Like Chad, I have gone back and forth on my decision as to whether or not to attend Opening Day this season. This report helps reassure my decision to watch this year’s contest on television:

Sunday Night: Showers and thunderstorms likely. Cloudy, with a low around 37. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New rainfall amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

Monday: A chance of rain and snow showers. Cloudy, with a high near 37. Chance of precipitation is 50%.

Monday Night: A chance of snow showers. Cloudy, with a low around 29. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

I sat through a rain delay of more than an hour last year. As much as I enjoy the Opening Day experience, I think I’ll take my chances watching the game in my living room this year opposed to sitting through a potential snow shower.

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  1. Sultan of Swaff

    I coached HS baseball here in the Chicago area for 5 years, that passes for playable weather. I swear, I’ve never been so cold in my life as I have been standing in the dugout when it’s 40, windy, and spitting rain. No wonder kids don’t play baseball, where’s the fun in that?

  2. Fireball44

    I think I’ve been to one Opening Day in the past 5 or 6 years where the weather didn’t suck. I’d still rather be there, though.

  3. Chris W

    I know what you mean. Granted I didn’t coach in Chicago, but it can still get rather bitter here in VA some during the spring. I coached high school ball for 2 years and there is nothing worse than playing a game around 9 pm, getting beat by about 10 runs, and standing in that 3rd base box with it being about 25 degrees outside.

    And with the team I coached, there were plenty of those “down by 10 run” nights.

  4. Jason1972

    I am torn on this. I dropped a decent chunk of change on two tickets and planned on spending the day with my wife doing the whole Opening Day experience (Findlay parade etc)

    She’s not a huge baseball fan to begin with, so asking her to spend 8 hours in freezing weather is not going to endear her to the experience.

    I guess it will be a game day decision for us.

  5. nycredsfan

    Holy Crap! 37 is cold. Last I heard it was supposed to be 50. 37 is cruel and unusual punishment. I remember two years ago when some Tigers games got snowed out. I hope the beginning of this season isn’t the same way.

  6. Bill Lack

    I remember attending an Opening Day in the early ’80s (I think) against the Expos which had multiple snow delays. Hadn’t been for that flask of Schnapps, we might not have made it through!

  7. Chad Dotson

    I’ve told Bill this story before, but I also attended a snowy Opening Day against the Expos. It was the first Opening Day I ever attended, in 1993. Went with my father and one of my brothers.

    It didn’t snow as much as it did during Bill’s game, but it was COLD, and snow was spitting all day long.

    What I remember most is Rijo’s incredible start, and Larry Walker hitting the longest home run I’ve ever seen against Rob Dibble in the 9th.

  8. Dan

    Wasn’t there a snowy Opening Day in the early or mid 80’s vs. the Cubs? I seem to remember Bump Wills hitting a HR.

  9. Chris W

    It is miserable sitting through a game in the cold. My family and I went up about 2 years ago (the same weekend the series in Cleveland got snowed out) and it snowed in Cincinnati, but they still played. We had seats up in the 400 level. There was no more than 10,000 fans there if that. One of the ushers came up to the 400 level and told all fans that if and when they wanted to, to feel free to move down to a lower level and find a seat.

    Of course that won’t ever happen on opening day

  10. Dan

    Here it is. It was Opening Day 1982, and Bump Wells actually led off the game with the HR, off Soto.

    Game was called after 8 innings. Cubs 3, Reds 2.

    Little did we know what awfulness lay ahead of us the remainder of that year…

    Wow… that starting lineup is depressingly bad… and just a year after having the best record in baseball (and yet somehow missing the playoffs b/c of the incredibly stupid split-season!)

  11. GregD

    Yahoo! Sports has their Opening Day power rankings out. They have the Reds at 19th (up from their 2008 record which was 21st):

    “19. Cincinnati Reds – Dusty removes toothpick, plunges it into eyeballs.”

  12. Chris

    Crap. I’m going, for the first time ever. Spent a lot of money, have plans with an old high school friend, and am taking my wife – who is already complaining about the weather. I will need a flask.

  13. Chad Dotson

    After all the trouble you’ve had getting excited for this season, you are going to Opening Day? Even with the terrible weather?

    I’m starting to think you like the Reds. 🙂

  14. Arvil Pilkenton

    Well I have MLB EI and am taking a vacation day to sit in front of the tube and root’m on. My son is also taking the day off as well, good way to start the baseball season, making our first trip of the year for the Braves series (april 24-26) cant wait, lets hope this will be the year that we finally turn the corner.

  15. Fireball44

    I’d rather freeze my a** off at Opening Day then go to a Bengals game in 70 degree weather…and I actually like the Bengals.

  16. Plowboy

    There were some pretty good snow showers on Opening Day in ’85, the first full season Pete Rose came back, if memory serves correctly.

    I mostly remember the full color shot on the cover of the Cincinnati Enquirer with snow flying all around as Pete was racing out of the batter’s box and down the 1st base line after a hit.

    Might’ve been an out, actually, but he was hustling nonetheless!