Have to post this from a couple of days ago…

During the game, Washington Nationals outfielder Adam Dunn made three errors while subbing for Youkilis at first base, underscoring a major dilemma for Manager Davey Johnson. Even amid an earlier news conference in which he reveled in the previous night’s come-from-behind 6-5 victory in the bottom of the ninth over Puerto Rico, Johnson lamented the team’s injury situation and his inability to adequately respond.

Johnson complained that he could not promptly replace injured players with qualified fill-ins because of WBC rules, and was apprehensive about shifting players to uncustomary spots — even by necessity — for fear he would draw the wrath of their ballclubs if they suffered injuries. On Sunday, Johnson had sent catcher Brian McCann out to left field when he ran out of available outfielders.

“I’ve got to play some guys in positions they’re not used to playing, and that is an issue, a concern,” Johnson said after the game.

Since many of us (at least the editors) are BIG Adam Dunn fans, to be fair, we have to show the downside also…

Maybe the Reds knew what they were doing when they didn’t play him at 1B?

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