Today’s the last off-day the Reds are going to have before the regular season begins. It’s getting closer! And to get you even more in the mood, check out these photos taken today inside Great American Ballpark.

So, what are the Reds going to do with the roster as they prepare for Opening Day? Nick Masset or Homer Bailey in the bullpen? Bill Bray or Danny Herrera? Laynce Nix or Jacque Jones or Wilkin Castillo or someone else?

What are your thoughts?

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22 Responses

  1. Phill

    I was thinking about it and wondered what would be better for the team. If Gonzalez and Hairston both got hurt, would it be better for the team as a whole to use Keppinger who gives average offense with below average defense or Janish who gives below average offense with above average defense?

    Or if it comes to that and Valaika is raking he could beat them out?

    Also I’m wondering when Jacque Jones is gonna get cut.

  2. brublejr

    As long as Jones gets cut, I am fine with whatever happens with the rest those guys, I’d rather Castillo in AAA but if it means keeping Jones away, I’ll take it.

  3. WillRedsCHI

    Anyone got a guess for the opening day roster? Here’s what I’m thinking…
    Aaron Harang
    Edinson Volquez
    Bronson Arroyo
    Johnny Cueto
    Micah Owings
    David Weathers
    Francisco Cordero
    Jared Burton
    Mike Lincoln
    Arthur Rhodes
    Nick Masset
    Bill Bray

    Joey Votto
    Brandon Phillips
    Alex Gonzalez
    Edwin Encarnacion
    Jay Bruce
    Chris Dickerson
    Wily Taverez (sp?)
    Ramon Hernandez
    Ryan Hannigan
    Jerry Hairston
    Johnny Gomes
    Norris Hopper
    Wilkin Castillo

    IF Gonzalez is injured on opening day…then it will be jeff keppinger

  4. nick in va

    Those are great pics of the stadium. One question. Why does the dirt around 3rd base have a “sharp” edge and on the 1st base side it’s all rounded? Didn’t realize asymmetry bothered me so much.

  5. Bill Lack

    I don’t see any way Hopper makes this team. Out all year last year, horrible spring…that’s Nix’s spot. And I don’t see Castillo either, I think that’s Keppinger.

    I also am not sure Bray makes the team….though if he’s healthy the last couple of weeks, he probably is that guy.

  6. brublejr

    I agree with Bill. Bray might miss out to Herrera if he isn’t 100%. Hopper has to have a very slim shot to make this team.

  7. Jared

    I have my $7 upper deck tickets to Wrigley for April 23. I’m excited. Probably the worst seats I’ve ever had for a sporting event but I can’t wait.

  8. Matt WI

    I’m hoping they are only keeping Jones around as a nod to his veteran status. Maybe trying not to embarass him too much by cutting him early, build up a “mystique” for other teams to pick him up. I’d like to believe that way more than the idea Dusty could actually want him on the team, but sadly Dusty loves his Cubbies.

  9. Mark in CC

    I think Keppinger might be in trouble but not with Hopper but rather with Rosales.

    If the rumors about Keppinger to the Red Sox are true I see that happening.

    Nix has some upside but they really need an experienced lefthanded hitter off the bench.

  10. BenL

    I’m on the record a couple weeks ago defending Hopper, so now I’m going to go on the record saying the opposite:

    After Hopper’s performance this spring there is no way he should make the team and I think there is no way he does. Rosales, Nix, Kepp, Gomes, and a handful of other guys who have zero chance of making the team all deserve the last few spots on the roster more.

  11. Phill

    I see Bray starting in Triple A again just like last year. He had some injury issues in spring training(has he ever had a healthy ST in his career?) but came up soon enough and was good.

    Is it wierd that this is the first time in awhile that the team is mostly comprised of players who earned their way onto the team rather than players that are on it because of contract burdens.

  12. preach

    I’m not sure it’s possible, but with an all right handed rotation I would like to see multiple left handers in the pen.

  13. Dan

    Frivolous Reds quiz here…

    Can you name which two Reds pitchers in camp right now have the following spring training stats if you combine them? (I’m using the traditional box score pitching line.)

    9.3 1 0 0 1 12

    Which two pitchers have posted this combined line? (Or, in Scoreboard Stumper-speak, maybe I should say, “How many can you name?”)

  14. Bogey

    Hopper does not make the team. Neither does Jones.

    Kepp, Bray, Masset are on the block. If they can pull the trigger, it will happen. We just have several players that can contribute more than these guys.

  15. Dan

    Also, one last pet peeve… if Herrera makes it, he is NOT a LOOGY!! I hate this over-specialization thing that’s happening that makes people almost as a kneejerk reflex assume that all left-handed short relievers are LOOGY’s these days.

    Only guys w/ a huge platoon split should be LOOGY’s.

    And I’ll be good money that, since Herrera is kind of a screwballer, he’s going to be just as tough on RHB’s as he is on LHB’s, if not tougher.

    (Same goes for Bray – he’s about equally effective vs. righties and lefties. Therefore, not a LOOGY!! Dusty, are you listening??)

  16. Jose

    Dusty only listens to those little voices in his head…
    I’m afraid when Freel left
    he gave Dusty full ownership to Farney

  17. RiverCity Redleg

    Assuming everyone gets healthy, those last spots are Nix, Bailey and Bray’s. I can also see Bray, AGon, and/or EE maybe get an extended ST if they are not 100% for opening day, which would give Herrera and/or Rosales the initial, but temporary big league rostor spots.

  18. mhopp

    Given the day Bill Bray had giving up 2 runs in the tragic loss to the Bosox I prefer Herrera. Actually I’d like to see Massett go and both Herrera and Bray stay. This team lacks LHP’s and can use an extra, even if it is in relief…make sense?

  19. RiverCity Redleg

    If Masset goes, Bailey will be the long reliever. If you kept both Bray and Herrera you wouldn’t have the guy that can give you 3 or 4 innings if you needed it.

  20. Steve Price

    Bye, bye Nick Masset.

    I think the Reds are testing the waters on Keppinger…which means PHillips will not ever be moving to shortstop, despite that being our best team option.

    Keppinger is the kind of player that the Red Sox get and use to make themselves world champions because they would use him right (infield help at 2b-3b). Oh, did you know that baseball statistics guru Bill James is a senior advisor for the Red Sox?

    Jones will make the team.

    Castillo will not

    Bray is a potential stud….it would be foolish to deal him. However, it’s also foolish to use him as a LOOGY. I’d let he and Burton battle it out for the closer spot….and deal Cordero…in a heartbeat…except for his gargantuan salary…Herrera is a LOOGY.

    I’ll be seeing Norris Hopper in Louisville…may be all year.