Opening Day is almost here!

Mon vs NYM: RHP Aaron Harang vs LHP Johan Santana …

Wed vs NYM: RHP Edinson Volquez vs RHP Mike Pelfrey

Thu vs NYM: RHP Bronson Arroyo vs LHP Oliver Perez

I can’t wait. Today is the Reds last game in Sarasota, so the anticipation is only going to become more intense.

UPDATE: Chris Sabo’s Goggles has an idea:

In the spirit of those “It’s Gonna Happen” and “This Is Our Year” signs you used to see at Red Sox games, and now at Cubs games, I figured it was time for Cincinnati Reds fans to have their own ridiculous, slightly ironic, sad, and completely pointless sign that they can can hold up at games in an attempt to get on television for three seconds make their team seem more endearing than they really are.

Go over there to see his slogan. It’s great.