Wow, ugly outings for Bronson Arroyo and Francisco Cordero against the Reds minor leaguers tonight. Arroyo: 3 innings, 7 hits, 6 earned runs. CoCo: 2 IP, 3 hits, 4 runs, 3 ER.

Can we worry about Cordero yet?

At least the young guys look good. Yonder Alonso has a homer and 2 walks in his first three ABs. Juan Francisco has two homers and five RBI. Chris Heisey is 3-3, and Chris Valaika is 3-4.

UPDATE: Here’s the gruesome box score; final was 12-4. Not pretty.

Valaika ended up 4-5, though, which is nice.

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25 Responses

  1. Gunner

    Maybe we should just promote the futures up to Cincy now and put the Reds down at AA lol

  2. KYRedsFan

    Put me down as officially worried.

  3. Glenn

    I’ve heard that Cordero is still having problems pushing off the ankle he’s been rehabing. You know, starting Monday these games do count. If he’s not ready than maybe C should start the year on the DL rather than setting the tone for the season with some blow saves early on.

  4. Mark in CC

    Add Bronson Carpal Tunnel to the list also.

  5. Tartan

    I’m not sure we can worry about Cordero yet. Relief numbers are always highly volatile. Sure, he shouldn’t be giving up hits. But for every perfect inning, he’s going to have some “exciting” appearances. It takes a significant amount of innings for poor outings to become poor pitching.

    Arroyo on the other hand is somewhat troubling. Arroyo has thrown nearly 20 innings of poor baseball. Without batted ball data is hard to determine, but a look-see at the numbers show Arroyo is much more hittable. This, of course, is a problem. There isn’t a huge difference between Masset’s performance and Arroyo’s performance.

    The only saving grace is the history of Arroyo. He has been a successful pitcher in the past. This leads one to believe that this is only a hiccup, nothing more.

    At least for this Reds team, they have better replacement arms than any Reds team in the past 10 years. That is the one saving grace here.

    In summation, Cordero doesn’t bother me, yet. Arroyo is pitching poorly, but it isn’t something to keep Jocketty up at night.

  6. BenL

    On the plus side Bray had a nice outing. Maybe we can stop worrying about him?

    …but yeah, the performances of Cordero and Arroyo are both very worrysome. We may see Bailey sooner than we think.

  7. Y-City Jim

    I agree with Glenn. CoCo starts the season on the DL.

  8. Mark in CC

    I think Arroyo is more a worry and maybe why the 5th starter hasn’t been announced.

  9. pinson343

    I’d feel a lot more comfortable about the start of the season with both Arroyo and Cordero on the DL. We have the depth, so why not let them get healthy ?

  10. brublejr

    I am worried about Coco, and have been since last year when he wasn’t as good as the last two years. Right now I would be more worried about Coco in the game more so than anybody. I agree to send them both to the DL. I think Arroyo will be fine, he has always been a yo-yo with up and down performances. I would like to see both rebound nicely so we could flip them at the deadline and save a ton of money in the process.

  11. brublejr

    Another thing…Has anyone else noticed that Lincoln has been getting rocked lately also? I don’t understand why they signed him to a two year deal when you have some electric arms (Roenicke, Viola, etc…) in the minors. I hope the pen doesn’t blow good starting pitching this year.

  12. Mark in CC

    “I don’t plan on missing unless it gets unbelievably bad,” said Arroyo

    Guess what Bronson.

  13. zblakey

    Arroyo should go on the DL and Bailey take his place in the rotation. That way you don’t use up Bailey’s final option.

  14. Brian

    Well there are many things that are starting to worry me. Obviously everyone is focusing on CoCo and Arroyo because it is the #3 and Closer on the team. However, as mentioned above you have Lincoln, Massett, Harang (and yes he has gotten hit around a little this spring).
    So because of all this your bullpen is now a concern with Lincoln, Massett (assuming he get the nod over bailey), Bray, CoCo. So to a certain extent you only have Rhodes, Burton and Herrera who have looked good lately out of the bullpen and Weathers has well, been Weathers.
    Then on the offensive side of the ball I am worried about the final deciscions and the injuries. Has anyone heard any update on Tavares and how he is after Votto drilled him with a line drive. I saw where they were going to re-evaluate him but then never heard an update? Also, I think that if Gonzalez is to play on opening day he needs to play today and show he is healthy.

    I am staying optimistic for now, but I bet the big league team is second guessing the team they have alot after yesterday. It is a little different losing that bad to your minor league players than losing to another major league team.

  15. Fireball44

    You know, I worry very little for veteran players based on the spring stats. On the whole, for guys who have been around, those stats means basically nothing. It’s the young guys that I really keep an eye on during spring.

    Once the real games start, we’ll see where Arroyo and Cordero stand.

  16. pinson343

    I was just reading John Fay’s blog, yesterday it was very windy, with the wind blowing predominantly out.
    And Mr. Redlegs reported that the two doubles Cordero gave up were routine fly balls.

    Maybe we’re taking this game too seriously, but why couldn’t the Reds hit much ? And why has the “improved” defense looked awful for the last two weeks.

    As for my comment on putting Arroyo and Cordero on the DL, that’s if they’re bothered by injuries, not if they’re just slumping.

  17. KY Chip

    I’m pretty sure Arroyo’s arm is going to fall off sometime this season.

    I just hope it happens before he films another JTM commercial with Chris Welsh.

  18. Fireball44

    KY Chip, if his arm falls off, he’ll have MORE time to do those commercials. Pray that it stays attached!!!!

  19. Mr. Redlegs

    You fellas are putting WAY too much weight on this game—except in Arroyo’s case. Cordero had FOUR misplayed balls in that inning and the wind was brutal on outfielders for both sides all day.

    This game was exactly what it was—a quasi-practice squad promotion. If you were one of the regulars, you’re not breaking your neck over this sort of thing. Yeah, you’d like them to make the routine plays but there’s just no meaning whatsoever to anything that happened here except . . .

    . . . Arroyo got hit hard. The outs were hit hard, the hits were batted squarely and with the winds he had no control. You don’t put much weight on the stat results of his outing as you do with what he was throwing, what they were hitting and how much he struggled with location and control.

    The Pirates got beat by Manatee Junior College in one of these things. The players have been in camp for seven, long, monotonous weeks. The last thing they want to do is stopover in the middle of a tobacco field at Zebulon, N.C., and play what amounts to a scrimmage.

  20. GregD

    I read what you’re saying Mr Redlegs, but the outfielders have been botching too many routine plays all spring long. One game can be excused, but there’s a pattern of behavior that I worry will carryover into the regular season.

    Management’s approach in the offseason was to focus more on defensive improvement than offensive improvement. If the defense can’t make the routine plays, they’re really screwed this year.

  21. Brian

    Hopefully some of the players use this as a wake-up call for the beginning of the regular season. With all the positive press from ESPN and other media outlets hopefully this is used to motivate and make the players realize they still have to do it on the field. Maybe it is what the team needed before the regular season.

    Yes it is a scrimmage so I’m not putting much stock in it, but main it has to hurt getting stomped like that by the guys who are trying to take you job.

  22. Brian

    Another thing is that McDonald looked awful in the outfield, and for all the positive he had done this spring, I think he punched his ticket back to the minors yesterday. Probably a long shot to make the roster anyway with Dickerson, Gomes and Hairston probably already on the roster.

  23. mhopp

    I was at that game and I’ve never seen such sloppy play, by both sides but mostly the Reds. It was pathetic, I actually was thinking they were just goofing off! Good grief how many missed plays did they have in the outfield? About 4 I think by the Reds alone.