3 innings pitched, 1 hit, 1 walk, 4 K’s…. it’s 1-1 in the 7th.

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  1. Bill

    Mark Sheldon said this:

    Homer Bailey’s second game, and first start, this spring was definitely in the right direction towards landing the rotation’s fifth spot. Against the Pirates on Monday, Bailey threw three scoreless innings with one hit, one walk and four strikeouts. He threw 45 pitches and seemed to be solid at changing speeds and located pretty well despite a brisk wind in Bradenton.

  2. nycredsfan

    I know it’s only a ST game (against the Pirates no less), but I still take this as a very positive sign. It was always his head, not his stuff, and if his head can put it together, this could be the best rotation in the NL this year.

  3. Mark in CC

    Some of the great pitchers of all time, and other players have been jerks on and off the field. Steve Carlton, Bob Gibson, etc. I could care less how nice Hal McCoy thinks he is to deal with as long as he gets people out.

  4. Y-City Jim

    Add Roger Clemens to that list as well.

    Decent pitch efficiency but I would like to see it improve even more. Seeing that he seems to be mixing in some decent off-speed stuff is encouraging.

  5. BenL

    Is McCoy really surprised that Homer was more smily and talkative after pitching well than he was last year after pitching badly?

  6. Y-City Jim

    Is McCoy really surprised that Homer was more smily and talkative after pitching well than he was last year after pitching badly?

    You mean 21-year-old being surly after screwing up isn’t the norm?


  7. preach

    Steve Carlton and Bob Gibson were not trying to win a #5 starter spot. When you have a bust in Cooperstown, that stuff doesn’t matter. When you are fighting it out to win a spot on a team that isn’t very good, you better have a good attitude. It counts.

  8. Deaner

    My sentiments exactly, preach.

    Plus, whether they like it or not, major league baseball players are role models.

  9. Dan

    I agree too, preach. Well said.

    Not to get too “out there” on you… but I think this new attitude reflects some kind of new openness… and if Homer is more open with reporters, I would guess he’s more open to what coaches have to say too.

    And openness matters. A lot. It’s the polar opposite of “stubborn” and “uncoachable” or whatever he’s been called the last year or two.

    Keep it up, Homer! We’re pulling for you all the way.

  10. Dan

    By the way, let me also say, I am *SO* glad that we didn’t trade Homer (age 22!!) for ONE YEAR of Jermaine Dye. VERY VERY glad.

    I don’t expect Homer to be an ace anymore, but even if he has a Bronson Arroyo-type career ahead of him, I want that MUCH more than I want one year of a 36-year-old corner outfielder.

    Great job being patient and sticking w/ youth, Walt and Bob. Selling low is NOT how you rebuild a team.

  11. Matt Steele

    I’m always very hesitant on reading too much into Spring Training results but this is at the least, encouraging.

    Hope he can continue this and reach his potential

  12. Chad

    With respect to Gomes at first…according to Mark Sheldon, he did fine but didn’t have many chances.

  13. RiverCity Redleg

    I hope Bailey and Owings both continue to pitch well. There is no such thing as too much pitching depth. It’s looking more and more that Masset may be the odd man out, even though he doesn’t have any options.

  14. RiverCity Redleg

    At least Gomes continued to hit well, a single and a sac fly, when hits and runs were at a premium.

  15. preach

    Jones gets a try as well next. This WBC sure can make things entertaining….It also helps show where your depth lies.

  16. Y-City Jim

    Jumping back and forth between Cincinnati and Louisville couldn’t have helped Bailey much. I cannot imagine how confusing it might be to listen to advice from two different pitching coaches. I suppose you have to shut one out and listen to the one you feel is offering you the best advice.

  17. Dan

    I’d hope that for someone like Homer (important prospect, spending significant amounts of time on 2 different teams) the Reds would put their heads together and make sure that he’s getting a consistent message whether he’s in Louisville or Cincinnati.

    Do you think that’s the case, or is it really just whatever the two pitching coaches feel like trying with him?

  18. Shane

    I want Homer to get shelled his next outing…. how he comes back after that will tell us more than anything he did today, for better or worse

  19. Y-City Jim

    Maybe rather than getting shelled it would be nice to see how Bailey handles some adversity such as his teammates making some errors that puts runners on. We can then see how he handles that pressure to wiggle off the hook.

  20. Shane

    True, but I’d rather not see the whole team go to hell just to see how Homer is maturing 🙂

  21. Glenn

    Very encouraging, looks like Homer and Owings are going to fight it out for the 5th starter spot.

  22. Brothers

    Adversity builds character. Homer had to face not being top dog for the first time in his life and he’s responding well. I’m 23 and I remember the first time I had to face not being “the man” and yea, you come across as an arrogant know it all. In the end though, his potential is still there and there is no reason he still can’t be an “ace”. Give him another 2 years to mature and we’ll see just how good he really is (ex: Volzquez…)