The Reds begin their march to 160-2 in an afternoon game against the Mets. Bronson Arroyo will make his first start of the season, and he’ll be countered by notorious Reds-killer Oliver Perez.

We’ll find out today if Arroyo’s carpal tunnel is a real problem, I guess. The Reds need a good outing by Bronson to avoid a season-opening sweep. That would be a depressing turn of events, huh?

Before the game, go read this (it literally made me laugh out loud). Then ignore your work and discuss the game here.

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  1. Brandon M.

    I’m not too excited about this lineup, hopefully Willy T can get on base and 3-6 have it going today.

  2. Chris W

    Game on the radio now… I’m trying to ignore work.

  3. Chris W

    bases loaded in the first on Arroyo. Lot of pitches thrown already

  4. jacob

    6 batters faced in the first. i already feel like we’re hanging on by our fingernails. not a good start. at this rate arroyo lasts maybe 4 innings.

  5. nick in va

    Nothing better than a Thursday afternoon baseball game.

  6. Kevin

    I guess Hairston got hurt last night. Even so, this Old McDonald thing is an outrage!!!

  7. jacob

    why is mcdonald batting 2nd? the 2nd pitch he sees (and the 5th of the game) he grounds out. i thought the 2-hole is about plate discipline. McDonald is the Mets best player!

  8. Andy

    Dick Pole needs to remind these guys that they aren’t being paid by the pitch

  9. nick in va

    I forgot about Hairston getting hurt.

  10. jacob

    Arroyo had an 11-pitch second against 7, 8, 9 hitters. Slider seems to be working well. Changeup is off a bit. total pitch count 39 so far through 2.

  11. al

    the micky-d’s phenomenon needs an explanation. it’s so crazy, i just can’t believe that jockety hasn’t said anything about it.

    why do reds gm’s have to be crazy? i don’t live in cincy anymore, and i’ve lived in boston and oakland since. i can tell you this, it isn’t like this everywhere.

  12. Kevin

    Thom said that Arroyo’s curveball is a “dandy” today.

  13. Steve at Work

    I just can’t believe that McDonald is the best alternative out there. We are looking very bad at the plate so far.

  14. jacob

    either perez is on fire today or we are just a bit off. anyone have any more info?

  15. Chad Dotson

    Even if we accept that Baker thinks he has to play McD…..what possible rational explanation is there for batting him second? Its completely insane, and everyone on earth knows it except for Baker.

  16. jacob

    hanigan gunned down reyes stealing 2nd. NICE!

  17. RiverCity Redleg

    explain to me again why we didn’t go after perez in FA

  18. nick in va

    Reyes caught stealing. Is it wrong of me to be surprised?

  19. Kevin

    Definitely sounds to me like Perez has just about everyone way off balance. If it hasn’t been a strikeout, he’s been way ahead in most of the counts so far. They said that it was basically the same pitch that got all three of the strikeouts last inning (haha, I don’t remember what pitch though!)

  20. BIGred053

    Arroyo needs to keep the pitch count down. Good second, already thrown 5 in the 3rd. Dusty still seems to think McDonald, who is bad against all pitchers, is a better option than Dickerson, who struggles against lefties.

  21. al

    what are the odds that mcd retires with more than 25 hr in his career?

    edwin had 26 last year. which one would you want to get more ab’s in a game?

  22. Steve at Work

    These pitch counts gotta start coming down.

  23. BIGred053

    Arroyo walks Wright, 11 pitches with 1 out in the 3rd. That brings his pitch count to 50.

  24. Kevin

    Right, even if Dusty prefers McD to Dickerson against a lefty, still no reason to bat him 2nd. Absolutely no reason!

  25. nick in va

    Beltran knocks in a run, 1-0 Mets.

  26. BIGred053

    Beltran single to Ronald McDonald, 1 run scored. Pitch count at 54.

  27. Kevin

    Wright scores after a two-out walk. Whoops.

  28. rusty

    3 runs might be enough with the way perez is owning us

  29. jacob

    i’m giving arroyo through the 4th before he gets the yank. maybe we can make contact this inning!

  30. al

    i feel like i’m taking crazy pills here! mcdonald gets beat in the outfield on nearly every play.

    what is going on here? how many games are we going to lose because of bad defense before someone makes a change?

    after all the talk we heard over the off season, this is embarrassing.

  31. Andy

    um, he’s batting 2nd because he’s awesome maybe? [not really]

  32. al

    what is it about a broken clock being right twice a day? somehow i bet dusty loves that clock. old reliable, that clock.

  33. Steve at Work

    A McDonald hit warrants a visit to the mound for sure

  34. jacob

    3-run homer by votto. man i love this guy! and McD had an rbi hit.

  35. Chris W

    I am confessing my man crush on JOEY VOTTO!!

    3-run Bomb!!! Reds up now 4-3

  36. Y-City Jim

    Let’s get Jay Bruce heated up and really get this offense firing!

    You got a lead, BA. Don’t blow it!!!

  37. jacob

    is this the first time we have led a game all season?

  38. al

    funny, the reds get back into the game on walks and a 3-run homer. isn’t that what they were always complaining about? i thought we didn’t like 3-run homers any more.

  39. mhopp

    Dear Walt:

    Please sign Joey Votto, you know #19, to a long-term contract NOW!!

  40. Steve at Work

    Gotta love Votto, this guy is a star

  41. GregD

    He’s obviously there for RBI opportunities when Hanigan bats at the bottom of the order and to get on base for Votto’s bombs.

    Unless the Mets PH all their LH hitters with RH hitters, Arroyo is far from out of the Woods.

    Also, get used to a lot of teams trying to run on the Reds catchers. Hernandez was the most run on catcher last year and had the 2nd worst CS%. Hanigan will get run on just to test his rookie arm.

  42. mhopp

    And get rid of Arroyo because I doubt he can hold the lead.

  43. RiverCity Redleg

    @Jacob… we led for about 4 innings last night, from the bottom of 1 til the top of 5.

  44. RiverCity Redleg

    Coincidentally, that lead was also taken on a Votto 3 run bomb.

  45. BIGred053

    If Arroto can keep the pitch counts low, he could make it 6 innings.

  46. Y-City Jim

    I guess it was tongue-in-cheek since the question came from a member of the network team.

  47. Bill Lack

    CBS Sportsline weather at the game says, “60°F – Sunny. Refreshingly cool.Wind: 11mph/S”…course, it also has Eric Eymann and D. Anderson listed as being on the Reds bench..

  48. Y-City Jim

    Anyone going to see Homer tonight versus the Coumbus Indians? Glad to see the Clippers becoming the minor league affiliate of a team that central Ohio could give a crap about.

  49. chidave

    Does anyone have a reliable way to listen online (preferably for free)? I live in Chicago, but I’m dyin’ without my Reds!

  50. Glenn

    Anyone hear of the extent of Harriston, Jr’s injury? That guy is just snakebit.

  51. brublejr

    Willie doing what he does best! Havoc! Let’s turn this into a double.

  52. Mark in CC

    McDonald is on an on base streak!

  53. chidave

    The walks are contagious! Attaboy, McDonald.

  54. Mark in CC

    Where did the famous Phillips gold glove go?

  55. brublejr

    Hell Yeah! Joey Votto for MVP! He is a stud!

  56. brublejr

    This has to be the best the Reds have ever done against Perez…Perez has to be one of the most frustrating players for a team, so much talent, so inconsistent.

  57. GregD

    How often will we see 2-3 guys on base for the 7-9 spots in the order this year? And will C/SS be able to do anything with it?

  58. Y-City Jim

    Does Thom Brennaman understand that you can’t bat 1.000 with RISP?

    Big hit by Janish!!!

  59. Chris W

    Janish with a 2 RBI single. 8-4 Reds

  60. brublejr

    Blind squirrel theory…Nice hit by Janish

  61. Chris W

    I’m waiting for someone to blame our inability to hit with RISP on Adam Dunn. It is/was his fault isn’t it?

  62. RiverCity Redleg

    Ol Silent J comes up big!

  63. GregD

    The Reds currently lead all of baseball in walks.

  64. CeeKeR

    Arryoy and Perez both were quite awful in the final spring game leading up to this one – luckily we got the lesser of the two crappy versions pitching for the Reds today (at least so far) – Arroyo just gave up a leadoff double.

  65. GregD

    After watching a couple of games online, I prefer gameday to the gamecast.

  66. Steve at Work

    I agree gameday is much better. Plus there is a mini version I’ve been using that is very nice.

  67. Steve at Work

    I think BA is done for the day

  68. RiverCity Redleg

    2-6 of their lineup has absolutely killed us this series. Fortunately, the rest of the lineup has just been mediocre.

  69. Y-City Jim

    Who saw the Reds scoring 15 runs in a game and a half?

    Not many of us including me.

  70. brublejr

    Can we sign Joey long term yet? Lock him up now, he is special!

  71. CeeKeR

    Phillips seems to be pressing too much. I wonder if it’s the pressure of batting 4th getting to him – or if it’s because it seems like Votto, the guy before him, gets a hit almost every time he’s up?!

  72. brublejr

    I don’t think Phillips is pressing because he is actually taking walks and getting sac flies…so it is not like he has had terrible AB’s, Joey is just awesome.

  73. RiverCity Redleg

    WHy can we not get these guys out?

  74. brublejr

    Let’s see if Rhodes can do what they signed him to do.

  75. Steve at Work

    Now we need Coco to come in and be that big money closer.

  76. brublejr

    Stormy hasn’t been too Stormy this year so far 🙂

  77. brublejr

    They are really raving about him on the radio…And this one belong to the Reds!

  78. CeeKeR

    3 consecutive strike outs for Cordero – that’s a closer getting it done.

  79. Sultan of Swaff

    CoCo’s a thug. So we’re averaging ~6 runs a game, I think we should focus on pitching and defense more.

  80. Cary Loughman

    I think that the Reds can come away from this series gaining confidence, considering they hung with what is clearly a fav to make the World Series this year. Avoiding the sweep was very important, and they did that.

    The Mets are indeed loaded, very impressive collection of talent, which I’m sure they will manage to blow it yet again, but hanging tough with the best NL team money can buy has no shame.

  81. brublejr

    Agreed Cary, they were with them every game and the are one of 3 teams people are picking to win it in the NL. Now to get the Def straightened out.

  82. Kurt Frost

    I was listening to the radio broadcast and I thought they were going to have orgasms from the way they were carrying on about Coco.

  83. Cary Loughman

    Now to get the Def straightened out.

    I think the good news is that we can at least say it could improve, because those involved have D talent, just may need some time to jell. There is speed in all the OF positions and the corners have good arms, whereas before we just had to live with the statues and hope the ball was hit right at them.

  84. per14

    So how many dongs is JV going to hit this year? I say 34.

  85. Steve at Work

    I feel very good about this series considering we were 1-3. I think it’s definitely something to build on. The Mets are a very good team, I think this weekend will be interesting, hope to see more fans at GABP.

  86. mhopp

    At this pace, if he plays 162 games it will be about 107 HR’s…I say 32-35 with a .300 average

  87. Glenn

    I guess my suggestion that Cordero start the season on the DL was way off base.