I’m surprised to hear that Gary Sheffield is willing to play for the minimum salary. It’s not money he wants; it’s playing time.

I don’t see how the Reds can promise him playing time with the roster as it is currently constructed.

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  1. Matt Steele

    He’s getting what 14 million this year from the Tigers already. He doesn’t need a large salary. I don’t see any team right now that could offer him the playing time he wants though

  2. brublejr

    Yeah, the playing for 400K is easy when you are getting 14 mil from the Tigers. I don’t see anywhere he can get a starter’s job, outside of maybe Pittsburgh if their younger guys don’t come through. All he is doing is trying to get his 500 HR’s.

  3. GregD

    “All he is doing is trying to get his 500 HR’s.”

    Or trying to get playing time while healthy and put up some stats so that he can continue to get paid next year.

  4. mhowes

    I think Sheffield is a bad idea for the Reds.
    Sure the Reds offense is their weakness and it would be wonderful to have guy who can crush the ball in left field and sit in the middle of the lineup but that isn’t Sheffield anymore

    Most projections have him right around the same production level as Phillips. PECOTA EQA for example

    Projected 2009 PECOTA EQA
    .298 Votto
    .290 EE
    .285 Bruce
    .271 Phillips and SHEFFIELD
    .264 Dickerson
    .254 Hernandez
    .241 Taveras
    .221 Janish

    if Sheffield could play SS we’d be set but if you take defense into account he’s not an improvement over Dickerson

    anyone else think we should take a chance on the often hurt Bobby Crosby. We’d be able to trade for him for next to nothing. He plays great defense at SS and was once one of the top SS prospects in baseball. His problem is he’s always hurt.

  5. GregD

    What’s Gomes projection?
    Or the projection for the bench/4th/5th OFer. Does Sheffield’s .271 make the bench better or worse?

  6. mhowes

    well, the Mets Signed Sheffield so it’s irrelevant but I thought I’d respond to what the projections for the other bench/4th/5th OFers compare anyways.

    Sheffield projects to a .271 EQA PECOTA

    Here are some of the other Reds choices I didn’t include in my earlier post

    .277 Gomes
    .272 Hairston Jr
    .245 J Jones
    .242 Nix
    .236 Stubbs
    .233 McDonald

    Gomes should be platooning with Dickerson
    or if we signed Sheffield, move Dickerson to CF and start an OF of Dickerson/Gomes, Sheffield and Bruce. Taveras is the problem