FYI, I’ve had one of my patented unpredictable changes of heart. You no longer have to register with the site in order to comment. You can register if you want, but it’s not required to comment.

So comment! Now!!! Don’t let those goofballs at the top of the “Top Commenters” standings run away with the competition!

(And why not go get one o’ them fancy pictures that show up beside some people’s comments?)

9 Responses

  1. Kurt Frost

    That is creepy! As I was clicking on the link to this site I was wondering to myself what a pain in the ass it is to login to comment and I was wondering if I would ever register.

  2. Mike Martz

    hmm, I’ve been posting for a couple of seasons and I don’t remember ever registering… must have done it during a long game on a thristy night………..

  3. Mark T

    Just want to see if my picture appears.

  4. Steve Price

    It was a dark and stormy night….

  5. mhopp

    I just watched a video on pitchers that were big disappointments last year but may rebound this year. Aaron Harang was mentioned for a split second as disappointment last year and then they went on to talk about Chris Carpenter and his 15 game winning seasons several years ago.

    I get so sick of people on this team not getting any respect. People are finally starting to notice BP and JV and JB but it seems like Reds players have to do a little extra to get noticed

  6. nick in va

    I need a picture. If only I weren’t so lazy.

  7. per14

    Oh man. Elmer Dessens. I had totally forgotten. He was okay for a start or two, wasn’t he?