With all the praise being heaped on Adam Rosales lately, John Fay is speculating that Jeff Keppinger may be on the trading block:

Had a scout tell me that one of his bosses asked for his opinion on Jeff Keppinger. That could mean nothing. Or it could mean the Reds are shopping Keppinger.

Keppinger is out of options. Adam Rosales has outhit Keppinger .273/.346/.545 to .182/.206/.182 this spring. Rosales could fill Keppinger’s role. Rosales has more speed and power.

I’m a big Jeff Keppinger fan, but the guy just hasn’t been the same since that injury last year. Is he ever going to get his stroke back? At his best, Kepp is just the type of guy I’d like to have around to play 4-5 times a week at different infield positions.

Of course, I like Rosales, too. The kid has a future with this team, methinks.

8 Responses

  1. Mark in CC

    If you could package Masset and Keppinger to get a quality prospect or two it might be the correct move. I think they need a little more righthanded power off the bench, especially if Gomes is going to platoon in left.

  2. Bass Masta

    I say keep masset
    i think he’ll be good in the pen
    but Keppy should go
    hes older than rosales
    and rosales hustles and cant be that much of a worse defender than keppy

  3. KY Chip

    Kepp will likely come out of Spring Training with the big club, but I would expect him to be moved or released before the end of April. Rosales will be with the club by then, I’d say.

    I doubt the Reds would find much of trade value for Kepp alone, but as part of a deal (as Mark in CC mentioned), he could be moved.

  4. Chad Dotson

    I’m not sure what team in its right mind would give up a “quality prospect” for Kepp and/or Masset but, yeah, if that’s out there, I’d make the deal in a second.

    My thoughts kinda mirror Doug’s in comment #1 above. I love Keppinger, but he may have missed his window of opportunity. I’m not sure that Rosales can’t give us the same thing as Kepp.

  5. nycredsfan

    I agree, Chad. Kepp and Masset wouldn’t get us much unless they waited until July when a contender was desperate for a utility guy and a bullpen arm.

    I’d make the deal, though. Mainly because you shouldn’t be paying an average hitting utility guy much more than league minimum, and Kepp will start costing more much sooner than Rosales, plus Rosales is better.

  6. Glenn

    I guess it all depends on who the Reds can get for Kep. There are very few untouchables on this team.

  7. Donna Watkins

    I have followed Rosales on his way up to the big show. I don’t think he has gotten all the credit he deserves. He’s a guy who loves the game and gives more than 100% whenever he gets a chance to play. I has progressed wonderfully and I truly believe he’s got a lot to offer and it’s just a matter of time, letting him play more and he will do whatever it takes and he definately will always be a fan favorite…

  8. Cora

    I say give Rosales a chance. The kid’s got style and seems to have the heart that a lot of the big name players are missing.