From today’s Enquirer:

Arroyo got wracked up yesterday and had these comments after…

Arroyo admits that he’s difficult to catch because he works backward when compared to most pitchers, i.e., his breaking stuff sets up his fastball.

“When someone’s on the same page as you, they know what you want to do,” Arroyo said. “For instance, anybody can call an inside fastball. But he doesn’t know if you want to paint it in or open with a cutter. All those little variables. You need someone pulling on the same rope as you.

“Until he sees enough pitches, it’s almost like throwing to a stationary target.”

Arroyo said he won’t request that Ryan Hanigan catch him.

“Dusty is going to control the team the way he wants to,” Arroyo said. “They’re both right-handed bats. I’ll let him make those decisions.”

Baker will consider it short-term.

“We’ll see,” Baker said. “But he’s not going to get used to him by not catching him.”

Anyone else find these statements from Bronson “odd”? Is he blaming his bad outing on Hernandez?

Then, IMO, the odd things continue…

Former reliever Kent Mercker will work four of the remaining spring training games for WLW, including today against Pittsburgh.

It hasn’t been decided if Mercker will be part of the regular-season broadcasts, but it’s likely.

Now, the ST work might be because Marty works the Final Four (doesn’t he still do this?), but why would they need another broadcaster during the regular season? Isn’t their musical chairs confusing enough?