John Erardi reports that Frank Robinson had a great time back in Cincinnati, and you really need to go read that article. The quotes from Robinson are like nothing I’ve heard from him:

Robinson said it “really makes me feel good to be able to come back here and feel like a part of this organization. The entire organization and everybody I came in touch with (as grand marshal for the Findlay Market Opening Day parade on Monday), treated us really great. The (Reds) are first class people, and this is a first-class organization Down the road, maybe I can be a part of it someday, in some way.”

I think the Reds treated Robinson pretty shabbily for a long time. Huge kudos to the Castellini folks for making such a big effort to bring the legends of this organization back into the fold.

On a much more important note, however, Erardi is now stumping for the return of the dollar scorecard. Now that’s a campaign I can support!

I can’t believe the Reds are now requiring you to purchase that lame gameday magazine in order to get a scorecard. On the other hand, the scorecards probably don’t sell too well; it’s a rare occasion indeed when I’m not the only person scoring the game in my section of seats. I have my own scorebook, though, that I take to every game, wherever I am.

Yeah, I have a problem.

7 Responses

  1. Mr. Redlegs

    The reason the Reds got rid of the $1 scorecard is because they now offer them for FREE!

    And almost every pro sports team in America makes you buy the scorecard magazine if you want to score and not too many of them are priced as low as $4, either.

    If you attend enough games and care to score, you should have your own scorebook anyhow. Play it right and you can buy a ticket, soft drink, hot dog, ice cream and get a scorecard ALL for under $10.

    So for Erardi or anyone else to bellyache about a $1 scorecard, which is about cost, is ridiculous.

  2. nick in va

    Seeing Robinson in the opening day parade was pretty cool. That was my first parade and probably my last, at least in that kind of weather. I have to say though, big guy on tiny bike = hilarious.

  3. Y-City Jim

    Sell the dollar scorecards and let the proceeds go to the Reds Community Fund or the Joe Nuxhall Foundation.

  4. Mr. Redlegs

    They have $5 seats and two $1 concession stands in the park. Soft drinks, hot dogs, popcorn and ice cream cup are $1 each.

  5. Fireball44

    I used to buy a scorecard and a pencil for every game that I went to. I liked scoring the game, but what I found most valuable were the pitchers’ numbers for the other teams in the league. It was nice to be able to follow what pitchers were in the game and how they were doing on the out of town scoreboard.

    $1.75 well spent every time.

  6. pinson343

    If I didn’t call myself pinson343 on this blog, I’d call myself robby342. Vada batted .343 for the pennant winning 1961 Reds and Robby batted .342 for the Reds in 1962. That was a very strong .342, check it out.

    I love the Reds of the 70’s but I grew up watching Robby and Vada, they’ll always be my two favorite players. Even with all his recognitions, Frank R. is underrated. Not many people remember that in 1967, as of late July, he was having an even better year than 1966, well on his way to a 2nd consecutive triple crown, when he had a devastating injury breaking up a double play. His head collided with the 2nd baseman’s knee. The 2nd baseman’s (forget his name) career was over, and Frank missed August and played in September with double vision. Carl Y. went on to win the triple crown in ’67 and that’s the one that people remember, as noone has done it since.

    Also if Robby had played himself more as the Indians player-manager for 2 years, he easily could have reached 600 HRs and 3,000 hits.

    He was bitter at the Reds for years, would love to see him officially back in the family.