–Six players were cut from major league camp today: Daryle Ward, Aaron Fultz, Ramon Ramirez, Danny Richar, Ron Flores, and Jeff Kennard. Ward and Fultz were released.

I’m a bit surprised about Ward. He didn’t have great numbers this spring, but I expected him to grab that left-handed pinch-hitter spot on the bench.

–BP has ranked the outfielders around the majors. Ever heard of Chase Headley? He’s the only outfielder considered worse than our leadoff hitter and all-around super-HAVOC-creator Willy Taveras.

–Speaking of Taveras, he’s hurt. So is Edwin Encarnacion (sore shoulder).

–From that same post by John Fay:

Baker liked what he saw from Wilkin Castillo catching Aaron Harang yesterday. “He was really good — excellent,” Baker said. “He gave a good target. He was into the game. He was very positive when Aaron threw a good pitch. It was really the first time we saw him bakc there for an extended period. He’s an interesting player.”

Castillo is only 24. In 2007, he hit .302 with 31 doubles in 109 games at Double-A. He hit .248 at Triple-A last year. He can run well for a catcher. He can play shortstop, second, third and the outfield.

I asked Baker if Castillo goes to Triple-A will they consider catching him as everyday catcher. “We’ve got pretty good everyday catching in the pipeline,” he said. “People like to say everyday. I say everywhere.”

Make of that whatever you want.

–We’ve all expected this for a while, but now it’s official: Nick Masset is going to the bullpen.

20 Responses

  1. brublejr

    I can’t believe Ward gets cut and Jones stays on…I wonder if they promised Ward if they were to cut him, they would do it in enough time to catch on somewhere else.

    As far as Taveras he is far worse than Headley, I’d rather have Chase Headley any day. Headley was a rookie last year, learning to play the OF for the first time (was a 3B). He will shurely get better, Taveras on the other hand…

    It sounds like to me that Castillo may have made the team, and we will see a third catcher yet again. If he gets the last spot, then Gomes is the only bench player with any pop at all. He should get AB’s in AAA over riding the pine for the Reds and taking a spot away from a LH bat with pop.

  2. Chad Dotson

    I think that last spot has to go to Laynce Nix…though with this team’s history of carrying 3 catchers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Castillo get that last spot on the roster.

    It will be interesting to see how that plays out. Castillo has no business whatsoever making this team.

  3. daedalus

    Ward’s a surprise. I’m starting to worry that Jones is still in camp.

  4. per14

    This will sound terrible but Taveras getting hurt could help the team because then they couldn’t play him. (Please understand: I don’t wish anything bad for the guy.) Of course, if Taveras is hurt, that might encourage them to keep Jones.

  5. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, every day he is still around concerns me more. His numbers are HORRIBLE, which is in line with his career arc. He is finished as an effective major leaguer.

    Of course, the same could have been said about Patterson last year. Dusty loves his crappy ex-Cubs.

  6. Glenn

    I just can’t see the Reds keeping Jones over Nix. That would be insane…right?

  7. nycredsfan

    Taveras isn’t that hurt. He supposedly just took a ball off the leg from Cueto when they were tossing. (even his own teammates don’t want him to play!) He’ll be back this week.

    As for Jones, I don’t think I can be a Reds fan anymore if he makes the team. On what basis does he make it? His spring? His recent production? The fact that he’s still young and could get better? These are all reasons we’ve heard from Dusty as to why he plays guys, but none of them apply to Jones. I’ll show up at GABP with a pitchfork and burn a Dusty effigy if Jones heads north. Yes, I’ll come all the way from NYC to do it, I’m that fired up!

    (Ok, I feel better now)

  8. redfaninduesseldorf

    As a total amateur viewing from quite a distance (Germany) I have a question. Is Masset’s status even more important to the 40 man than his possible mop up role on the active roster? I see the 40 man as stocked with real talent and the real reason for optimism. I don’t see many spots I would like to sacrifice for a pitcher who appears to have lost his effectiveness and trade value.

  9. Dan

    Come on now, Chad. There are going to be 90 starting OF’s in MLB this year, and probably 150 OF’s on MLB rosters.

    Taveras came in ranked 60th. The list shows the top 61. That doesn’t mean there is only one guy worse than Taveras.

  10. Dan

    And by the way, yes, I have heard of Chase Headley. He’s a very promising 24-year-old Padre.

    It’s unclear whether he’s better suited to be a 3B or an OF, but he’s a switch-hitter and has batted .301/.400/.500 in the minors. I’d be very happy to have him here.

    (Sorry… I don’t know why but I thought your Taveras comment here was snarky. Irked me this morning for some reason. Maybe it’s just b/c I’m coming down w/ a spring cold and I haven’t had any coffee yet… ugh… forgive me…)

  11. nycredsfan

    No one mentioned that Jay Bruce is ranked #22 on that list, at age 22. That’s pretty sweet.

    Also funny to me that Dunn is ranked just ahead of Cody Ross. Maybe we should have just kept him way back when.

  12. preach

    I asked Baker if Castillo goes to Triple-A will they consider catching him as everyday catcher. “We’ve got pretty good everyday catching in the pipeline,” he said. “People like to say everyday. I say everywhere.”

    What the heck does that mean?

  13. preach

    Oh, I think I got it. Play Castillo everywhere. Gotcha’.

    Still, how can you cut Ward and keep Jones?

  14. Bill Lack

    I think the Ward cut has to be politics of some type (agreement, etc). And someone (Fay?) said that he reported to camp over-weight, which is nuts for a non-roster guy.

  15. Sultan of Swaff

    I hope we can pick up a fairly decent PH w/ a bit of pop when teams start trimming down their rosters. Surely there’s someone out there who’s better than our in house options.

  16. Steve Price

    Ward has never been a little guy….baseball-reference.com already had him listed at 6-2, 230…and my guess is that was light.

    However….Jones is many more steps closer to making this team…or, Dusty now has more opportunities to see him play

  17. Steve Price

    Frankly, Ward is a good PH type with pop….and he batted lefthanded, which we’re going to need….

  18. preach

    ..and a pudgy pinch hitter isn’t exactly like a pudgy shortstop.