well, at least the no hitter is broken up now.

  37. renbutler

    That’s terrible base coaching. The fielder had the ball as Votto was TOUCHING THIRD. It was clear from the moment the ball was struck that Votto had no chance to score.

  38. CeeKeR

    Votto took a cleat to the knee, but he’s back out there at least…

    Dumb play sending him though.

  39. Y-City Jim

    It was fielded in shallow territory, the play is in front of everybody, they are down by three runs, and Votto does not have HAVOC-type speed!!!

  40. Y-City Jim

    They day JC develops consistency he is going to be flt-out nasty.

  41. Jimmy James

    7 K’s for Cueto. How many pitches has he thrown?

  42. Jimmy James

    Struck out the side. That’s the Cueto I was expecting to see today.

  43. Fireball44

    Y-City, I’d rather listen to Grande than the Cowboy any day of the week, tho.

  44. Brian

    95 pitches through 5, I would imagine he is done for the day.

  45. Y-City Jim

    We have seen both Cuetos today, the good and the bad. The Reds offense has been the ugly.

  46. Chad Dotson

    I agree with Fireball, but I can’t believe I’m saying it: I’d rather listen to Grande than Brantley, too.

  47. Y-City Jim

    Amen, Fireball.

    What is so amazing about Scully is he talks about the game the whole time. Grande, Brennaman, etc. at their finest couldn’t hold Vin’s microphone.

  48. Y-City Jim

    Nice hustle by Gonzo NOT. I suppose he was protecting his knee.

  49. Fireball44

    Ya know, if we keep going down early every game this season, it’s going to be a LONG year. We’re not going to come back from 3-0 and 4-0 deficits very often this year.

  50. Brian

    living in New York you should listen to the Yanks and Mets Broadcasts, Radio and TV, they are absolutely terrible.

  51. Brian

    its to early in the year to have your pitchers throwing this many pitches every game.

  52. Jimmy James

    Brantley just started a sentence by saying, “You know, Marty, if you’re trying to take something positive from every game….”

    My first thought was that Marty hasn’t taken anything positive from any game in about fifteen years.

  53. Fireball44

    109 pitches doesn’t bother me. 129 would.

  54. Brian

    True, but he had 95 pitches going into the inning and was averaging 20 pitches an inning, so that was why I was concerned.

  55. Y-City Jim

    This probably does it for Cueto this afternoon. 100 plus seems to be Dusty’s measuring stick in the early going.

    Caught a few minutes of Mets radio on the way home from Pittsburgh last night. It wasn’t enough to make a judgment.

  56. Brian

    Mets radio is OK not great, their TV is terrible and both Yanks TV and Radio are pretty bad. It is depressing to see where broadcasting has gone.

  57. Y-City Jim

    Playing little ball down by 4 in the 6th.

  58. Fireball44

    Didn’t work, but I like Wily’s attempted bunt there.

  59. Fireball44

    Wily was attempting to get a base hit, Jim. What else do you expect him to do?

  60. Y-City Jim

    It didn’t look like bunting for a hit. It looked like sacrificing and hoping that he was fast enough to beat it out.

  61. Y-City Jim

    Wonder how big the gash in Votto’s leg is? He sure isn’t running with ease.

  62. Brian

    who is the backup first baseman on the roster?

  63. Fireball44

    Nice change of pace from Cueto to Herrera 🙂

  64. Y-City Jim

    Nix, I guess would be the back-up 1B.

  65. Fireball44

    Danny’s gotta throw strikes, tho.

  66. Y-City Jim

    Maybe not Nix since I just checked and found he has never played 1B.

  67. Fireball44

    I heard someone say Ramon Hernandez on the radio the other day would back up at 1B.

  68. Brian

    That is the reason I was suprised that both Gomes and Rosales got sent down because Gomes even though he hadn’t played there was working there and Rosales can play all four spots in the IF so it just didn’t make sense to me to send down both Gomes and Rosales. In all honesty I think Dusty and Walt played a game of darts with pictures on it to decide the final few spots.

  69. Y-City Jim

    Michael, don’t be surprised if Dusty is contemplating just that.

    Pirates are out-HAVOCing the Reds today.

  70. Fireball44

    They should put Owings in to pitch the last two. Get him some work and an AB.

  71. Y-City Jim

    You’re probably right, Brian. They should have used dice with the players pictures on them. 🙂

  72. Y-City Jim

    Sanchez was real lucky on that scorcher by Eddie.

  73. Fireball44

    Well, at least we won’t get shut out.

  74. Jimmy James

    I’m starting to think we may not win this one.

  75. Michael Howes

    Brian, agree, about Gomes and Rosales I will also add that I was surprised Ward wasn’t really given a look this spring

    How the hell does a team with as horrible an offense as the Reds end up with a bench of Mcdonald, Janish, and Nix? Hey, at least they didn’t end up keeping J Jones who is about the only hitting on the Reds this spring who is worse than Taveras.

    oh and then there is Taveras, the Reds big off season signing.

    which reminds me, watched every inning of the Washington Reds vs Braves game last night. Nice to see so many Reds. I was wondering if a roster of ex-Reds would be better than the current lineup.

    lets see, what’s better, the junk the Reds start or

    B Harris – SS
    Keppinger – 3B
    Hamilton – CF
    Dunn – RF
    Kearns – LF
    Cantu – 1B
    Lopez – 2B
    Valentin – C

    Jr and Cameron on the bench.

  76. Brian

    I’m fine with our starters although I would like to see Dickerson get a shot against lefties. Our bench is pretty bad though.

  77. Brian

    also, I know that many of you will probably disagree with me, but last year the two setup men were Burton and Bray for the most part. There is no reason that Herrera should have made the roster over Bray. Even though Herrera has a great spring you can’t send a setup man down for having a bad spring it is just wrong.

  78. Jimmy James

    Double for Micah Owings. The guy can hit, can’t he?

  79. Fireball44

    Micah F-ing Owings. I love that guy.

  80. Y-City Jim

    Why would a pitcher ever throw a strike to WT?

  81. renbutler

    Anyone know if Owings can play in center four out of every five days?

  82. Y-City Jim

    renbutler, worked for the Cardinals.

  83. mhopp

    Wow, this team is pretty good…the pirates that is.

  84. mhopp

    Pathetic…wonder where Dusty will have Owings in the lineup? 9th no doubt, he’s not fast like WT

  85. Y-City Jim

    Perhaps itt would haven been interesting if the 4th inning hadn’t ended prematurely.

  86. Michael Howes

    Why don’t the Reds start Owings in LF on the days he’s not starting?

    Lets see, Dickerson, Nix, Hairston, and Mcdonald
    or Owings?

    in the end I think the Reds biggest problem on offense is that, for example, has Votto come to bat with ANYBODY on base today? He’s already had fewer RBI opportunities than the average major league player and we are only a couple games into the season. This was always a big issue with Dunn. He had a LOT fewer RBI opportunities than most major league players. The Reds can’t be batting their worst hitters 1-2

  87. Jimmy James

    Havoc hurts the Pirates, with Jack Wilson caught stealing.

  88. Brian

    call me crazy but the way EE and BP are taking walks to start the year, I wouldn’t mind seeing one of them hitting #2 to get on ahead of Votto and have the other one #4. So then you have
    1. Willy
    2. BP
    3. Votto
    4. EE
    5. Bruce
    6. Dickerson
    7. Hernandez
    8. AGon

  89. mhopp

    Brian, don’t try to be rational. That’s not how you create HAVOC in Dumpy’s world.

    I thought pitching was the strong point of the Reds…we’ve gotten 1 quality start out of 4 and that is the well-known workhorse Harang.

  90. brublejr

    Been at work…by the looks of things it hasn’t been a good day, huh?

  91. Jimmy James

    Grand slam. 9-1 Pirates. Game over.

    The Reds suck.

  92. brublejr

    We signed Lincoln to two years, why again?

  93. mhopp

    I’m just glad I can watch or listen to the minor league teams this year…should be exciting.

  94. Jimmy James

    Make that 10-1. Back to back homers.

    Mike Lincoln sucks.

  95. Michael Howes

    1. Willy
    2. BP
    3. Votto
    4. EE
    5. Bruce
    6. Dickerson
    7. Hernandez
    8. AGon

    I like it but i’d change it a tiny bit.

    Remember Taveras is a terrible hitter, one of the worst in the majors, even worse than Gonzalez and Hernandez
    Here are the Reds top projected OBP (PECOTA)
    .371 Votto
    .364 EE
    .343 Bruce
    but they are our best hitters so should be 3-5
    .343 Hairston
    .336 Phillips
    .334 Dickerson
    there you go those guys should be 1-5

  96. renbutler

    At what point do you respect the fans enough to take out a guy as bad as Lincoln? Those people paid good money to watch a legitimate MLB team play.

  97. Brian

    Mike Lincoln is the new Gary Majewski

  98. Y-City Jim

    Imagine how far those HR balls would have gone if it were hot out and the GABP jet stream was in full force.

  99. Brian

    if they let Votto hit 10 straight time we have a chance here.

  100. Y-City Jim

    The Majewski comparison is probably more accurate.

  101. Brian

    three appearances for Lincoln so far this year.
    1st appearance = No Runs
    2nd appearance = 4 Runs
    3rd appearance = 5 Runs
    and that second appearance probably cost the Reds a win.

  102. Y-City Jim

    Positive for the season thus far – No errors yet on Eddie

  103. renbutler


    The Reds now have matched the Pirates’ first-inning output.

  104. Tom Diesman

    Looks like the offense is showing up a little late for this one.

  105. Brian

    I know it was 10-1 but hopefully that gets Bruce going a little bit. Atleast help is confidence because if he gets going with Phillips and Votto the middle of the order will just get that much better early on.

  106. Y-City Jim

    What kind of idiotic base running is this?

  107. Y-City Jim

    Did this club spend any time learning fundamentals in ST?

  108. jason

    lincoln shouldve been pulled well before facing doumit, thanks dusty. no positives today at all, hernandez and taveras have done nothing to impress me thus far. nothing.

  109. Brian

    So far it seems like the Reds have only created HAVOC against themselves.

  110. Brian

    I wonder if Walt is sitting upstairs praying that LaRussa gets let go after the season so he can get rid of Dusty.

  111. renbutler

    Here’s a positive: no fielding errors.

    That’s all I got.

  112. renbutler

    Okay, I’ll also add the good outing by Burton.

  113. jason

    hopefully were saving some runs for aaron tomorrow, cant help than feel for that guy and his lack of run support.