Want to get to know Dusty Baker better? Sure, we all do! Well, then go read this post; it’s hilarious:

There is not much debate that Dusty is the finest skipper in the history of the game but what, other than being friends with Hank Aaron, makes him so great? I wouldn’t get any sleep, and I’ve got a full day of incredibly important television to watch in front of me, if I went through the whole list.

There’s some indelicate language, but I still recommend you read the entire post. It’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

7 Responses

  1. Steve Price

    Two things that come to mind…

    1) Would the little fast fish he’s talking about be Cory Patterson?

    2) He’s still confusing speed with OBP…you don’t catch the fish because he’s fast. You catch the fish because he’s there…sort of like OBP (think Wade Boggs or Brian Downing).

  2. Y-City Jim

    Unrelated but it may be necessary to have weekly ex-Reds posts. Keppinger winning the game for the Astros last night would be the latest entry.

  3. Matt WI

    I don’t think we want to do that to ourselves Y-City. But while we’re at it, Dunn took 3 walks today and scored. Kearns was 1-3, 2BB and 1RBI. Fair to mention, Washington lost yet again.

  4. GregD

    Are Washington fans blaming Kearns and Dunn for their losing season?

  5. Matt WI

    Actually, I heard that Nats fans are more peeved because Brandon Phillips is hitting clean-up for the Reds. Something about a “great disturbance in the force.”

  6. preach

    Dusty on Frankenstein cracked me up. Pardon me while I go pray now.