Wow. John Fay has this piece up, designed strictly to talk about how bad Jacque Jones is playing. Don’t see that very often.

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  1. nycredsfan

    The cool thing about that article is Dusty doesn’t say, “I’m not paying attention to ST stats. I pay attention to the back of the baseball card.” Dusty is also saying, in effect, he better get it together or he’s gone. Can’t be soon enough for me.

  2. Bill Lack

    I agree. Give me a little more faith that a good decision might be made. Dusty is saying the right thing, IMO.

  3. moore2ax

    Jones should be the LAST OF to make the team. I’d rather have Taveras Bruce and a platoon of Dickerson and Gomes in LF. Hopper and Hairston as reserves on the bench and maybe McDonald will get a call up from AAA if somebody gets hurt. He was a 1st round pick, so the talent’s there. Could be the next Ryan Ludwick if we’re lucky/

  4. Chris Garber

    It’s a tough game, and this stuff just happens to guys. Fay’s article touches the obligatory “…two years removed from XXX,’ but Jones is going to have to prove that he’s not finished. The question is whether they cut him loose in 10 days, or offer him a AAA job to try to sort things out. I guess it depends on whether they need to give ABs to other guys.

  5. mhowes

    going to be nearly impossible to keep Jones with Gomes hitting the ball all over the place this spring.

    too bad the same couldn’t be said for Taveras who I can’t stand
    too bad Dickerson won’t be given a shot at leading off instead of Taveras.

  6. brublejr

    I don’t even think you can put him in AAA. They need to cut him loose now, so he stops stealing AB’s away from players who need them. Jones is done, it happens, it’s sad, but I don’t want him anywhere close to this organization so Dusty can’t use him.

  7. Mark T

    Oh no – Jones could be the New Corey Patterson.

    I am somewhat suspicous of young players whose stats have cratered these past couple of years, like Kearns and Jones, thinking perhaps there was some unnatural assistance gong on there.

  8. Y-City Jim

    Masset may be pitching himself out of a roster spot.

  9. nycredsfan

    I don’t think Jones will go to AAA. Something in his contract says they have to release him if he doesn’t make the 25 man roster, I think. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets cut Monday or Tuesday, to give him a chance to catch on with another club.

  10. KY Chip

    nycredsfan is right — it’s a minor league deal, but if Jones doesn’t make the 25-man, he can request his release before Opening Day. Jones catching on with another team, however, is about as likely as AIG giving back its government bailout money. The Reds were the only team interested enough in Jones to even offer him a minor league contract. I think it’s Cincy or bust right now for Jones.

    And it will be Cincy. Why? Well, consider some of Dusty’s statements, like:

    (1) Jones’s poor hitting has “been a little unfair” since he’s faced a lot of LHP this spring.
    (2) “He can play all three outfield position. He’s a good base-runner.” One word: Havoc.
    (3) “I know he can play.” After all, he is one of ‘Dusty’s Boys’ from the Cubs.

    I’d say if Jones gets his BA over .150 this spring, Dusty will find a place for him on the bench. And we’ll all have our new favorite Red.

  11. Y-City Jim

    I think the plan of keeping 12 pitchers on the roster makes Jones the odd man out. His only hope is taking a minor league assignment. Can’t he make it with the condition that if another team is interested in his services that the Reds give him his release?

  12. Bill Lack

    If he doesn’t make the major league team, why would the Reds want him taking playing time away from someone (Stubbs, Dorn, etc) at Louisville?

  13. Steve Price

    The question would be whether Stubbs or Dorn are ready in April. Dickerson is still a question mark, so, if were to fall short of expectations the Reds would be very tempted to send Dickerson down and bring up Jones during April since he has big league experience.

    Jones’s contract says he can ask for his release if he doesn’t make the 25 man squad. As poorly as he’s hitting to this point, I don’t think he would take a release unless it’s for retirement, and that would be to keep his options open in case someone would call out of desperation (don’t think it would happen).

    If he’s really wanting to play, he’d be smart to go to Louisville and wait for Dusty’s call….and I think the Reds would oblige (remember, manager Rick Sweet said on a radio interview that he expected the prospects to be in Carolina, and that he expected a veteran team–he’s expecting the prospects to arrive in Louisville late summer).

  14. Bill Lack

    I don’t care what Rick Sweet says, I would almost bet that Stubbs and Dorn start the year in Louisville….and the only older guys that end up being on Louisville will be Barker and Pettyjohn.

  15. per14

    With how well Dickerson did last year in an extended look-see, I’ll be pretty mad if they send him down and keep JJ. It’d be pretty absurd really.

  16. RiverCity Redleg

    I agree that JJ has not earned his spot and should start in Louisville (assuming he doesn’t ask for his release). If he can get his stroke back in AAA, he could help the team later in the season as we fight injuries and such. I don’t think he’s a Dusty golden boy like many of you are claiming. He only played for him one year.
    Stubbs will definitely start in Louisville, but I see Dorn starting in Carolina. There just isn’t enough room right now.

  17. nycredsfan

    Dickerson definitely has a spot on the 25 man, and at this point I’d say Gomes does too. So the question is, does Jones take a spot away from somebody like McDonald or Nix?

    What I don’t get about Jones is his age. Signing low risk/high upside guys like the Reds have done a bunch this year is that they are almost always still relatively young (Gomes, Nix, Ward, even Taveras) Jones is 33, even if he had been good last year, his skills are definitely in decline. What makes anyone think he’s going to be a good player again all of a sudden?

    Mark Sheldon announced cuts today, and Jones is still in camp competing for a spot……great.

  18. preach

    I seriously doubt Jones makes it, but with a vet like that, and a player’s manager like Dusty, you don’t just cut him this early. He’ll be gone soon enough. If not, then I’ll…..throw a tantrum and wait for the season to start. Geez, my options just aren’t that plentiful.