Want a reason to hope? Here’s one:

Willy Taveras has walked five times this spring, tied for most no (sic) the club and his on-base is .371.

Much more on Willy Taveras sometime in the next few days, as I attempt to make the case that Taveras may not suck this season. Stay tuned.

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  1. brublejr

    I really hope he can continue that through the season. Sometimes change of scenary/coaches can make a difference. We can all hope!

  2. Y-City Jim

    I just looked at the Reds ST stats and saw that. Plus those five walks are in eleven ball games due to the WBC.

  3. Jose

    this may be a good thing…
    we’ll see

  4. Matt B.

    Teams are probably pitching around him because they fear his power, especially to the gaps.

  5. Sultan of Swaff

    From day 1 of ST, he’s talked about getting back to walks and bunting as a means to increase his OBP. I think he gets it. IF he gets it, we’ll be getting more production than we paid for. Dude’s only 28 too.

  6. Y-City Jim

    He was 1 for 3 with a walk today. Maybe a cause for concern is he only has three steals and has been caught twice. Perhaps he has caught the Cincinnati Reds base running virus.

  7. preach

    He led the game off today with a walk. and promptly was picked off for the first out of the game.

    The Reds won today, but I was a little concerned that a guy fighting for the Rays 5th starter spot looked like Cy Young for the first five innings.

  8. Y-City Jim

    I fear there will be a lot of guys looking like Cy Young winners against the Reds this year.

  9. Mark in CC

    I think todays game through the 7th, is representative of what we might see all year.

    Low scoring, good pitching, small ball.

    Not only is Taveras walking but he is executing in other ways also. Great Hit and Run today.

  10. preach

    I have no problem with small ball, I kinda like it. But it is only really effective with decent OBP and defense, and I still have my doubts regarding those categories with this team.

    But I am looking forward to the rotation.

  11. nycredsfan

    I am feeling really positive about Taveras (for today) Both bunting for hits and walking are repeatable skills, so maybe he’ll have a decent OBP for a leadoff guy, and I’m sure he’ll get plenty of steals.

    I agree Chad, he just might not totally suck this year.

  12. Mark in CC

    Taveras’s ability to steal a base should change the way we look at his OPS. There will be many times when a single becomes a double or triple due to the stolen bases. However this does not relect in his Slugging Percentage.

    A slugger gets some help with his OPS when he has a lower OBP by hitting more extra base hits, the punch and judy base stealer doesn’t get that help.

  13. Tom Diesman

    I look at Taveras’ steals in that his CSs subtracts from his already bad for a leadoff man OBP, and his SBs add to his pathetic SLG. To give you an idea of how his steals contribute to his offensive production, for his career he is, .283 .331 .337 .668. Factoring in his CS to OBP and SB into SLG, he is something around a .283 .311 .423 .734. So his SBs do add quite a bit of value to his offensive production, but he is still far shy of the average major league CF of last year who put up a .752 OPS.

  14. Matt Steele

    good luck making that case. I hope he can be really good as well this year, but I can’t say that I really believe it.

    As for his OPS, I’m not really that concerned with it as a whole. I will never expect his SLG to be any good, he’s just not that kind of player. I deeply care about his OBP though and that’s going to be a good indicator this year. If Willy can start getting on base more (and whoever ends up our #2 can as well) then I expect our team to play pretty well. If he hovers around .300 to .320, well then it might be a long summer

  15. Jose

    No havoc jokes?!
    theyre wreaking more havoc then the reds themselves!

  16. Shane

    How quickly the opinions change hahhahahahha