Uniwatch fun again.  This time, they had someone “reverse” every team’s jersey.  They put the city name that normally appears on the home jerseys on the greys, and the team name on the home whites.  The guy from Uniwatch likes the roads, but isn’t fond of the drop shadow “Cincinnati” spelled out on the home whites.  I agree.

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  1. sayhey1979

    The new uniforms that were introduced starting in 2007 are a huge upgrade over the uniforms from ’98-’06’. I however, think that the black-billed road hat looks horrible with the away uniforms. If this is something they felt they needed to do for marketing reasons, why not make it the alternate hat to be worn with home red jersey. I mean, they are stressing tradition, but many of the traditional teams have only one hat (Yankees, Giants, Dodgers, White Sox…). Additionally, the black-crown, red-billed cap is the ugliest Reds hat I have ever seen. They don’t even wear it on the field, and I never see any fans wearing it either. That hat needs to go completely. All-red hat all the time!!! They are the REDS!!!

  2. Dan

    Overall I agree… although I thought the worst had of all was the white Reds had w/ the red pinstripes, from the early-to-mid-90’s I think. I think of them as the Bret Boone era hats. BAD.

  3. per14

    I liked those hats. They kind of looked like an old-timer hat.

  4. Deaner

    Yeah… I liked the white pinstriped hats at the time but now that I look at them I think they were bad.

    I still see some people wearing the mostly black hats. One think that I don’t understand is why stores still sell them and apparently New Era still produces them. The reason why I say think is if you go into a hat store (like Lids) they’ll have the authentic black hat with red bill in the “new” non-wool material. All MLB authentic hats went to this material instead of 100% the same year the Reds stopped wearing those, which I think is odd.

    I never thought about it, but like sayhey said, the black-billed hat might look better with the home unis… the black would really accent the shadows. Most teams, if they have one, wear the two-tone hats at home and the solid one away (i.e. Indians, Mariners, Orioles). The Cubs are the exception.

    It is nice, however, when a team has one solid hat and that’s it (i.e. Yankees, Dodgers, Royals, White Sox, Giants, Pirates). The Red Sox, I guess, but they’ve introduced a new alternate hat this year with the socks logo… like they need to sell more hats.

  5. Deaner

    … sorry for typing so much and with so many typos… I’m all hyped up on coffee right now.

    You all know that I don’t usually type that much.

  6. Deaner

    Oh… after mentioning he Yankees has a traditional solid hat… have you all see this?

    Apparently the Yankees got some sort of special privilege to produce a new hat with more than just the MLB logo on the back.

    I guess a side patch commemorating their new stadium just isn’t good enough for the Yankees.

  7. Chad

    I REALLY disliked those pinstriped caps. I agree with Rob Dibble: they made the players look like the Good Humor Man.

    That Yankees patch is hideous, as well.

    As for the solid red Reds cap, I love it, and I wish that was the only one they wore. It’s a classic.

  8. Steve

    The road unis are, by far, my favorites. (Not in the above pic, but the real ones) I wouldn’t be upset if they dropped the whole shadow behind the C and just went with the traditional white C and all red cap… home and away.

    I would also like to see them either wear stirrups or wear their socks up.

  9. Chris

    I don’t mind the Yankees patch, actually. I’d prefer it back there than on the side.

    Hated the white pinstriped Reds caps.

    Currently hate the shadows behind the letters.

    Will always hate two-tone caps, colored jerseys with light-colored pants, and alternate anything.

  10. Steve Price

    I still like the pinstripe hits, Good Humor man or not. I like ice cream, too.

    For fun hats, check out the Lake Elsinore Storm (just search that term). It’s a minor league team…my neighbor used to be a trainer for the A’s, and he said the Storm hats are big hits in California.

    My 9 year old kid pitch league uses minor league names. We chose the Louisville Bats, but I was “this” close to going with teh Storm just for the menacing eyes.

  11. RiverCity Redleg

    I agree that every player should wear the high socks or stirrups. It looks so much better than the players who look like they are going to trip over their pants.

  12. Chris

    They gave out Storm hats at Padre games pretty often. (The Storm is the A affiliate of the Padres).

  13. Steve Price

    I think it would be cool if the Reds changed their name, or went with a nickname like the “Red Menace.”

    May be we could get Rob Dibble and Brad Lesley back to intimidate some people.