John Erardi reports that Frank Robinson had a great time back in Cincinnati, and you really need to go read that article. The quotes from Robinson are like nothing I’ve heard from him:

Robinson said it “really makes me feel good to be able to come back here and feel like a part of this organization. The entire organization and everybody I came in touch with (as grand marshal for the Findlay Market Opening Day parade on Monday), treated us really great. The (Reds) are first class people, and this is a first-class organization Down the road, maybe I can be a part of it someday, in some way.”

I think the Reds treated Robinson pretty shabbily for a long time. Huge kudos to the Castellini folks for making such a big effort to bring the legends of this organization back into the fold.

On a much more important note, however, Erardi is now stumping for the return of the dollar scorecard. Now that’s a campaign I can support!

I can’t believe the Reds are now requiring you to purchase that lame gameday magazine in order to get a scorecard. On the other hand, the scorecards probably don’t sell too well; it’s a rare occasion indeed when I’m not the only person scoring the game in my section of seats. I have my own scorebook, though, that I take to every game, wherever I am.

Yeah, I have a problem.