You may have noticed that some people have nifty little pictures next to their comments here at Redleg Nation. You can get one of those, as well. Here’s how:

Go to this website and sign up for an account. Be sure to use the same email address you use to log in here at RN. Simply upload a picture and, voila! You now have an avatar that can be used on this site and others that use WordPress software. It takes two minutes, so why not?

Also, many of you have noticed that we now require you to log in to comment (actually, most of the regular commenters registered long ago). Sorry, it had to happen eventually, but we’re getting killed by spam and trolls. Register here, and log in here (the links are in the bottom of the right sidebar, as well). Thanks for your understanding.

14 Responses

  1. nick in va

    Am I logged in? I couldn’t resist. I can’t believe I hadn’t signed up for an account before.

  2. CeeKeR

    I tried doing the avatar thing, but my user name was already taken on gravatar. If this posts with an image, great – if not, oh well!

  3. CeeKeR

    For anyone else who tries to do the avatar thing, you may need to wait about 10 minutes before your avatar shows up next to your posts (at least, that’s what I had to do). Hopefully that helps if you are having difficulty getting the image to show.

  4. doug

    Chad, do you have askimet installed? I haven’t run into any issues with spam with it installed.

  5. nycredsfan

    Finally! Took forever to get registered with my ID. This is a check to see if my avatar is working

  6. Bill Lack

    Except when it starts blocking as spam posts that aren’t or that are from long time editors…

  7. Steve Price

    How do you change your password? there’s no way I’ll remember what was given to me, and my computer is set to delete cookies and all those other fun things stored…