Yeah, it’s cherry-picking stats, but it’s interesting nonetheless:

Since 1901, only five players have hit 275+ HR, stolen 275+ bases, recorded an OBP > .335 and an SLG > .475. Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and Willie Mays are three of them. Who are the other two?

Answer below the fold, but try to guess before you look. You may get one of the two, but I’ll be very surprised if you get the second one correct before looking.

The last two are Eric Davis…and Reggie Sanders.

5 Responses

  1. Mark in CC

    I was thinking Morgan and Davis. Reggie is a little suprising until you think about it.

  2. Chris Garber

    I guessed Davis and Vada Pinson, who wasn’t even really close. (256, 305, .327 .442)

  3. Chris Garber

    The linked blog post is interesting. The “he Reggie Sanders Club of Boring Stars,” including Ellis Burks, Luis Gonzalez, Shawn Green, Mike Cameron, and Ray Lankford.

    So true. Gonzalez has the freak seasons and that bubblegum thing; Cameron’s mildly memorable (and a funny guy); but generally, those guys will be as forgotten as Sanders is a week after they retire. Shame, because they all had some legitimately great years.

  4. pinson343

    Wow, never would have thought Reggie’s career slugging was that high. He absolutely killed the Reds for years after they let him go. He mellowed into a religious man.

    I don’t agree with the statement that “Milton Bradley will be remembered 10 years from now.” As it now stands, he’ll be forgotten soon after he retires.

  5. brublejr

    I got Davis, but I never really even thought about Sanders. Sanders as a whole was undervalued thoughout his career. He helped a lot of playoff teams.