Gotta admit I’m a bit surprised about this:

Reds manager Dusty Baker said Wednesday night that he is meeting on Thursday with Gary Sheffield, the slugger who spent the last two years with the Detroit Tigers.

Baker made the comments on Enquirer columnist Paul Daugherty’s Sports Talk radio show on 700 WLW-AM. …

Reds general manager Walt Jocketty confirmed Wednesday night that the team will talk to Sheffield, and said the Reds would consider signing him.

“Perhaps, it’s something we’ve talked about,” Jocketty said. “We’re going to at least explore the possibility. He’s still a threat in the lineup … if the price is right.”

Wait, is this 1999?

Okay, here’s my take…I can’t see that Sheffield, at age 40, brings any more to the table than Jonny Gomes or Chris Dickerson (and I’m not a particularly big Dickerson fan). I guess, if they decided to sign Sheffield, Gomes would be the one to go.

In the article linked above, you can listen to the audio of Dusty’s comments about Sheffield. Also, Jocketty mentioned that the Reds are going to look into Geoff Jenkins, and see whether he might be an option.

Finally, take a look at this. It says that the Reds are going to offer Pedro Martinez a one-year contract.

The season is almost here, but things are already getting to be fun around here. What are your thoughts on the Sheffield thing?

UPDATE: After talking to Dusty Baker, John Fay guesses that Sheffield will not be a Red.

UPDATE 2: Add Frank Catalanotto to the list of players the Reds are interested in, according to Jocketty.

19 Responses

  1. Fireball44

    The Pedro thing feels like an April Fools’ joke to me.

    I love it when people think they’re funny and post fake crap like that.

  2. Glenn

    If they thought the defense was bad when Dunn was in LF, I’d love to hear how putting Sheffield out there is any upgrade. The guy can’t run anymore and he’s had a shoulder op. Can he even throw?

    I’m afraid that all signing Sheffield will do is put either Gomes or Nix back in AAA. I’d rather get that young core of players up in the bigs playing together as a team.

  3. Glenn

    Gomes is what 28?

    Sheffield is 40.

    Give me Gomes.

  4. slick ric

    sheffield to the reds yes in the greatamerica ball park 40 homers at the lest

  5. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, there will be a whole different type of havoc around this team if Sheffield joins the clubhouse.

  6. Mark in CC

    Everyone speaks of Gomes as a lock. I really think McDonald has beaten him out. Except for HR he is better at every offensive category this spring. I think at last report McDonald was over .300, better OB, etc and Gomes was around .230. Plus Gomes has been poor defensively and is limted to left field and brutal 1B. McDonald can play all outfield positions and am sure could play first as well as Gomes.

    If Sheffield is in such great shape and such a positive influence and so willing to be a parttime player and such an offensive weapon why would Detroit be so willing to pay $14 million for nothing? I don’t remember them being that good last year than they have offense to pay to get rid of.

  7. nick in va

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Sheffield signed. Something about seeing that bag wagging when he’s at the plate always made me want to see him hit a homer.

  8. StopWhining

    The Tigers released Gary Sheffield because they wanted to get more versatile. They felt that Sheffield was relegated exclusively to the DH-role. Now, they can rotate Marcus Thames, Magglio and Carlos Guillen between LF, RF and DH. So there you go.

  9. KYRedsFan

    If he really is healthy and could stay that way then Sheffield could have a good year in GAB, but that’s one really big if.

  10. StopWhining

    Pedro, like Sheffield, could be a nice one-year stop gap. More importantly, I feel that he would be an amazingly positive influence on Cueto and Volquez, both whom remind me greatly of Pedro.
    If it’s $1 million + incentives and he’s in good health then why the hell not?

  11. Fireball44

    For the minimum, Sheffield is worth a look. If he wants a 2-year deal or more, the Reds should send him on his way.

  12. aaron

    Well dust off the Griffey home run counter sign and start the Sheffield counter (although we should be using it for DUNN).
    And now that we lost one of the few fan/kid friendly players in Keppinger why not fill that void will everyone’s all-american Gary.

  13. justcorbly

    Too bad the NL doesn’t have the DH.

    A cheap one-year deal can’t hurt. If nothing else, he’d be a pinch hitter with punch.

  14. per14

    No go on Sheff. Gomes will give you same thing and won’t screw up the clubhouse.

  15. james

    I live in Michigan and follow the tigers like i follow the reds. All i have to say is at least we’re not tigers fans. I know they made the world series a couple years ago, but that organization spent and traded and blew it all up. The first move the Tigers did after making the world series? Trade for Sheffield. The guy can’t play left field. The guy hit .225 last year. He was batting .178 this spring. All he wants to do is hit 1 more hr. I was starting to buy into the Dickerson/Gomes platoon. Gary Sheffield is a huge headcase that can’t hit or field. You thought Griffey was looking old in the OF, you do not want to see Shef. Please no.

  16. per14

    I don’t think the Reds should keep both Gomes and Sheff, but I agree w/ everything else, Dan! Seems so wasteful to carry 7 bullpen pitchers esp. if one of them turns out to be Bailey who can go several innings.

  17. World

    I say yea on Sheffield. He’s a great athlete and would put the RH punch in the lineup as needed. A winning team needs a well thought out blend of veterans and youth and the Reds are definitely lacking in players who possess a distinguished pedigree. He is one dangerous man up at the plate and, if the Reds would commit to two seasons with an option, his drive to 600 homeruns would be exciting for fans who have been watching lousy baseball for quite some time.

    Regarding the posture that Sheffield would take away from the development of the younger player, it’s a long, long, long season and Dickerson and Gomes and Hopper and McDonald will all be in the Cincinnati pasture at some point this year. A pulled hamstring is common and puts even the well toned player on the shelf for a month or so. There will be plenty of opportunity for all.

    Sheffield can outright rip the ball. And his defense cannot possibly be worse than what the Reds have put up with in Adam Dunn for the past few years.

    Big Bob, listen to the World. Sign the man today!