Some choice items from around the interwebs…

–Mark Sheldon wants to know how many of you have written off the season already. Not me.

–Dusty Baker’s explanation for the poor defense in the outfield yesterday (Darnell McDonald, we’re looking at you):

“Guys are learning each other, they blooped some in there, some guys are learning the field.”

I’m sure it had nothing to do with the guys Dusty chose to start.

–Votto and Bruce are okay with their leadership roles. That’s funny; I’m okay with that, too.

–Bronson Arroyo is going to pitch on Thursday, after all. So now we’re back where we started:

– Wednesday, 7:10 vs. Mets – Edinson Volquez
– Thursday, 12:35 vs. Mets – Arroyo
– Friday, 7:10 vs. Pirates – Johnny Cueto
– Saturday, 1:10 vs. Pirates – Micah Owings
– Sunday, 1:10 vs. Pirates – Aaron Harang

–Here are CSG’s thoughts on Opening Day, good and bad.

–Doug continues to post a bunch of good videos from his trip to the Futures Game in Dayton.

–The Enquirer has a decent “audio slideshow,” featuring pics of the Findlay’s Market Parade, and Opening Day.

Adam Dunn: 2-4, HR, 2B, 4 RBI. Ken Griffey, Jr.: 1-3, HR. Junior’s homer ties another former Red, Frank Robinson, for the record for most Opening Day homers.

14 Responses

  1. Sultan of Swaff

    Arroyo’s insistence on starting Thursday smacks of veteran pride, pride that generally doesn’t help the team. I sure hope I’m wrong.

  2. GRF

    We heard a lot during the offseason about the improved defense. Hoping we will see some of it soon.

  3. per14

    I’ve not written off the season. The offense was anemic yesterday but I wasn’t expecting much else with Santana starting. The bullpen was solid. Harang survived. The whole McDonald saga really aggravates me but I’m resolved to not get too cynical yet. Perhaps he pans out (doubtful), and if he doesn’t, I just hope the team realizes its mistake soon.

    But then another part of me thinks that the McDonald saga shows that Baker still has a hold on roster decisions, and really, that is so discouraging that it does put a damper on my April optimism.

  4. Slattspub

    Going into the season we all knew this team is built to play 2-1 baseball. Now we just need to come out with the 2 on the scoreboard moving forward. I’m excited about this team and can’t wait to see how the rest of this series with the Mets plays out.

  5. doug

    I certainly haven’t written the team off yet, but I know there is a whole lot of ‘I told you so’s” being tossed around because everyone’s offseason complaint was that the offense wasn’t that good and would struggle to score runs. Still, there were plenty of positives from yesterdays game and I look forward to watching these guys this year just like every year.

  6. nycredsfan

    Re: Arroyo

    I don’t mind him talking his way into the rotation, and I’m sure he feels fine and will be ok.

    My problem with it is he is epically bad against lefties…..did anyone see the Mets team? Everyone but Wright can hit lefthanded. Methinks Arroyo gets rocked just because of that.

  7. per14

    Deaner, so far, that’s the comment of the season.

  8. pinson343

    Arroyo has pitched very well against the Mets. They don’t like his off-speed stuff.

  9. Shane

    You guys do realize that they’ve only played ONE GAME so far, right?

  10. brublejr

    I haven’t written them off, but the main issues going into the season came up in the first game. As far as Arroyo starting against the Mets or Pirates…does it really matter? He typically doesn’t look great against the Pirates and he could possibly keep the Mets off balance with his junk epescially following Volquez in the rotation. If he is healthy enough to pitch, I really don’t care which team he faces.

  11. Y-City Jim

    Why do the Reds always take off the day after Opening Day? It’s sort of annoying. No other clubs seem to do it.

  12. Chris W.

    Jeff Keppinger just got a game winning hit for the Astros. Austin Kearns hit one in the upper deck for the Nats… OK, maybe I’m going too far back in history with the former Reds now…

  13. pinson343

    Chris, Jeff K. is not going back so far. Given the state of our bench, I’d like to know what monor league hotshot we’ll get in return.

    Kearns is going back aways but there’s the curious case of his wondeful play before the shoulder injury in his second season, and his never fully coming back after that.
    I have a gut feeling (third time I’ve said it on this blog) that Kearns is finally coming back this year.