John Fay has a quick update on our boy Bronson Arroyo:

Bronson Arroyo threw a bullpen session this morning, his first since dealing with a flare-up of carpal tunnel.

“It went all right,” he said. “There’s still a little numbness in there. I’d say it’s 50 percent better than it was yesterday. I’m just waiting for the (anti-inflammatory) drugs to flush through my system.”

Arroyo said he has no problems with velocity.

“But I’ve got to get my command more consistent,” he said.

Arroyo’s scheduled to start the exhibition game in Carolina or Saturday. His first start of the season will be April 9.

Arroyo’s confident he won’t miss a start.

“I’ve been dealing with this since 2004,” he said. “I haven’t missed one yet.”

I hope Arroyo’s right. He knows how he feels better than we do.

On the other hand, carpal tunnel syndrome can be extremely painful. I don’t think I realized that until mine got so bad last year that I had to get the surgery.

Before the surgery, the pain was so bad that it kept me up all night, throbbing (sorta like a toothache). I couldn’t brush my teeth or my hair or squeeze a shampoo bottle (the pain was in my right hand). You trying doing everything for one day with your opposite hand. It’s not easy.

After the surgery, I wasn’t completely right for about 6 months. It was during the summer, and I couldn’t throw baseball with my kids, or shoot basketball with them. I can’t imagine trying to pitch in a major league game (although my hand feels much better now, so if the Reds want me to pitch for them, I’ll be happy to dust off the ol’ knuckleball).

What Arroyo’s dealing with doesn’t seem like too big a deal, but I lived with it for years, as well…until one day it just got a TON worse.

(Ironically, that day was last year’s Opening Day. On the drive home, I was in a ton of pain.)