Finally! The long, hard winter is over.

Baseball is back!

15 Responses

  1. jason

    my favorite day of the year is finally here. starting with a stop at gameday at 8am, followed by machine room and ballgame. cold is fine, snow is ok, cold rain..not so much. go reds! mcdonald 4-4, 2 rbi’s.

  2. mhopp

    I’m trying to muster up a Yeah! for the MLB team. I’m just happy to watch the minors instead. They’re better managed and even have some better players. Go Reds!

  3. brublejr

    I even get off work early, so I will actually get to see the game today…HooRay!

  4. Ryan

    Glad to get a chance to see the Reds play today. It is hard to see them in Northern Ohio but look forward to seeing a great season. I wish more classic games were available as well.

  5. Sultan of Swaff

    Nothing says opening day more than looking out your window (here in Chicagoland) and seeing three inches of snow. Nevertheless, I always take the afternoon off work to watch the Reds. Throw in the NCAA championship game, and today makes for one of the best sports days of the year.

  6. Matt WI

    I’m pumped and ready. At this point I’m willing to let go of frustration with the roster moves and see how this plays out. No sense in predicting negativity that hasn’t happened yet. For now, I’m going to hope Harang throws like two years age and we see some Votto, Bruce, and EE action at the plate. Reds win 5-3! Play Ball.

  7. Nathan in Muncie

    I hate to be a downer, I’m just worried about the rain and snow. It doesn’t look good but hey it’s still opening day. Here’s to a good season and an OVER .500 record!

  8. nycredsfan

    They’ll play, but no way they start on time. I don’t think they want to let opening day’s game get postponed. So does the cold hurt Santana or Harang more? Gotta think Santana, but maybe that’s just opening day optimism.

  9. Chris W.

    I’m leaving work at 1 to watch the game on tv. Looks like I will have some time to get comfortable before the game starts judging by the weather.

  10. rpa

    well, i’ll have the game on the car radio and the iphone and maybe in a bar at the airport. hoping my flight gets pushed back an hour or two so i can catch the whole thing.

    at least i can keep a 25 year streak of at least catching most of the game on the radio (or on tv, or in person) intact.

    and here’s hoping the mets scratch santana at the last minute because of the cold, they start a righty, and dusty has to plug in dickerson for mcdonald.