Another glowing profile of Homer Bailey. He really does sound like a different kid than the one we’ve gotten to know over the last few years. And remember, he is still only 22 years old.

–Bronson Arroyo’s carpal tunnel syndrome is flaring up again. CTS is no joke. I had surgery for it almost a year ago.

–Bill mentioned earlier that Kent Mercker joined the WLW broadcast team for today’s game, and that there is a chance he will be part of the regular season rotation as well. I listened to him this afternoon, and I wasn’t very impressed. Frankly, he sounded nervous. Mercker has a reputation as a witty guy, so I think he’ll be fine in the long run, though. If nothing else, he’s not Jeff Brantley.

–On a related note, Mercker and Thom Brennaman were pimping Paul Janish for the Opening Day shortstop assignment during today’s broadcast. They even said Dusty Baker was leaning toward Janish for that spot (assuming that Alex Gonzalez won’t be able to go, which seems like a good bet).

I’m trying to stay optimistic. I really am. But I’m at a loss to explain how the Reds are going to be able to score runs this year. Other than Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, and Edwin Encarnacion, who else is going to be an above average hitter (for his position) this year?

–Paul Bako and Mike Stanton were released by the Cubs today. And so Chicago has foiled Dusty Baker’s nefarious plot to catch up with the Cubs in the NL Central by giving them our crappy players.