Peter Gammons says so, but GM Walt Jocketty says what we’ve all known for years: Gammons is clueless.

I mean, maybe Harang is on the block, maybe he isn’t. But Gammons has been wrong so many times about so many things, I need a little more confirmation than his word.

I love Jocketty’s quote: “I’m not going to comment on something when he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Heh.

15 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    Gammons’ blog runs soft porn singles ads? You stay classy, Peter.

  2. Matt B.

    I don’t like this part, even if Gammons lacks credibility: “‘Aaron’s been OK this spring, because he battles so hard,” one scout said. “But the life on the ball he runs in on left-handed batters isn’t the same.'”

  3. shane_

    anyytime owners or GM’s don’t want to comment on something I get worried. It would have been just as easy to say “no”

  4. Bass Masta

    I agree with Shane
    but it wouldn’t make sense to trade Harang
    it would make more sense for Arroyo

  5. Matt B.

    Harang would probably bring more back in return, though, based on past performance.

  6. nycredsfan

    I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Gammons seems to want to scoop everything, so he just posts anything he hears and hopes some of it turns out to be true.

    As for Harang, he was just building arm strength and speed early in the spring, so if his pitches didn’t have “life”, it’s because he was working stuff out. If a scout says that in June and Harang is getting hit around, I’ll be worried.

  7. Shawn

    Gammons is still the best beat reporter going, because everyone talks to him: sometimes that means they plant a story with Gammons as a trial balloon. Run it up the Gammons flagpole, see if anyone salutes, that sort of thing.

    For awhile it looked like Tracy Ringolsby might take up that mantle, but it didn’t happen. Now, Ken Rosenthal is the new Gammons. There’s still none like the original.

  8. Dan

    Yeah, I’m still a big Gammons fan.

    I don’t know what his “success rate” is (or whatever you’d call it) on reporting things that turn out to be true… and sure, he’s a Boston homer… but still, I like him a lot.

    He’s a legend, a Hall of Famer, and he still clearly loves the game – that’s worth something.

    (He also released an ALBUM in 2006, at age 61 – how cool is that?)

  9. Bass Masta

    Harang may get more in return but what happened to forget power we need pitching?
    Arroyo Sucks
    Harang is an ugly stud

  10. brublejr

    It would be dumb to move Harang right now…coming off his worst season in years, there is no way you would get full value. If they are even entertaining the idea of moving him, it would HAVE to be at the deadline after he has shown he hasn’t lost it. He is worth his money way more than Arroyo or Coco, so if you are going to move a pitcher anytime this season, I would move either one of those first.

  11. KY Chip

    I’d rather see (and really expect to see) Arroyo traded away sometime this season.

    Just waiting for a contender to have a starter go down for the count. Then Arroyo will become a bankable commodity.

  12. David

    Why wouldn’t we want to trade Harang if it meant improving the team? I’m not usually a big proponent of sell low, but there are teams desparate for pitching. It seems logical to consider when Owings and Bailey are showing good enough reason to be in the rotation.

  13. Matt WI

    It would really, really, depend on what we get back. Right now I LOVE that starting pitching is actually starting to be a strength for the Reds, which we all know has been a long time coming. I think you have to continue to cultivate that, not trade it away. I don’t trust Bailey and Owings yet… let them continue to grow and show their stuff. Right now we are excited because they are good enough for the fifth spot, not the one or two. If the Reds are going to spend, spend it on starting pitching. This team, in that park, will always, always need pitching. I understand the Reds as a small market team have to be more flexible with their parts for their money, but they better have a very good feeling on what they get back before they send away decent pitching.

  14. Dave E.

    I like Gammons, too.

    I also don’t read Gammons’ comments as necessarily inconsistent with the Reds’ assertion that they are not shopping Harang; if the economy tumbles and the Reds are out of it, they may look to move payroll.

  15. justcorbly

    It’s foolish to rule out trading any player. It all depends on what you get in return. Sometimes you get a player you need more, sometimes you get to keep more cash. Both are worthy objectives.