Opening day has to be one of the greatest days of the year. Filling the atmosphere around the Reds’ organization yesterday, along with scattered precipitation, was pride, hope, and anticipation for what could definitely be a strong season for the club, from the big leagues and down into the minors as well.

Although I was disappointed by not winning a spot in the Futures games, I was excited for the opportunity presented to my fellow teammates. People who followed the outcomes of those two games will draw their own conclusions, but what I think it showed was the tremendous potential many of the Reds’ prospects possess. I am sure some will disagree, but from my perspective, the idea of a “Futures” games is more entertaining and a welcome change from other major league teams that just scheduled an additional exhibition game.

Another disappointing moment of spring training came when I was informed I would be starting the season in Sarasota (High-A). I started spring with Louisville, but spent the majority of spring training with the Carolina (AA) lineup. When the last week of camp came, I made my best approximation of the starting rotation at each level (which is done by every player for their respected position about once a day) and I knew, depending on some injuries, my chances of breaking camp with AA were probably slim.

Regardless, I will be in the starting rotation, so innings and chances to pitch will only be determined by my performance, which is a great situation to be in. My first start will come on our opening day, Thursday (4/9), at Port Saint Lucie against my former college teammate, Tony Maccani and the Mets.